The Top 6 Bulletproof Biohacks for Self Upgrading

Start with this video. It has inspired and motivated hundreds of people. It covers my top 6 biohacks for self upgrading, along with the story of how this all happened. Also see the Financial Times Magazine article.

The Upgraded Self: Top 6 Biohacks to Upgrade Your Body and Mind from Dave Asprey on Vimeo.

Common questions

I’m lazy. What should I do first?

Watch the video above! Seriously, I outline the top 6 things. But if you’re so lazy you won’t watch it, here are some things to do:

  • Use high performance nutrition: Sign up for the email list so we can send you The Complete Illustrated Bulletproof Diet. All the info is posted this site; the one we send when you sign up for free boils more than 1,000 studies into a few charts that fit on your fridge.
  • Upgrade your heart and lower stress with information here.
  • Get more efficient sleep with the sleep hacking series of posts.
  • Try the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee. You’ll never look at coffee the same way again!

I want to interview you for my article/webinar/blog/podcast/radio/TV show

Use the contact form on this page to send me an email. I’ll get back to you right away. I’m media-trained and have been an executive spokesperson for 3 publicly traded companies. You’ll get what you need for your piece quickly and with very cool quotes served up on the fly!

What is The Bulletproof Executive?

It’s my labor of love blog where you learn how easy it is to hack your body, mind, and career to win at work and rock it at home. You will find information here that is virtually unknown even online, and it’s open for debate and discussion.

What do you think of that Four Hour Body guy?

Tim Ferriss and I are on very similar wavelengths and I respect him a lot:

  • Tim spent 10 years biohacking with a focus on physical abilities and reversing injuries . I spent 15 years  biohacking my mental abilities, along the way realizing I had to achieve stellar health, massive sustainable weight loss, and create super resilience for physical and mental tasks. At the highest level, 4HB is mostly about hacking the body, strength, and endurance. Cool stuff.
  • My work is mostly about the hacking the brain and nervous system, with strength and fat loss as easy to achieve support factors for a healthier brain.
  • I didn’t write a best-selling book. Or two. Yet.
  • Tim’s research on getting the most out of exercise in the least amount of time possible is the best I’ve ever seen. His “slow carb” diet is named by a marketing genius (Tim) and it’s better than most out there, but it has major holes in it.  My business partner, Andrew Clark,  one of the guys I have coached for a long time, is in the process of writing up some Bulletproof experiments using Tim’s 4HB exercise protocols with The Bulletproof Diet. The results are mind-blowing. Beans suck.
  • The Bulletproof program lets me maintain awesome muscles and strength with no exercise at all and unlimited calories. 4HB doesn’t.
  • Tim believes in polyphasic sleep but doesn’t practice it regularly for the same reasons almost everyone else doesn’t. I believe in sleep hacking to get a full night’s sleep in 4 hours.
  • I have two young kids and a family, so my hacks have to be family-compatible.

Summary: I bought 30 copies of Tim’s Four Hour Body book the day it came out and recommend it to anyone who wants to exercise in almost no time to stay fit.

What’s it like being a professional biohacker?

I’m not! I’m a guy who profoundly upgraded his life using biohacking. By day, I’m a happy VP Cloud Security at Trend Micro. I’m thankful that this site is one of the ways I can give back to people I care about. The other was by writing down the program my wife and I developed to optimize the health and intelligence of our own children as The Better Baby Book, due this year from Wiley & Sons. I also run Smart Life forum.

I want you to come speak at an event I’m planning or at my company. How much do you charge?

It depends. If it’s virtual, I’m happy to share my knowledge. If it’s somewhere I’m already planning to be, probably not very much. If it’s non-profit, probably nothing.  I have to travel, let’s talk. I love sharing this stuff. Biohacking is what I do for fun.

When is the Better Baby Book coming out?

We’re under contract with Wiley & Sons, one of the top publishers in the US. Hopefully this year!

When will you write The Bulletproof Executive?

Real soon now, but after the Better Baby Book. If you want to read it, tell me in the comments below please! It will help me sell the book to a publisher.

I want you to blog about XYZ topic. When will you do it?

Request your topic in the comments area below. I’ll write about it as soon as possible! Guest blogs elsewhere are cool too.

Can I marry you, or at least pass your genes on to the next generation?

No. My wife would kill you and, if you’re mostly organic and non-vegan, she might eat you for lunch (we eschew eating vegans because they are full of low-quality fatty acids.) I only get to write this blog because she lets me. 🙂 But seriously, upgrade your own genes before you pass them on. That’s what my first book is about!

