Transcript – Dr. Robyn Benson: Healing with Oxygen, Hydration, & Biohacking – #194

Dr. Robyn Benson: Healing with Oxygen, Hydration, & Biohacking – #194

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Dave:             Hey, it’s Bulletproof Radio. I’m Dave Asprey. Today’s cool fact of the day is that before antibiotics, physicians used to treat syphilis with mercury. It actually works because it turns out mercury is bad for most lifeforms.

While it did help with syphilis, unfortunately it also sort of made people crazy. Crazy like “mad as a hatter.” Funny enough, hatters used mercury to tan leather as well. This is one of the reasons that maybe mercury isn’t that good for you. Actually, there’s no “maybe” about that. You probably don’t want mercury in your teeth or in your body. But, hey, there’s good times behind that.

Today’s guest is a friend of mine. She’s one of the early pioneers of the self-care movement and transformative health. She’s been practicing for 22 years, actually in my home state of New Mexico.

She’s traveled to 70 countries to meet indigenous people and learn about what they’re doing for their health practices. This is one of those cool things of combining some ancestral indigenous knowledge with anti-aging and things like that. The physician I’m talking about is Dr. Robyn Benson. Robyn, welcome to the show.

Robyn:          Thank you, David. It’s great to be with you.

Dave:             You’re based in Santa Fe.

Robyn:          Yes.

Dave:             Santa Fe is one of my favorite places. When I was a kid, I used to drive with my parents from Albuquerque. We had a little gold claim up there. I literally shoveled dirt about 50 minutes outside of Santa Fe on weekends. That was a great childhood memory. I’m still going to come visit you up there, I swear.

You do unusual stuff at your clinic, which is why I wanted to have you on the show. We’ve recently been talking, just with other guests about oxidative therapy, about oxygen, even about ozone. Most people, when they hear this, they go, “That’s crazy pants. I’ve never heard of it. Why would you put an air pollutant into your body in various places?”

I’ve also disclosed that I’ve self-treated with ozone for a very long time. I did it every night rectally for a couple of years. It totally helped me, back when I was dealing with things like mold and Lyme and things like that. I want you to talk about that and talk about the unusual rejuvenation stuff that you do at your clinic.

That’s the main reason you’re here. I know you have some other cool things you know about. We’ll just go and talk about whatever is cool.

Robyn:          Let’s talk about it. I’m definitely cutting edge, leading edge, very attracted to things that really work because we’re living in a time where people are suffering unnecessarily. Anything I can do to help people not to have surgery, to help them regain their vitality. I will find out about it, and I will practice it if I know that it works.

Oxidative medicine, the use of ozone and vitamin C, I brought into my practice about 13 years ago. One of your team members just said to me, “What’s the most exciting modality that you do?” What I love to do is something called Prolozone.

Dave:             Love it.

Robyn:          Love it. I can’t even tell you how many thousands Prolozone injections I’ve done that has really helped people reestablish integrity in their joints. Especially knees. Even backs, people with herniated disks. I inject a substance in the body first, which is typically procaine in dextrose, some B12.

Dave:             That’s Prolo therapy when you do that?

Robyn:          It’s actually …

Dave:             That’s a precursor to Prolozone.

Robyn:          Right. I inject that first, then followed by the ozone gas. Immediately under ultrasound, you can see a loose ligament get tight immediately. You get instant gratification locally with Prolozone. That’s a huge part of my practice.

Dave:             Prolozone, if you’ve never heard of this before … And most people haven’t. It’s all right. This is a relatively new technique that involves injecting the gas into the joint.

Robyn:          That’s right.

Dave:             Most people driving in their cars right now listening, they’re trying to not breathe ozone coming out of the exhaust pipe in front of them. Why would inject that same chemical into a joint? What’s the difference?

Robyn:          When you inject into to the joint, it actually breaks down into oxygen. We have what’s called a lot of free radicals running around in our bodies. That extra hooks up with a free radical, and then it becomes water or it becomes oxygen. It’s phenomenal how this works immediately in the system.

It’s hard to explain other than the fact that it’s like bringing nature into your body. The O3 breaks down into oxygen and an extra O that hooks up with free radicals. Then it does a lot of goodness, brings a lot of health into your body.

It’s amazing for infection. When I do a Prolozone shot, I’ve never had anyone get an infection because you’re actually injecting ozone into the joint. That also helps with any type of low grade infection. I inject it directly into the vein too.

A lot of the doctors that I’ve been training with, Dr. Rowen who you brought on the show, Dr. Shallenberger. They were actually treating the Ebola virus with ozone.

Dave:             Yep.

Robyn:          That’s pretty phenomenal. I also do something called ultraviolet blood irradiation, where I treat the blood with ozone and ultraviolet light. Lots of pathogens, viruses and bacteria, parasites cannot survive under certain parts of the ultraviolet rays.

Dave:             The way that I’ve learned about UVB blood treatment is that you pull the blood out, you mix it with something to keep it from clotting, usually heparin.

Robyn:          Yep.

Dave:             Then you expose it to a strong UVB lamp. It causes changes in the cells, including production of massive amounts of vitamin D, as well as a bunch of other compounds and activates some other things. Then you re-inject that same blood back in.

Robyn:          Exactly.

Dave:             Okay, so I’ve got it. There are changes…

Robyn:          You are exactly right. It increases your own interferon, your own glutathione level. It’s phenomenal what it does to your bloodstream. It’s almost what I call a mini-dialysis. If you put some really healthy treated blood into the body, it really helps scavenge some of the bad guys that are lurking in your system.

