How Whole Body Vibration Hacks Fitness & Fat Loss

Tony Molina

Nano vibrations improve bone density, balance and posture, and even engage your nervous system.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn how whole body vibration works and the many ways it benefits your physiology. It’s the nexus between energy and life, says Tony Molina, a performance optimization expert.

This biohack helps you burn more calories,” he says. “It helps you increase strength and reaction time. You can improve skin and circulation, bone density, pain relief, hormonal changes, posture and balance. It’s also a lifelong health and longevity partner.”

He’s talking about the Power Plate. He’s a high-altitude and longevity researcher and Senior Research and Development Specialist at the company.

“Whole body vibration runs off Isaac Newton’s second law, so force equals mass times acceleration,” he explains. “Where acceleration is what’s being increased versus mass. And generally, we focus on the mass, whether we do any kind of strength training, we focus on holding mass or dealing with the mass or changing the mass. With whole body vibration and Power Plate, you’re focusing on the acceleration or the speed change.”

Other cool things about whole body vibration:

  • You’re changing the formula from conscious effort (like conventional exercise) to subconscious (harmonic vibration).
  • You’re experiencing multiplanar movement that creates an unstable environment that’s proprioceptively challenging. (The nervous system doesn’t know what to do, which is a good thing.)
  • Your neuromuscular spindle gets stimulated without the need for the brain even to get involved. (Cognitive confidence!)
  • Your nervous system itself is ramping up safety signals so the brain understands what it needs to do without you consciously having to do anything.
  • Your reflexes improve; your reaction time gets better; your ability to propriocept allows your posture to improve; and you breathe better.

“The total allostatic load—your total physiologic stresses that you manage environmentally through the world—that process itself you can improve with whole body vibration.”

Tony Molina / Power Plate

“There are so many parts to the Power Plate story,” Tony says. “From the post and pre-prandial influences to this native energy production, metabolic flexibility aspect, heart variability, the autonomic changes, hormonal bone strength improvement. It really is again this nexus to like energy in life.”

Listen on to find out more about whole-body vibration training, therapy, and how it can make you live longer, whatever your fitness level or ability.

More about Tony Molina: He’s a muscle activation specialist with degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Cognitive Neuroscience and High-Altitude Physiology, with study emphasis on acute mountain sickness in high altitude, and neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, and mitochondrial biogenesis. He’s experienced in rejuvenation biotechnologies, rewilding, posture recalibration, cryotherapy, bioDensity, FMD and electrotherapy services. He served as an Amphibious Reconnaissance Marine Team Leader in the first Gulf War during Operation Desert Storm and was a Navy SEAL Obstacle Course record holder. He spent nearly a decade competing in the elite professional expedition racing circuit that included nonstop, 24 hours a day, grueling 300-to-500-mile courses in remote locations.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • I take people to high-altitude all over the world, South America, the Himalayas, all through Volcano Alley in 6,000, 7,000 meter objectives.  – 4:27
  • What is magic about high altitude? Is the pressure? Is it the oxygen?  – 6:18
  • Whole body vibration is the ultimate exercise biohack because it’s used by pro athletes like Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal, doctors, biohackers, celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, NFL teams.  – 12:25
  • If two people weighing the same perform squats, one does squats on the ground dynamically, and one does squats on a Power Plate, the person on the Power Plate produces more force.  – 14:52
  • That tonic reflex mechanism is what occurs when you’re using the Power Plate. And so you can experience this phenomenon. So if you place your hand on your chest and you just lift your index finger up and you just put it back down.  – 17:40
  • Human beings emit about 60 watts of energy. If we stand up, the human body standing is at about 7.5 hertz. 7.83 hertz is the Schumann resonance. You may have heard of the Schumann resonance.  – 18:45
  • You could be looking at heart rate variability and you’re going to be in a low frequency setting. You can be looking to drive growth hormone and testosterone, you’re going to be on a high frequency setting.  – 22:15
  • You’re addressing two of your major sensors. You’re addressing your feet and you’re addressing your eyes and that’s 75%, 80% of your posture. Flexibility then comes as a byproduct of improving posture.  – 26:46
  • You don’t have to jump in a cold punch for 60 seconds. You don’t have to drop down and do 30 seconds of burpees. You just stand on the Power Plate and you’re inoculated.  – 28:55
  • Do people see HRV changes when they do Power Plate?  – 32:01
  • Your reflexes go up, your IQ improves, your reaction time improves, your ability to propriocept allows your posture to improve.  – 38:19
  • There’s an interesting study out there about menopause and Power Plate.  – 41:14
  • When I do a pulse wave analysis to measure my arterial stiffness, and I do Power Plate, I want to make that clear. It says I’m 22 years old.  – 45:47
  • Combine septum breathing with your Power Plate and you got the trifecta circulation. – 48:32

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