40 IQ points? That’s absurd. What’s your IQ anyway?

Technically, I used a variety of methods that are independently shown to raise IQ for a total of about 40 points. However, there is not enough research to say whether those methods are additive. In other words, if creatine can add 12 IQ points, and advanced EEG neurofeedback can add 12 points, that’s 24 points. But in reality, there may be some overlap, so the total could be less than 24, maybe only 20. On the other hand, maybe they’re synergistic, and creatine or neurofeedback can each separately  give you 12 points, but together provide 30 points. My sample size (me and a few biohackers I coach and advise) isn’t large enough to tease out this vital difference. My experience says that they *are* synergistic. Brain hacking tends to snowball because of these synergies. There is also a training effect when you take IQ tests often. As for what my IQ is, it varies substantially by day, diet, alertness, smart drugs, toxins, breathing, and environment. The whole point of The Bulletproof Executive is to move YOUR needle, not compare it to others.

If you run an anti-aging group, how come you look like a 100 year old alien biohacker in that FT photo?

Ask Jamie Kingham, the photographer FT asked to do the shoot. (he’s awesome) We did all kinds of weird lighting effects; I was staring into a very bright light for the alien photo.  The light makes me look years older than I am but really calls out the CES electrode I’m wearing.


67 thoughts on “The Top 6 Bulletproof Biohacks for Self Upgrading”

  1. Excellent work Dave and I love the new site!

    I think Intermittent Fasting is one of the best biohacks out there.

    I’ve been doing it for a while now-and have seen amazing results int my performance and lifestyle.

    Great work!


    • Thanks Armi! Intermittent Fasting will be the topic of an upcoming post. My anti-aging education group, Smart Life Forum, has had a lot of discussions about it over the years. You can achieve many of the benefits of IF in several ways, but IF is very efficient and works best for some people because it’s relatively easy to do. It’s cheap too!

  2. I agree with Armi, the new site is great!

    You could’ve marketed it a bit better though, i’ve been hanging for some new posts for the last couple weeks (checking the old site) and only found this place by chance! Hope you haven’t left anyone else out in the cold 😉

    • So sorry Leon! Just figured out that some people are using the posterous URL not the direct URL. Fixing that now.

  3. Great site…I’d be fascinated to see a post about Nootropics and any other mental supplements. Piracetam seems to be pretty popular but many people like to add other racetams or other supplements. It’d be interesting to read your thoughts on it. Thanks for the content!

    • Thanks Charles! Piracetam is a great baseline “racetam” but the most powerful ones I’ve had are pramaracetam and phenyl piracetam. I wish I could get more of the phenyl form; it not only does the powerful mental power thing, it actually makes your body have more energy too. It’s not a stimulant and actually protects the brain. More posts on that coming up!

  4. I talked to my internist about aniracetam yesterday… interesting conversation. He just scratched his head and said “I wonder if that would help with …” Needless to say he just thought taking it for mental enhancement was dangerous. Truthfully, I’m a bit reluctant to take what could soon become a controlled substance and unavailable to boost performance, especially so if losing access to it will make me dumber.

    I’d love to see more on smart drugs, much like anyone who ever heard of popping a pill to increase mental performance.

    If I could gain another 10-30 IQ points that would place me in a completely new intellectual category (a standard deviation, two on the top of that scale) and likely improve my life quite a bit. If I could obtain and hold that kind of gain throughout my life, that is something worthy of significant discipline and investment.

    • Your internist sounds open minded! Most US doctors in Western hospitals aren’t very open minded to it because it’s not available at US pharmacies and isn’t something they know about. Piracetam raises mitochondrial function in the brain and is neuroprotective. It should be standard before general anasthesia!

      You won’t be dumber when you stop taking it; you simply notice how dumb you were before you started taking it. 🙂

      We both agree that adding 10-30 IQ points is life changing and worthy of significant discipline and investment, which is why I’ve spent so much time learning about it. Coincidentally, tomorrow you’ll see a post on a drug-free technique that added 2.75 IQ points per HOUR of time invested.

      I’ll also write more about how to use smart drugs and ask my friend Steve Fowkes, author of “Smart Drugs & Nutrients 2” for some input.

  5. Totally fascinating stuff, I’m going to start tackling your Top 6 right away.

    Was it difficult to get your wife on board? I’ve been following a diet similar to yours for some time with great results, but my DH refuses to give up his Mountain Dew, bread, and vegetarian habits. Then he wonders why he is sick all…the…time.