Dave:             There’s an immune activation that happens.

Robyn:          Exactly.

Dave:             I haven’t done UVB blood irradiation, but it was on my list of things to do when I had Lyme and toxic mold and all that. I did intravenous hydrogen peroxide. I’ve done intravenous UV and lots of other …

Sorry, UV, intravenous Prolozone. Not that one. What was never clear to me was what’s the difference between intravenous hydrogen peroxide, intravenous ozone gas or or ozone mixed with your blood and UVB? How would a person listening to this …

Robyn:          Or even a vitamin C drip.

Dave:             Oh, yeah. I’ve done lots of those.

Robyn:          I pretty much, what I find is most advantageous for my patients with low grade infections or serious infections, like anything from herpes to cancer, is doing a combination. They’re all oxidative therapies. I will usually … One day I’ll do UVB. The other day I’ll do a high dose vitamin C drip.

Dave:             You rotate.

Robyn:          I rotate because I find that vitamin C has some advantages that hydrogen peroxide might not be able to accomplish. Actually, UVB increases your H2O2.

Dave:             UVB increases your hydrogen peroxide levels anyway?

Robyn:          It does.

Dave:             If you’re listening to this, you’re going, “I didn’t know I had hydrogen peroxide in my body. I thought it was a pollutant. All of a sudden we’re talking about using this to reverse degenerative diseases, things that are really big.”

I think Robyn what would help people is understanding. Given that we’ve all be trained … Maybe vitamin C, okay. We know it’s good orally when we take it, but we’re taking things that are generally considered to be negative or toxins.

Hydrogen peroxide, you use it to clean stains or disinfect a wound, but to put it in your blood. How is this stuff benefiting us because it’s really counter intuitive?

Robyn:          Right. Think about ozone in pools and …

Dave:             Hot tubs.

Robyn:          Hot tubs, exactly. It is a really healthy choice without all the chemical, if you’re using bromide and all the horrible things. Chlorine even is very, very toxic. They’re called halides.

Again, with oxidative therapies, it’s really increasing your oxygen utilization. You’re bringing oxygen to the body. Mostly we have pathogens because we have low oxygen in our system.

The way to understand oxidation … It’s like rusting. We’re rusting inside. Because we’re living in such a toxic world, even the healthiest of the healthy have to be mindful of the fact that we have this process going on at all times.

The more that we have oxygen going into our systems in terms of healthy food, in terms of exercising. Then at some point, when there’s just too much information in the body, we need something really healthy like these choices.

We know about vitamin C but even hydrogen peroxide, that’s really not my scope of practice, but how that breaks down into water and oxygen too. It’s a chemical process that even though it sounds like something toxic that you’re used to cleaning with and disinfecting your body, and you’re putting in your body, it’s how your body processes it and breaks it down into something we absolutely need to live with, which is oxygen and water.

Dave:             Our tissues, all the cells in our body, they make things like glutathione and they make things like SOD. These are things that prevent the cells from being damaged by free radicals.

They make those things because part of the immune response with the white blood cells is they’ll use ozone or, more likely, hydrogen peroxide to kill pathogens since our cells can protect themselves from pathogens.

Basically these invaders, these microbes, don’t have those enzymes. They can’t resist it. When the free radicals are introduced to the body, our cells become more resilient. It’s like lifting weights for their oxidative machinery. “Oh, I guess I really should make some SOD.” They get stronger and the weak ones may die, but it kills all the bugs that are there.

Robyn:          Exactly.

Dave:             That’s at least the way I envision it. I’m probably simplifying a couple of steps in the middle there. What kind of conditions would someone go to you for if we were just talking about the intravenous stuff, not Prolozone.

Robyn:          Okay, so people with Epstein–Barr virus. People with shingles. I’ve seen a lot of shingles recently, just in the last few weeks. People with hep C virus, very common. A lot of people are getting the flu and they’re not, they’re getting a cough that lasts four or five weeks afterward. They can’t get healthy. That’s another common way.

I do this every single day in my practice. People are just immune deficient or they have an autoimmune disease, and we’re trying to get their body back to nature. The way I look at this is that that’s where our body is always seeking, getting back to homeostasis. I find that these oxidative therapies are one of the best ways to get there.

Dave:             Okay, so that works well. I’ve seen that. You’re not the only anti-aging physician who uses these things by a long shot. They’re very cutting edge. They work really well for strange diseases. No one knows what it is or how to cure it. Things like fungal problems.

Robyn:          Fungal, exactly. That’s such a massive issue. Almost everything that I’m talking about, I find that a foundational issue, that people have too much fungus in their system.

In a lot of people a lot of the oxidative stress is caused by too much mercury, too much lead in the body, too much cadmium. That has a great relationship with yeast overgrowth because people tend to have heavy metals. We have to work, look at that issue in the body as well.

Dave:             It’s funny. When I had a lot of problems all at the same time, I had high mercury levels. I had a huge amount of candida. I’d been exposed to toxic mold. I had active Lyme disease. Having the mercury there creates an opening for these other things to be there. This is one of the reasons people get so confused when they’re saying, “I’m not doing that well.”

Let’s say that we’re not talking about someone who has a lot of current severe or chronic illnesses. Someone who gets out of bed every morning and feels pretty good, and they want to go out and be a better athlete. They want to fly to China and do something and fly home. Is there a role of oxidative medicine for people who are generally pretty well and want to be even better?

