EP 1133

1133. The Art of Deep Rest

Let’s explore the powerful practice of yoga nidra, and its profound impact on our brain and consciousness, with renowned teacher and author, Tracee Stanley.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Dive into yoga nidra with Tracee Stanley, a renowned teacher and author who unveils the transformative power of rest. Her book, “Radiant Rest,” showcases the vital role of recovery in biohacking, advocating for the strength found in stillness.

Tracee, with over twenty years of experience and collaborations with icons like Marianne Williamson, is a leader in the realm of deep rest and clarity. Her latest work, “The Luminous Self,” deepens this exploration, aligning with our aim to unlock inner power for a fulfilling life.

Today, we delve into yoga nidra’s science, its profound effects on our brain, and how it connects us to our roots, reshapes habits, and promotes deep healing. Tracee’s approach not only offers a pathway to better understanding and caring for ourselves but also redefines our relationship with rest and the world. Her insights are essential for anyone seeking a holistic biohack for body and mind wellness, providing clarity, compassion, and the gift of deep rest.


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“We're closer to death than we were when we started this podcast. What are the practices that prepare us to be able to release and let go gracefully and consciously?”



Accessing Real Rest & Peace With Yoga Nidra

  • Why it’s so important to prioritize rest
  • Practicing yoga nidra as a life hack while producing action movies
  • The state of conscious sleep you access in yoga nidra
  • The research behind brain waves and rest


One Free Daily Practice for Better Sleep, Focus & Productivity


Exploring Death Practices & Connecting to Nature

  • How to prepare to die gracefully and exploring death practices
  • Why Tracee does not participate in drugs
  • How yoga nidra could become dangerous
  • Our interconnectedness to nature and how it’s different from meditation
  • Experiencing dissolution into the universe while practicing yoga nidra


Creating a Legacy of Peace: Passing on Indigenous Traditions & Teachings

  • How nature is Tracee’s teacher
  • Why she moved to New Mexico 
  • Incorporating indigenous traditions and lineages, and recognizing similarities
  • How yoga nidra can help you be a better parent
  • The importance of breaking childhood patterns and creating your own legacy


Healing a Sleep Deprived World & Confronting the Root Cause of Suffering 

  • Having more restful sleep through yoga nidra 
  • How to reframe the mind and shift your perspective in states of meditation
  • The root cause of suffering 
  • The difference between compassion and empathy and equanimity


Exploring Tracee’s Tools for Connection & Healing

  • Using channeling and collective consciousness to write books 
  • 40 Years of Zen: 40yearsofzen.com 
  • What’s in Tracee’s personal tech stack
  • Website: traceestanley.com


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Read: The Luminous Self by Tracee Stanley

Read: Radiant Rest by Tracee Stanley

Website: traceestanley.com

Instagram: @tracee_stanley

Enjoy the show!


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