EP 1093

1093. The Key to Longevity & A Workout Routine That Sticks

Fitness legend Tony Horton joins me for a conversation about his new fitness program optimized for women’s hormones, his secrets to vitality and longevity, and a deep dive into how to cultivate more resilience, adaptivity, and happiness for a more fulfilling life.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In today’s episode, we tackle longevity, exploring workouts optimized for hormones, and dive deep into a crucial quality we all need a bit more of—resilience (or as I like to call it, equanimity). It’s about more than just being tough; it’s about the ability to maintain your chosen mental and emotional state, no matter what life throws your way.

I’m excited to introduce Tony Horton, a name many of you will recognize. We both are passionate about the journey to self-improvement, albeit via different approaches. Tony is a renowned motivational speaker, the author of Bring It, Crush It, and The Big Picture, and the brains behind immensely popular fitness programs, Beachbody Fitness and P90X®.

His influence in the world of fitness and wellness is vast, as his insights into healthy living have been shaping lives for years.

Today, we uncover the reasons behind Tony’s new collaboration with Dr. Mindy Pelz to create a unique fitness program tailored for women’s hormone cycle. We also explore the often overlooked roles of humor and mindfulness in promoting longevity and examine how the right workout routine can significantly enhance your relationships.

Tony also shares the best ways to move your body to prevent injuries, and imparts lessons from his extensive experience in entrepreneurship. Get ready for a practical, insightful conversation that will hopefully inspire you to move more, laugh more, and continue striving for the best version of yourself at any age.

“These days, I don't think in terms of longevity. I think in terms of quality of life.”

Tony Horton


Inside Tony’s New Program & Health Recovery Journey


Tony’s Biohacking, Fitness & Longevity Blueprint 

  • Adaptability as a contributor to long-term happiness and resilience
  • Tony’s tips for establishing a consistent workout practice
  • Why tracking your progress is core to biohacking
  • The link between mental health and exercise
  • How to incorporate cold plunging into your fitness routine
  • Workout modalities that reduce the likelihood of injury
  • The value of humor for longevity and happiness


Diving Into Muscle Confusion, Relationship Harmony & Entrepreneurship

  • The latest science related to muscle confusion
  • Early biohacks Tony pioneered
  • Maintaining testosterone levels as you get older
  • How the PowerSync60 helps women design workouts around their cycle
  • PowerSync60: powernationfitness.org/catalog
  • How exercising in alignment with your hormones improves relationships
  • The hardest parts of entrepreneurship
  • Navigating PowerSync60 for women menopausal, perimenopausal, or postmenopausal

Enjoy the show!


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