Robyn:          Absolutely.

Dave:             What do you do?

Robyn:          Dave, I treat a lot of movers and shakers, celebrities. A lot of people come preventatively. They just know that oxidative medicine and just increasing their oxygen utilization throughout their whole body will help them. There’s quite a few people that I treat preventatively with oxidative therapy.

If someone feels like they’re getting a sore throat, I’m like, “Come in and get a Myers’ cocktail. The number one IV therapy that I do is a Myers’ cocktail. I don’t like to drip it. I like to push it because there is value in pushing it in faster, like five minutes.

Dr. Myers, he treated everything from the common cold to … I treat a lot of professional athletes too because of the oxidative stress and how acidic you become. Immediately, it neutralizes that.

Dave:             Myers’ cocktail, for people who haven’t heard of it before, it’s a mix of B vitamins and usually magnesium and sometimes some other things, depending on who mixes it up.

Robyn:          Magnesium, which is a very important ingredient. Really, it’s vitamin C.

Dave:             There you go, vitamin C. It’s usually a mix of methylated B vitamins, the way most people mix it. You take this and you can either put an IV drip into your arm so it takes an hour or two. Or you put it into the same vein but you push it quickly.

On Thanksgiving morning, US Thanksgiving, in Canada they don’t celebrate it so everything is open up there. On Thanksgiving morning, I went and got a Myers’ cocktail with a local doctor. I posted a picture on Facebook.

Robyn:          I saw that.

Dave:             Did you?

Robyn:          I saw that. I’m getting a direct ozone while you’re getting your Myers’ cocktail.

Dave:             The funny thing was though, some people were terribly offended because I’m like, “This is a traditional Thanksgiving breakfast, intravenous nutrition.”

Robyn:          That’s awesome.

Dave:             I was amazed because people equate needles with … There’s a lot of fear or needles. There’s also some sort of, “It’s a drug.” I’m like, “No, it’s not a drug. It’s the same stuff that your stomach can’t let through.” In fact, right now we’re in Tampa at J.J. Virgin’s where we get a chance to film live.

I came here from Washington, DC. I was at a cadre event there. Now I’m going to New York next, to Yahoo. When I go to New York, I have a friend there who’s a physician who is going to give me a Myers’ cocktail. Why? Because I’m on a 15-day, multi-city, crazy tour.

I don’t want to get worn down. The idea that that’s somehow cheating. Yeah, I’m cheating but that’s because I’m performing at this level. You said celebrities are doing it, pro-athletes are doing it.

Robyn:          Absolutely, the film industry is big time in New Mexico. I have so many big time movers and shakers that when they get off the plane they come see me because it helps with their jet lag. It helps them get back into their high performance mode. Any time before I get on a plane, I get a Myers’ cocktail. Any time.

It’s just … It’s a big part of my practice right now that people know this is an option. Because many of us have compromised digestive symptoms right now. You don’t want, you never guess. Is it going into my bloodstream? You certainly feel it.

With a Myers’ cocktail, you get warm because of the magnesium and the B complex because of the niacin effect. It’s fantastic. It awakens parts of your body and then the response is … People love Myers’ cocktails.

Dave:             Even if you have a fully intact digestion system, even if you’re running at full level, I consider this to be an upgrade. You simply can’t get this nutrition in, and your body uses it very quickly when you do it. I generally feel a three day boost after I get a Myers’ cocktail, where things are noticeably …

My resilience is higher than normal. Normally it’s pretty high, but I have more capacity. I would love to see these available much more commonly. As it is, it’s sort of like hard to find them. They’re actually working right now to make it even harder to get Myers’ cocktails, even though awareness is growing that these are pretty amazing.

Robyn:          You know, since I’ve been doing these for 13 years, it’s amazing. They’re making it very difficult for people. It has to be patient specific for every single ingredient. There’s 11 ingredients that I put into my Myers’ cocktails.

Plus, I custom make of them if somebody has a specific virus going on in their body, then I’ll add homeopathic to it. Hydrochloric acid when you inject that, adding an extra cc is amazing for viruses and bacteria.

Dave:             A cc injection of hydrochloric acid into our veins. Tell me about that.

Robyn:          I add that to my Myers’ prescription.

Dave:             The body has to be alkaline. Didn’t you know that?

Robyn:          When you mix it with everything else, it’s pretty phenomenal what it does in your body. Hydrochloric acid is phenomenal.

Dave:             I take 2 to 3 grams of Betaine HCl with every meal because I’m short on hydrochloric acid. Most people listening to this, seriously, they’re probably drinking alkaline water and super alkalizing everything. What’s the deal with acid and alkaline from your perspective?

Robyn:          I believe that we need to be in general more alkaline because our diets are very acidic. Get alkalinized through your food. I’m not big … You can’t sell me on these water alkalinizers because of what they use to alklanize it, which are minerals in general. I’m not sold on them. I’m just not. I’m not.

I really believe that we do need more of a plant rich diet and to alkalanize that way. Just drink water, but a good source of water. We have structured water throughout my whole center in Santa Fe.

Dave:             I have this problem, I eat an acidic diet because I eat meat and all this stuff. The Boulder diet is primarily a plate covered with plants. With some meat and a ton of healthy fat on top of it. It’s not a meat based diet.

I’m almost too alkaline. When I drink alkaline water, I get disaster pants from it.

Robyn:          I’m with you.

