Sleep Hacking: Ending Insomnia with an “Electrosleep” Machine

Thanks to Ben Rubin, former CTO of Zeo, for pointing me to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator – a cerebral-electric stimulator, aka “electrosleep” machine similar to the Neurotrek CES unit I recently used to get a full night’s sleep in 2.5 hours. (I have no relationship with any of these companies).

The attached video from Fisher Wallace shows how far CES technology has come.  The FDA would like you to get a prescription for this device (even though your doctor has probably never heard of it) simply because the drug companies selling sleep drugs don’t like simple, non-refillable, superior, 50 year old competition that is easy to manufacture.  Fisher Wallace even goes so far as to help customers learn how to hack their doctors visit so they can get a prescription.

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On the other hand, there are other devices you can order, costing from $500 to $1000, without asking for a permission slip from anyone in a white lab coat.  Apologies to my doctor subscribers: I’m married one of you who looks *very* sexy in a white coat.  Some of you are my most trusted friends, but it’s not okay to use regulations to force people to pay you $150 for permission to buy something they already want.  You’re supposed to be making money by telling us what will make us better, not being a gatekeeper to it.

The Fisher Wallace looks like a good device with lots of research including this PDF from Harvard Neuroscientist Felipe Fregni. Most of all, I am looking forward to hearing Ben’s results from using his.  As the former CTO of the world’s leading sleep hacking company, he’s got to have something interesting to say!  I am pleased that my Neurotrek lets me choose my own protocols by combining frequency, carrier wave, duty cycle, and power.  It’s simpler than it sounds, and the default settings are fine, but it lets you tweak it for your own brain.

Check out part 3 of my sleep hacking series for more information on how to end insomnia and get more quality sleep in less time – everything you can do from hacking your environment, to using supplements, to using only one drug in extreme cases (not Ambien), and of course biohacking that lets you monitor how you’re doing.  I’ll cover the hardest part too – silencing the racing thoughts that interfere with sleep onset, using breathing, meditation, and biohacking techniques.

Nothing like this upcoming summary has ever been written in my 15 years of experience.  It’s the CliffNotes to years of research and testing.  Fixing insomnia is just the beginning of what’s possible!




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