    Looking forward to the book!

    • Hi Jen, I’m excited to hear your progress as you try the top 6!

      It wasn’t too hard to get my wife on board. I started cooking for her, bulletproof style, and she immediately noticed a jump in energy and started looking younger. (I’m not kidding about this; we’re interviewed in Vogue in Sept!) When you get the diet right, you feel just awesome. For her, it was dropping soy milk, chicken, and flax seeds that made a giant difference. She replaced them with bulletproof-friendly coconut milk, grass-fed beef or lamb, and a few occasional (optional) nuts. The diet also improves libido for women as well as men…

      But selling this to a man is different than selling it to a woman. My recommendation? Use sex. As in, “wow, you’d look a lot hotter if you gained some muscle and lost that vegetarian-induced inflammation around your waist and neck.” Then wink at him or do a hair toss or whatever it is you do that tells him you really like him. Then remind him that his bread and Mountain Dew are shown to basically be the opposite of one of those “ED” medicines, plus they give him bad breath. Follow that up by cooking really good stuff and telling him that you expect him to eat it. Your whole goal is to do whatever it takes to get him to try it at least once, or hopefully for a whole week. He won’t go back to his brain-destroying unhealthy ways again when he sees how good he can feel, reinforced by your positive feedback. 🙂

  6. You said, “For her, it was dropping soy milk, chicken, and flax seeds that made a giant difference.” What’s wrong with flax seed? I thought flax was high oil and nutritious. Thanks.

    • Julie, flax seed is high in oil, it’s just high in unhealthy polyunsaturated oils that oxidize very quickly. Even Ayurvedic medicine classifies it as “drying” which is something bad fats do to you…

  7. Hi there, Stumbled across you as a Twitter suggestion. So gad I did! I’m excited to dive in, cool stuff. Working on the Top 6 now. Can’t wait to read Better Baby, and Buletproof soon!

    Question for you: thoughts on alkalized water? I’d love to hear from someone who seems credible (you!)

    Happy Sunday, Susan

  8. Hey Dave,
    I’ve been experimenting with Piracetam a bit over the past couple of months. I’m noticing a side effect of a headache or “brain fog” when i take it that is outweighing any benefits, do you have any advice for this?

    Having a look at a few forums suggests that it is either a dosage or a choline supplementation issue. Whats your opinion?

    • The fog makes me think of choline. Try alpha-GPC or CDP-choline, or more raw egg yolks, along with phoshpatidyl serine.

      • Hi Dave, I recently got some Modafinil which was pretty interesting. It led me to piracetam, and alpha-GPC. I have no idea what I am doing with these. Can you recommend a place to get good info?

    • I’ve been experimenting with Piracetam both for myself and for my 62 year old Mother, who has early onset Alzheimers. Its working wonderfully to restore both memory and cognitive function for us both and seems to only work better in higher dosages. My Mom is taking the Choline, I haven’t been able to find it yet, but egg yolks are an interesting suggestion.

      Is it true that Choline + DMAE are the right combination to take the Piracetam up a notch? What is the dosage you suggest for a mid 30s, 200 lb, 6’2″ guy and a 62 year, 5’4″ 145 lb. woman? We both started with an attack dose of 3 pills 2x /day as was suggested everywhere I saw in forums, etc. and I’m down to 2 pills 2x /day and she’s taking 1 2x /day.

  9. Hey Dave,

    I love your website and blog, thank you so much for sharing. I eat the bulletproof diet but I am wondering what your recommendations would be for me, as I compete as an Olympic Weightlifter. Thank you.

  10. So here it is: I want to read the book “The bulletproof executive”
    I’ve just discovered this blog and it seems AWESOME!
    It seems that I have some long reading hours in front of me…

    Thanks for that stuff

  11. I’m really impressed by the info I’ve found thus far and intend to dig into your methodologies. The 4 hour body book and all of Tim Ferris’ 4 hour lifestyle ignited a fire in me that’s thus far stripped 50 lbs. off of me and has put me into the process of getting serious about building up my immune system as I build my physical strength while recovering from some epic injuries and many years very sick. You’ll see me around, thanks for writing this blog.

    To your publishers….I would read “The Bulletproof Executive” and so would millions of other people. As the economy tanks, American culture is re-inventing itself and tens of millions of people are realizing that being truly independent mentally, physically and emotionally is the only way to succeed for now and the foreseeable future, they’re all realizing that it starts with not relying on doctors and prescription medications to do it. This is the time to roll that book out, support Dave and enjoy the profits from it.