Dave:             It’s not a good idea. Whether or not your acid or alkaline is a very complex thing. Baking soda is a nice alkalizer if you need it.

Robyn:          It’s a great choice. It’s an excellent, very inexpensive choice. Just my bio-hacking secrets, even when I do a Myers’ cocktail or I do oxidative therapies, I like them to be …

I’m really into magnetic resonance stimulation, also known as pulse electromagnetic fields. Every patient, when they are on my mat, which is essentially is a Tesla innovation. It’s a copper coil that mimics nature, the frequencies of nature.

When I optimize the cellular health of my patients before I give them an IV, first of all, you get more nitric oxide in the body. It’s easier to get the vein. They have a much greater response to any therapy I do, whether it’s acupuncture or any of my injections. That’s a big way in which I up level what I provide.

Dave:             At this point, Robyn, I hate to tell you this, you’ve now alienated the audience. At least a couple of them.

Robyn:          Oh, dear.

Dave:             You’ve done that three times.

Robyn:          Oh.

Dave:             You mentioned homeopathy, and everyone knows only witch doctors do that.

Robyn:          Right, this is good.

Dave:             You haven’t mentioned acupuncture yet, but I know you will because you do that. That would be like an extra bonus for alienation.

Robyn:          Okay.

Dave:             You mentioned pulse electromagnetic frequency devices. By the way, I have eight different devices at home. They work. You can feel them work. One of my favorite ways of feeling it is if you sleep with PEMF near the center of your body, and you’re a male, you’ll wake up with a kickstand.

That would be nitric oxide. It’s not like you can placebo yourself into … I don’t know, maybe you can. I never tried. Anyway, it’s one of those things that works. Let’s see, and you said “structured water.” You talked about all of these things. By the way, I have no problem with any of those.

If you blindfolded me and give me a thing of energetically structured water, using whatever kind of, and I’ll call this voodoo because it’s not scientific. I have no idea all the science behind structured water. I’ve looked into it many times. There’s many claims. They don’t all match, but you can feel the difference. The water, it certainly has less surface tension at a minimum.

Robyn:          That’s right.

Dave:             You can feel the difference when you drink it. One time someone gave me a glass of water. I’m like, “Did you do something to this.” “Oh, yeah. Of course.” This guy had done all 10 different things you can do to structure water. It was almost too much to drink that, even though there was nothing in it.

Robyn:          Really, what you’re saying is it’s water that you can absorb into your cells. When I talk about structured water, there are springs all over the country, all over the world, when you get water right from springs that’s structured, like nature.

Like nature provides it before it’s tampered with in any way. Your body loves it. It just turns on the light, actually the voltage. I love talking about high voltage in your body. That’s when you’re high functioning.

Dave:             There’s some intriguing research, going back to the “Body Electric” and “The Electromagnetism in Life.” These are books from the mid ’90s that I read back then. I’m like, “Oh, look. The body is electric and chemical. I can accept both. It’s not an either or.”

Water has some liquid crystal properties. I would say there’s a lot we don’t know about water. There’s the exclusion zone where, like there’s this weird effect of water near the edge of a bottle versus the middle. It behaves differently. No one is quite sure why, but it doesn’t follow gravity.

If you’re listening to this and you’re like, “There’s no such thing as structured water,” there’s actually pretty good evidence from advanced physics that there’s something going on. I also think there’s enough evidence to say we don’t necessarily know the what or why or how. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t use it to make people better hydrated or make them feel better.

Robyn:          Right.

Dave:             How do you structure the water in your office?

Robyn:          We have a structured water system that we added to the pipe, how water comes into our system.

Dave:             Just one of those spiral ones?

Robyn:          Right, exactly. Yeah, we had that. When we’ve had it tested … People love our water. Literally, it’s one of our great gifts that we give to our community. People come in with their 5 gallon container bottles, and we give water.

My message always, Dave, with I do all of these cool things, innovative, can really help people, very complicated health challenges, but it’s simple as getting the cells healthy. My message is very simple, if we just are properly hydrated.

We are electrical beings, number one, before our biology and chemistry works. If people just get hydrated and get proper mineralization. It’s great when it’s from your food or add in something really good like Cellfood, or I love Oxalin. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried that before.

Dave:             I’ve tried Cellfood but not Oxalin.

Robyn:          Oxalin is much better than Emergen-C. A really good quality SOD. It’s fantastic. People just do that. It takes your raisin cells that are crippled and dehydrated into grapes. If we just hydrate and get water.

I have people who drink like a gallon a day or more and they still can be dehydrated because they’re not getting the water into the cells. This is where it matters what type of water you’re putting in your body.

Dave:             It’s a really interesting point, the idea that even if water gets into plasma, it doesn’t soak in. That’s a cellular membrane issue, which can be multiple things. It can be what you’re eating. It can be the wrong fats. Also the wrong water.

Robyn:          Exactly.

Dave:             The idea that the body is electric though, we talked about oxidative medicine. The other thing that it does that we didn’t talk about is that hydrogen peroxide, UVB and ozone all have that extra oxygen molecule. It’s an electron donor. Your mitochondria…

Robyn:          That’s right, the hydroxyl radicals.

Dave:             Yeah.

Robyn:          That’s phenomenal, where you just have a lot of these free Os hanging out in your body, and the OHs, that causes that rust to your body essentially. It causes premature bone degradation and arthritic changes. When you add this extra O, that becomes oxygen.

