Kava: Nature’s Stress-Relieving Nootropic

Cameron George

Discover the benefits of this safe plant elixir to help heal trauma, restore relationships and create community. 

TRU KAVA sponsored this podcast.

Cameron George at left wtih Dave Asprey at the Eighth Annual Biohacking Conference

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

…kava expert and founder of TRU KAVA, Cameron George, joins the show to share new information about the many body/mind benefits you can get from kava.

TRU KAVA sets the industry standard for kava quality, safety and education. On episodes #731 and #859, we talked about kava’s historical origins and uses, how it can be safely consumed, and how it’s extracted and processed today.

You can use kava for both energy and sleep. It’s also a natural alternative to recreational alcohol and drug use. “It’s like a calm, enhanced state of natural sobriety,” Cameron says. “It doesn’t create that loop that depletes dopamine, that leaves you chasing it the next day. It creates this effect where it’s able to naturally support and raise dopamine levels in the brain.”

If you struggle with social anxiety, kava’s roots in community and social connection can improve your relationships, too.

Today’s conversation further expands the kava discussion.

“Kava creates this effect where it's able to naturally support and raise dopamine levels in the brain.”

Cameron George / TRU KAVA

“Kava is a stress-relieving nootropic,” Cameron says. “It’s a natural elixir that’s prepared from the roots of a plant that grows in the South Pacific. Indigenous people have used it for thousands of years and prepared this food-grade drink kind of like coffee. On the stress-relieving side, on the nootropic side, they’ve prepared it and used it in almost every context imaginable, weddings, funerals, spiritual ceremonies, social gatherings. It helps to open up the opportunity for human connection, but it also helps to get people focused yet relaxed and calm and in a very safe space neurologically.”

Kava studies show promise for people who may be experiencing mental health issues. You’ll learn about kava’s potential to transform mental health care and its therapeutic applications for mental/trauma-related illnesses. Kava works on a psychological, emotional and physiologic level.

“Kava takes people into a place through which people can more easily examine the landscape of their own internal framework and the aspects of their mind and of their psyche,” Cameron explains. “This is something that we know psychedelics to do of course, but kava doesn’t negatively affect your faculties at the same time.”

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Enjoy the show!

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