  12. Very valuable information on your site Dave, and I am interested in buying both the Better Baby Book, and a Bulletproof Executive book.

  13. I’m brand new to your site, love it already, and can’t wait to read the Better Baby Book, as children’s nutrition and making my (unborn) kids the best they can be is one of my favorite topics. Thanks in advance.

  14. I was a fan of Tim Ferris’s books and of the Paleo lifestyle but I agree with you that we should look to optimize Paleo, not try to recreate life and diet from 2 million yrs ago. I would definitely buy multiple copies of a Bulletproof Executive book, many to send them to friends.

  15. I just found this site yesterday and I’m hooked! I definitely want to read the Bulletproof Executive. I’m interested in the baby book but it’s kind of too late for me. I’m a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and I’m interested in how your book compares to the small chapter in Nourishing Traditions.

    • I had the same question… we did the Weston A. Price Foundation’s baby formula and had success with it. Really interested in the Bulletproof version before our next little one (if we end up needing formula).

  16. I’ve been trying Bulletproof coffee for breakfast for a couple of weeks now, using single source beans, Anchor unsalted butter, organic cold-pressed coconut oil and Lindt 99% cocoa chocolate (some times add a bit of palm sugar or honey). At first the idea of butter in coffee seemed revolting and I thought I’d get a sickly feeling from all that fat, but it’s delicious and is now the only thing I eat between 7am and 1pm – and I get no stomach rumbling hunger pangs at any point during the day, and no 2pm slump. Additionally I have dropped a significant amount of fat around my midriff and my torso is starting to look more like it did when I was in my 20’s (I’m 44 and reasonably fit, but now you can see my stomach muscles again) – these fat deposits (‘love handle’ zone) were with me even when I was triathlon training for a couple of years in my 30’s. The ‘eat fat to re-teach your body to burn fat’ argument seems to really work! Thanks for all the research work that has led to these discoveries, hope you get a book deal soon, I’ll buy it!

    Just discovered your site yesterday. Have read much of it. Am ready to start, but ONE THING IS MISSING. I can’t visualize what you eat in a typical day….or a seasonal week so that I can bring home a week’s worth of groceries.
    Picked up ingredients this morning for Bulletproof Coffee, plus 4 lbs of grassfed beef. Can’t wait to start the day off right tomorrow. I have bags of dandelion greens and arugala and a carton of free-range eggs…..but I know I’m missing the menu picture.

    • I agree, great blog but this would be huge.

      Something like how Tim setup the “pick these 3 food groups and combine them” would be helpful. Also maybe a grocery list, and a few days of sample meals.

      Thanks, hope the feedback is helpful.

  18. I recently discovered your site. I am very hooked to the concept of bio hacking. I tried the Bulletproof Coffee and it was surprisingly great more focus at work and no crash later in the day. Perfect!

    On a similar note, I have been very interested in brain entrainment and neurofeedback. I had gone as far as to order an emotiv which i thought was a super cool game controller and entrainment device. I have read that you are trying to make your own eeg setup and am curious to any information to programming eegs for feedback.

    Looking forward to more hacks!

    • Gregory, cool! I have the Brainmaster Atlantis and a Waverider Jr, both are 2 channel EEGs. Bioexplorer is the software of choice and works with your Emotiv. (I once hired the main R&D guy from Emotiv to work at a Quantified Self startup…smart dude.)

  19. This is poppycock. One simple question: How do you explain the overwhelming evidence that runs contrary to your very small sample group of one (and an occasional confused friend doing the same stuff without any type of true quantification. Additionally, how do you reconcile your methodology and conclusions against peer reviewed methodology and conclusions that run contrary to yours? This is pseudoscience at its most basic level.

    The danger of an ESTP acting like a rational…

  20. I absolutely want to read the book! Specifically, details regarding the diet, actual exercises, “resetting your body temperature”, T3-T4/ ensuring proper conversion and any other tips that you have learned along the way to resetting your hormones. I love your site but would prefer the information in an easier to navigate book.

  21. Does one have to take sugar / carbs / raise insulin for creatine to be absorbed and work? How much? I found confusing info about this. Can taking ALA substitute for the sugar? Thank you.