Again, we have a major issue with oxygen utilization. People are not getting enough oxygen in their system. That’s a huge thing. Then the OHs too, the hydroxyl radicals. That creates health in the system.

Dave:             It does. What we’re talking about right here, is you’ve been bio-hacking for 22 years, before we had the word, and you’ve been focusing on the cell much of the time.

Robyn:          I am about, yes, making under functioning cells become well. I want a party in your body, Dave. How does that sound?

Dave:             It sounds like a plan.

Robyn:          I mean you get those … Literally, when you have inflammation in your body, that’s what everyone is learning about. That’s why we age, because of inflammation. I’m talking about red blood cells, right. That’s where our oxygen transport happens.

I did a lot of blood cell analysis to show people. We’ve talked about hydrochloric acid, when people just take digestive enzymes, how that can shift your body because people are not breaking down their proteins efficiently.

Dave:             It’s such a difference when you get it right. You do other things here. Whole body vibration. What do you do with that.

Robyn:          Oh, we call it the shaky shake. That’s a really cool … You have that with Bulletproof too.

Dave:             Yeah, the Bulletproof Vibe.

Robyn:          Yeah, yeah. We also have people breathe in oxygen while they shake their body. After I do my kettlebell … I do pretty hardcore workouts. I get on that. I am never sore because of how that … It’s a great way to exercise without impact. You actually do burn calories.

It’s really good for the lymphatic system. We have a lymph system throughout our whole system. In a lot of us that are not moving the way that we need to, the lymph gets congested and that causes lots of health issues.

Dave:             You’ve got people in your clinic breathing oxygen, vibrating on whole body vibration platforms, and you also inject them with ozone gas while they’re sitting on pulse electromagnetic frequency devices. Then you stick needles in them too because you’re an acupuncturist.

Robyn:          I do.

Dave:             See, that’s cool. I do pretty much most of that stuff at home myself, and my bio-hacking lab has all that. I’m actually not trained on where to stick needles, so I don’t stick needles in myself. I’m not trained to do this to anyone else. I just do this to myself.

Robyn:          Again, everything … The back to nature theme. I love the idea. Also, I do platelet rich plasma.

Dave:             I read that. That’s interesting. It’s an anti-aging technique.

Robyn:          It’s fantastic. When people come in with … I usually start with the Prolozone. Let’s say somebody comes in with, hopefully not bone against boine, but they have some serious joint problems. I will take their blood out, 6 cc of their blood, and I centrifuge it.

The blood separates into PPP, which is platelet poor plasma, and then platelet rich plasma. I inject that into joints. I’m also really big into facial rejuvenation. I like to get my women clients in particular off the Botox trail and put their own nature, their own platelets in their body. Those are your growth factors.

That naturally increases your collagen and elastin in your body rather than just putting some chemical crap that your liver is going to have to deal with too. Our livers are under enough stress, and then to add all this other stuff that we’re putting into our body. PRP is awesome.

Dave:             You would use that to have less wrinkles.

Robyn:          I do it for facial rejuvenation and then I do it certainly in knees, like Jeffrey, our good friend. People will come, will fly in to work with me just to get the PRP. People who have major back trauma of some sort. Disk degeneration.

A lot of that has to do because the ligaments have become too overstretched. Immediately, that helps, especially with your own body with your own platelets going into your system. Which is really profound.

Dave:             Yeah, using the body to heal itself. It sounds kind of funny. All of these things, they sound a little bit radical. I actually think there’s a good case that they are radical.

Robyn:          They’re nature, though, David. In my opinion, especially I’m in my 23rd year of practice, I will find things that really work. I like it in the realm of bringing nature into the body. Also 80% has a lot to do with diet.

Even eating from the earth. What the earth provides usually has high voltage. Also, when we talk about a high water content diet, vegetables and fruit, it has water in it. That’s structured. That’s nature.

Dave:             I guess I’m feeling a little bit skeptical here, Robyn, because I’m a huge fan of nature. I live on a 32 acre place we’re turning into an organic farm. I see bald eagles out my window. It’s valuable to be around nature. I’ve built it into my life. It’s not easy to do that. It’s taken a lot of work to make that, something that helps sustain it.

When I go and I’m on a whole body vibration platform, breathing bottled oxygen from a concentrator, sticking needles in my arm, full of nutrients that my body wants, I feel like maybe it isn’t really nature. We’re taking advantage of our body’s response to things in a way that nature couldn’t even provide. Unless you’re holding onto lightening bolts or something, where are you going to get this from?

Robyn:          My response to that is, you know we are living in a whole different world right now. The average American, they’re spending 90% of their lives indoors. Even people who are living out in nature, they’re still indoors way too much. This is why we’re so chemically compromised.

Indoor life is very toxic, whether it’s air conditioning, whether you’re getting some pesticide, somebody coming in to spray. There’s so many ways. The chemicals we use in terms of how we wash our clothes, our makeup, all of it. Therefore, I like this revolutionary technology that I can use that I still consider the best way that you mimic nature to bring into your body.

Dave:             It feels more like it’s mimicking nature.

Robyn:          Mimicking, exactly.

Dave:             I have the opportunity to go for a walk in the forest. I can do it in the backyard.

Robyn:          Good.

Dave:             If I do it after a rainstorm, it smells really nice, but it’s not the same as rectal ozone. It’s not. Rectal ozone … If you haven’t heard me talk about it before on the podcast, this is one of the main techniques you can do ozone therapy at home.

