Kava: Psychedelic Benefits in an Alcohol Alternative – Cameron George with Dave Asprey – #859

Plant-based kava can be a profound tool for improving your mental health, making connections and building community.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio revisits one of my favorite varieties of plant medicine, called kava. It’s a plant-based drink from the South Pacific Islands that relieves anxiety, boosts mood and enhances cognitive abilities. It has a pretty impressive resume:

  • Kava is a safe, natural alternative to drugs and alcohol
  • Kava offers effects similar to micro dosing psychedelics
  • When humans consume kava, it helps protect the body from all forms of stress (physical, chemical, emotional)

I’m talking with Cameron George, a researcher, writer, entrepreneur and the founder of TRU KAVA. He’s been on the show before, Kava Just May Be The Next CBD – #731, so don’t miss that one for a great starter resource! This time, we get into kava’s growing use in the United States, its links to community and social connection, and how it makes an amazing alternative to alcohol.

Cameron likes kava as an alcohol replacement, he says because [for the most part] “people who are migrating towards kava are looking for healthier alternatives that are non-addictive, that don’t interfere with their faculties and kind of keep them sober, but bring kind of that enhanced sobriety.”

Kava lowers the emotional stress system in the brain that is overactive and easily triggered. It increases GABA, an amino acid which is a building block for proteins, and in the brain, kava acts as a neurotransmitter and activates serotonin.

“Whenever you talk to the indigenous people of the South Pacific,” Cameron says, “they don’t speak of kava in the same context. In the U.S., we just see it as an anxiety relieving herb that helps with sleep and stress and things like that. They speak of it as a spiritual entheogenic medicine that improves the quality of your thoughts, your perspective, induces introspective thinking and allows people to connect with one another.”

TRU KAVA sets the industry quality standard by providing the safest and most effective kava on the market. The company offers kava oil and shots, and a new drink that you consume like you would an alcoholic beverage. I’m really excited for you to listen to this conversation, hear us break down some misconceptions and learn how you can experience the benefits of kava. 

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Kava- Psychedelic Benefits in an Alcohol Alternative – Cameron George with Dave Asprey – #859


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Bulletproof Radio: Kava Just May Be the Next CBD – Cameron George with Dave Asprey – #731

Key Notes

  • What got you into PTSD and the mental health side of Kava. – 3:13
  • It offers this really powerful acute symptom relief, like a drug would. However, especially in high dosages and certain forms and drinks and stuff. But with virtually no real side effects to really report on.  – 11:19
  • We believe that Kava being as versatile as it is, and actually being a substance that truly naturally delivers on what people want out of alcohol, which is to connect with other people. But without the addiction and without the deleterious effects on putting you into this more primitive state where you’re drunk and lose your faculties.  – 14:53
  • Do people ever put a shot of tequila in TruKava?  – 17:31
  • There have been a couple studies that have now shown what the indigenous people have always known that with long term use, you start to see an increase in GABA receptor density.  – 26:15
  • The calcium channel blocking, that’s the same mechanism of anti seizure medications, because it calms the cell and keeps it from being over accentuated and inflamed. – 32:09
  • Kava is certainly most famous for activating the GABA receptors because it hits them so hard, that GABA really just so people can understand this and you explained it beautifully scientifically. GABA is, it’s the molecule of relaxation and inner peace,  – 33:02
  • We’re wondering about dosage and how you recommend starting dose and then also continuing dose to help with nervous system regulations, sleep, calming down, do you recommended body weights?  – 51:07

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