  22. I’m a big fan of Tim Ferris, so naturally this site appeals to me greatly as well. I was hoping you’d have a book out (not for babies) now, I would love to buy it. I’m slowly adapting the concepts from this site to my life and seeing how it works. I’m always looking to “hack” my body in some way. Always about efficiency and what works. Great site by the way, love reading this kind of stuff.

  23. Just watched the video of your presentation, filled me with hope!

    I remember taking a similar approach to my health and wellbeing whilst studying in preparation for medical school.

    The way you’ve brought together the systems thinking/hacking mindset and included a focus on cognitive abilities and the ‘exposome’ also makes a lot of sense and is really appealing.

    Hope to see more progress before long, and if it’s affordable, have a chance to read the finished result!

  24. Hi Dave,


    Love your work. I’d like to ask about vibration plates. I have a TurboSonic – I know, ridiculous price tag – but am intrigued by your assertion that 30 hz is ideal and the only speed on yours. What about the movement? How is it on the joints? I know most of those cheap ones can cause injuries much like a crappy rebounder. Would you talk to us on a podcast or herein about the particulars of your plate and why it’s better than most and/or a TurboSonic? I did a lot of research before buying mine but am always looking for the best.

    Love your site!

  25. I noticed you mentioned that you took ayahuasca in Peru and meditated in Tibet. What benefits did you gain from those experiences? How did they change your perspective.

  26. Okay the only question I have is WHAT TO EAAAAT!
    Ive been on BP For 4 days, Use about 2 table spoons of Butter(no mct oil yet(havnt found any))and it lasts me about 5-6 hours then I usually make 3 eggs with parsley, butter(little bit) on low heat, then I add Some Cheese for dairy and after add on multi pepper (black pepper corn/garlic other) and then Im usually good for another 2 hours or so. But my question is what is good to eat for when you do feel hungry? and how much BP do you drink in a day I usually drink 2 regular mugs full with approx a heaping TB spoon of butter.

    I would love to see Interactive charts which show Brands/meals for maxiumum benefits, the food chart (Good to bad lines) is great but isn’t specific enough as for daily nutrients you require If there was an interactive chart that people can add brands which are The best for you then Everyone can aquire the best brands and foods without having to miticulously looking through labels at the store, because This diet is insanely good and makes my mental clarity +30%. And im not even doing it properly!!

    I dont really have access to online foods and no wheres around can i find GF meat,

    Also The Charts (Good To bad lines) dont have Meat on it, I would love to see which types of meat/poultry is the best for you,

  27. I would absolutely purchase your Bulletproof book! I’m interested in purchasing the Baby book as well, sounds like some really powerful info to share with family and friends!

  28. You mentioned the Schumann resonance generator on your pod cast with Joe Rogan.
    Do you sell these or recommend a site that does?
    What are your thoughts on the SCHUMANN RESONANCE Ultra Low-frequency Pulse Generator RR-77?

  29. After listening to you on Rogan I came to this site ready to just buy Bulletproof Coffee and a book in which you’ve compiled everything you’ve talked about on the podcast. There’s just SO MANY topics you’ve touched on that are begging for more info and research reference. Realizing that there is no book, I’m way less motivated to get into this biohacking. I don’t have the time to make sure I’ve access to all relevant subjects and to then, sequence them appropriately for the learning process.
    I’ll look at a few blog posts here and there but I would TOTALLY BUY YOUR BOOK INSTANTLY. You hear that book publishers?

  30. Topic Request:
    Significantly increasing flexibility without doing any yoga or stretching. You mentioned achieving this on another blog article and it just seems so damn impossible. That’s why I’m so intrigued!

  31. I heard about the creatine thing separately about a year ago and can’t say enough about the results. I actually add it to my coffee in the morning and combine it with just plain white sugar and still get results. I have also found that if I eat a yogurt in the morning as well, I can go well into late afternoon before I *need* food. I’ve always been a thin guy and formerly needed to eat at ridiculously high calorie levels to keep from getting tired during the day. Now I eat about a quarter of that level and still have a higher energy level and clearer mental state. I can’t wait to try out some of these other “biohacks” and would love to read a book on the subject!

  32. Hi Dave,

    Great blog.

    A podcast on hacking PTSD in relation to cortical inhibition and sensory down regulation would be a great help.

    Your past three podcasts have touched on the topic in various ways from the referencing of cortisol, hacking the nervous system and some of the comments from the retired navy seal operator.

    Much thanks,


  33. Please write the Bulletproof Executive Book! I know a lot of people who would be very interested in reading it!


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