Which is where you get a pure oxygen source, and you put it through an ozone generator and you put it in your rectum. You do a very small flow rate of gas. It’s a very small hose. It absorbs into the body. It’s radically transformative. This is way amplified beyond that.

Robyn:          Yeah and because so many people who live out in nature, they could still have major toxic toxins going on. There are a lot of people … Again, living in a health way, it’s multifaceted, the things that we need to do to stay healthy. There are times now, more than ever, even young kids that are very, very sick. We need these …

Thank god we have these abilities to help people that are compromised. Not only rectally but vaginally and bladder. Also sinuses. When people have chronic sinusitis, I inject ozone into the nose. It’s powerful.

Dave:             I’m intrigued. You’re the first person I know who does that, using a very little thing. If you’re doing home ozone therapy, seriously, don’t put ozone in your sinuses. You could mess yourself up with that.

Robyn:          Yeah, you have to know … You really, and I’m not advocating that.

Dave:             Just to be careful because there are a lot of experimenters who listen who may go out and buy an ozone generator. I’ll tell them where to get the one from China that’s $159 if they ask. Just don’t do it …

Robyn:          For any of these ozone therapies, you have to know what you’re doing.

Dave:             You can die.

Robyn:          Yeah, absolutely. What you can do rectally and what you would do in your sinuses, and what I do when I do Prolozone, I never do more than … There’s a gamma. It’s measured in gamma. I never do Prolozone more than 20 gamma. When I do the sinus, that’s a very sensitive area, I never do more than 10 gamma.

If you put 80 gamma, you can … This is why you want to go to someone. I’ve been trained by the top oxidative therapists in the world. Even to learn about the sinus way, which was taught by …

Dave:             I had never heard of this until you.

Robyn:          Right. Was taught by a guy from South America. He’s one of the most well known ozone geniuses out there. I just learned this a year ago at the American Academy of Ozone Therapy Conference.

Dave:             It’s interesting stuff. Rectally, I use 67 gamma. What’s your number.

Robyn:          Actually, you know, 60 gamma is a good number.

Dave:             60? Okay.

Robyn:          Yeah, yeah. It’s great because the world is getting to know about ozone, especially because of our mutual friends, Dr. Rowen and Dr. Robbins in New York City. He’s got protocols for Lyme. I’ve treated a lot of Lyme disease patients. Phenomenal.

Again, all of us, we’re working from a holistic standpoint. We want you to eat a really healthy diet. That’s important. We want you to be moving. The big message of getting outdoors. We need to, every day, no matter if your environment is very cold or very hot, just be outside. Get away from the indoor pollution.

Dave:             One of the other things that ozone does, we talked about the cellular energy, just bringing the cells back online, is that ozone changes the ratio of NAD to NADH in the mitochondria.

Robyn:          Right.

Dave:             There are some supplements you can use to do that as well, like Upgraded Aging, one of supplements that I make, also changes that ratio. It’s not the same thing or a replacement for ozone or even compatible with it because it’s an antioxidant.

What I will do, if I’m going to do ozone therapy, I don’t take that stuff but then that evening or the next day, I’ll resume taking it. The idea behind changing that ratio is that it increases the efficiency of the mitochondrial, the kreb cycle in the mitochondria.

Robyn:          Right.

Dave:             One of the reasons why I think ozone is so powerful, and why I wanted to talk about it with you some more on the show today, is that you’re getting the anti-inflammatory effects. You’re getting the cellular increase in energy effect from ATP formation. Then you’re getting the antimicrobial effects.

Robyn:          Right.

Dave:             There’s another fourth thing. What does it do to your nerves when nerves are exposed to ozone? The way they do in dentistry.

Robyn:          Dentistry is … There are so many dentists that this is one of their focuses. Mostly in dentistry, it’s excellent for a root canal or an infection. If you’re going to have a root canal or something like that, work with an ozone therapist who can use that in that area. Is it going to regenerate nerves? I wouldn’t …

Dave:             It turns off inflammation in nerves.

Robyn:          Oh, it definitely does, yeah.

Dave:             It’s different than the systemic inflammation. I’d heard that but didn’t really quite get it. Dr. Jennings in Sunnyvale, California … Sorry, Dr. Gallagher in Sunnyvale, California was a pioneering dentist. He just passed away within about the last year.

He was my dentist for quite a while. He also taught me how to do ozone therapy. I had to get a wisdom tooth taken out. I had a couple of them taken out when I was much younger. I was in pain for weeks, packed with gauze and swollen. He popped this thing out.

Before he did it, he injected ozone gas directly right next to the nerve underneath the tooth and, of course, some procaine or lidocaine or whatever they use to numb you.

He pulled the thing out and then flushed it with ozone. I never had any swelling, ever. None. I had no pain. It was the most ridiculous difference between just days of looking like a chipmunk the first time.

As an older person … I did that when I was 22 or something. Now here I am 20 years later getting a wisdom tooth taken out, and it’s like … I didn’t interrupt my day. I went back and did what I was doing. That was ozone. Just unbelievable effects.

The first time I did rectal ozone, my brain just turned back on. I’m like, “This is cool. I remember feeling like this.” It lasted for five minutes. I’m like, “That’s no good.” The next night it lasted six minutes. It’s one of the reasons that I’m carefully bringing knowledge about this out there.

The thing you said before, you need to go to someone who knows what they’re doing with ozone. It’s true. Just like with drugs. You don’t want to get prescription drugs from someone who is not trained in knowing drugs.

Robyn:          Right. Also, with rectal ozone, if you work with somebody who does colonics. You evacuate as much as possible, then you do the ozone. It’s much more potent. In dentistry, it’s phenomenal. I inject inside the mouth.

Dave:             Oh, you do that as well?

Robyn:          Oh, I do. I love it. There’s this part where you actually go like half an inch in the back. It helps open up the nasal cavities. There are other ways to treat the sinuses, through the mouth.

Dave:             Oh, that sounds so painful.

Robyn:          It’s not painful.

Dave:             Really?

Robyn:          It’s pretty amazing.

Dave:             I’m going to come and see you at your clinic one of these days. Then you can stick needles in all sorts of weird places.

Robyn:          I do a lot of really cool things.

Dave:             I’ll just try everything at once.

Robyn:          You can try everything. We’re going to keep you upgraded in a big way, right? Bulletproof, you’ve got a big mission. We’re going to keep you feeling strong.

Dave:             I’ll do my best. I’ll just make sure that every city I go to, I get all sorts of weird things. What’s going on … I call them weird but once you know what it feels like to be in the state where your body will do everything that you can, you know when you’re out of it.

You know what a long flight does. You know what just being in a very high level state without enough for recovery for a week does. In an ideal world, we would all just say, “I should just take it easy.” A huge area for what I do in being kind to myself, there’s also I want to be a good dad. I’m helping a lot of people with Bulletproof right now.

Robyn:          Yes you are.

Dave:             Sometimes you have an opportunity to be on a national TV show to talk about a new idea that should be in the public sphere. Well then, either you summon the energy, you bring it, you go and you do the work. Then you recover. I’ll be damned if I’m going to have a slow recovery because I’m somehow opposed to using technologies like the ones we just talked about.

Robyn:          Look at it Dave, too, when you think about the pharmaceutical world and the powers that be when it comes to medicine. The average cancer patient, $300,000, plus, plus, plus. I mean you bring in these therapies that don’t cost a lot, like the average ozone therapy maybe $40 and that’s actually reversing Ebola and lots of other disease.

This is why they’ve shut down … So many of my colleagues have had their businesses shut down because they’re doing these leading edge therapies. They’re actually helping. Again, it’s just turning the body’s natural mechanisms back on that are not functioning well. There’s a lot of political issues that come into play.

Dave:             There’s a ton of technologies that are nonmedical that are wellness oriented. Some of them require you to use less drugs and pulse electromagnetic frequency devices, come of the electrical stimulation things.

In fact, I was supposed to bring my electrodes and shock you, but I forgot. We’ll do that later.

Robyn:          Okay.

Dave:             Certainly ozone. These are things that defy the paradigm we have now, which is largely drug based and largely chemistry based. These are somewhat electrical and there’s some chemical interactions as well.

One approach is to say it’s all quackery. It’s not. There’s too many studies. There’s too many clinical outcomes for it to be quackery. Then you can say, “Well, it’s not safe.” You can sort of paint it that way, but with the internet and with the rapid exchange of knowledge that happens now, when something works and there are physicians using it, 20 years ago you could just shut them down. Today, we’re hearing about it right now. We’re going to know that there’s technologies that are worth using.

Robyn:          I can’t tell you, in 23 years of practice, there are so many doctors that come see me. There are orthopedic surgeons that come see me for Prolozone. You would not believe the people that fly in.

I’ve got a guy … People with private planes will fly from Dallas, will fly from … I’ve got a guy from Colorado just coming in for my therapies. It’s kind of like they don’t really want to necessarily let the world know that this is what they’re doing. People don’t want to go under the knife.

Quite frankly, it’s not necessarily solving, mostly it’s not solving the problem, and you have to deal with scar tissue. Down the road your going to need an knee replacement. Why not start with something like this that 80% of the time, if not more, works.

Dave:             One of the fantastic things that I witnessed at an American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine conference. This is where doctors like Robyn hang out. It’s actually where I met my wife, was at a conference in Las Vegas.

At this conference, there was a very unusual form of bio-identical replacement therapy expert. It was talking about matching a monthly cycle for women very, very precisely.

A plain OB GYN walked up and said, “Oh, I’m on your protocol. It works wonders. It’s really great for me.” The inventor of the protocol said, “Oh, why don’t you recommend it to your patients?” The OB GYN said, “Oh, they would never be ready for that.”

Of course, the inventor was a little upset at this, but that exchange. It’s like, “I’m a doctor. I know this stuff. I do this for myself and I do this else for my patients, this other thing for my patients.” That is a little bit scary, but you’ve seen it because doctors who are doing surgery are doing Prolozone.

Any sane person facing surgery, any one of them should try Prolozone before they try surgery.

Robyn:          Absolutely.

Dave:             Because you can’t undo surgery and Prolozone is temporary. If it works, you’ll grow your tissues back and it’s not temporary. If it doesn’t work, you had the pain of a needle.

Robyn:          Exactly. Also pre-surgery to get a Myers’ cocktail, to get a vitamin C drip.

Dave:             You’re insane not to do it.

Robyn:          Exactly, you will heal so much faster.

Dave:             There’s a problem though, and I’ve actually seen this, if you get glutathinone and you get vitamin C before surgery, your anesthesiologist needs to know because your liver will function at a level much better than normal. You’ll clear the anesthesiology chemicals way more quickly.

Robyn:          Right.

Dave:             I actually woke up in the middle of knee surgery once because I always took vitamin C. This was 20-something years ago. I woke up and they were tugging on my leg. It didn’t hurt because they’d given me a spinal too or something. I was like, “Guys, am I supposed to be awake?” They’re like, turn the gas on and I passed out.

You may respond differently if you’re way healthier than normal. I think you should say, “My liver is better than normal so watch my levels.” Or whatever you say to an anesthesiologist. I don’t know.

Robyn:          Exactly.

Dave:             Let’s see. What do you do when older people come into the clinic and they’re talking about sexual dysfunction. That’s a part of anti-aging medicine that comes up. What do you do?

Robyn:          Well, I’m primarily a doctor. We’re into medicine. I look to find out their hormone levels. That’s really important. Acupuncture is phenomenal for that. Also I have a huge pharmacy of really amazing choices. I can do that with some of my oxidative therapies.

If people have low testosterone, low free testosterone, low total testosterone. We have to look at the why behind that. Look at DAGA. It’s multifaceted. I do a lot to help. That’s a big issue even among 20 year olds. I’m amazed. There’s a section even about libido. Do you have even interest that is low?

A lot of it has to do with women in particular and men, their progesterone levels are way too low. They have estrogen dominance. It’s a cleaning up job. Very often I find myself helping them get on a detox program, get on the Bulletproof diet. Seriously.

Dave:             Really, so you are using that?

Robyn:          Absolutely. We’re Bulletproof. We have everything just about, all your products. We do.

Dave:             I should know that, Robyn. There’s a good number of anti-aging doctors and I didn’t invite you on the show because of that at all. Its because we’re at this conference together. I’ve seen you here before. You were actually at the Bulletproof Conference with your pulse electromagnetic devices.

Robyn:          I was. That was so fun. I’m a big advocate of the Healthy Thoughts that you have. We have the MCT, we have the Brain Octane. We make Bulletproof.

Dave:             You actually make it there? Wow, that’s so cool.

Robyn:          We make Bulletproof. We’re in a community of a lot of people in our center that do damn near everything. We’re saying, come in and get your punch card. Get your Bulletproof coffee.

Dave:             I’m going to have to come visit you. This is so cool.

Robyn:          You’re going to love it. We’ve got the butter, we’ve got the Kerry Gold butter. We’ve got the oil. We’ve got the vanilla from Bulletproof. We’ve got you collagen powder.

That saved me when I was having a low blood sugar moment. Someone had bought you collagen powder. I was, “I think I’m going to faint.” I literally just put some of that in water and it helped me come back.

Dave:             It gave you some protein?

Robyn:          Yeah, like quickly.

Dave:             Cool.

Robyn:          We pretty much have … Yeah, we’re Bulletproof. In my pharmacy, we now have a lot of your products there.

Dave:             That is so cool.

Robyn:          Yeah.

Dave:             That’s not why I had you on but …

Robyn:          The sexual function issue is a massive issue. Fertility issue is a big on that I treat a lot of people with. They’re having trouble getting pregnant. Again, it’s looking at the body from what’s not functioning. Why is … What’s missing? What is deficient in the body?

This is total Chinese medicine. Some of us have so over stimulated our sympathetic, that’s our get up and go, that our endocrine system is not being nourished properly, our adrenals, our thyroid function. Sexual function has a lot to do with all this, all of these areas. It’s also a big part of my practice.

Dave:             You look at it from an endocrine perspective?

Robyn:          Right.

Dave:             Awesome. We’re coming up on the end of the show, but there’s a question I’ve got to ask. It’s one that I ask everyone.

Robyn:          Okay.

Dave:             Given everything you know, not just medical but just all of your life’s lessons, you’re three most important recommendations for someone who wants to perform better. Someone who wants to kick more ass. Whatever they do. This isn’t athletic or anything. You want to be better at whatever it is you do, do these three things.

Robyn:          Number one is get enough sleep and get good quality sleep. I would say, secondly, hydration. I think so many people are running around dehydrated and they don’t even know it. That is the foundation of so many diseases, this chronic dehydrated state.

Also, really living from your heart. That’s a huge one for me. I have this kick ass busy life. I have two teenagers. I travel a ton. I love what I do. I’m so passionate about getting up in the morning, even if I haven’t had a good sleep. That’s what keeps me up, a high performer.

People are like, “How do you do your live Robyn. How are you writing books and treating as many patients as you do. You’re running an online self-care revolution. How do you do it all?”

I’m so passionate. I really help a lot of clients find that passion. A lot of times people are not feeling good, I get the body functioning so you can live your passion. Everybody has passion. Everybody.

That’s probably number one. I probably would reverse that order. It’s really find your heart’s desire. Let that lead your life because your health often follows too.

Dave:             So passion, sleep …

Robyn:          Passion, hydration and sleep.

Dave:             Okay. Those are the three. Cool. Thank you for coming on. Where can people find out more about you?

Robyn:          My center in Santa Fe is Online, I have an incredible online community called the Self Care Revolution that’s My own website is Robyn, that’s with a Y. I love my Y.

Dave:             Excellent. Robyn, it’s always a pleasure to get to hang out with you at a conference. Thanks for being on the show.

Robyn:          So much fun. Love it. It’s a great honor to be on your show.

Dave:             If you enjoyed this, you know what I’m going to ask you to do if you’ve heard this podcast before, but if you haven’t done it, please go into iTunes and say that you liked the show. That will help other people find it and that will help keep me motivated to keep making episodes like this. Thank you for listening. Thanks for listening in your car or watching on YouTube or watching on iTunes video.






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