Why I Do This

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Because I’m happier when I get to help people.

Because it took nearly 20 years and $250k to learn how to do things that aren’t supposed to be possible and then to use them to be a better entrepreneur, husband, and father. Things like how to upgrade my brain (12 IQ points!), get lean quickly (after weighing 300 lbs 15 years ago),  have more energy, or just give a press conference in 4 different countries in 4 days without getting sick.



Because David Pottruck, the ex-CEO of Charles Schwab, shared with me at Wharton Business School that one of the biggest reasons for his rapid career growth was that he paid close attention to his own internal reactions and behaviors. And because Stew Friedman, author of Total Leadership, pushed me to think about how I could gain even more efficiency by choosing activities that met multiple needs simultaneously.

Because I’ve spent years helping hundreds of people be better entrepreneurs and executives by showing them how to naturally perform better at work and at home, and how to hack themselves. People like VCs, CEOs, and senior executives from government agencies, startups, and large companies.

Because when I was 30, doctors told me I was going to die of a heart attack or stroke, but now I have the lowest possible risk.

Because no matter how many lunches I have with friends seeking advice on how to perform better in less time, no matter how many calls I take from people who need what I know, or how many Smart Life Forum meetings I moderate, or how many books about increasing your baby’s IQ I write, I’m only helping a tiny fraction of the people who want to learn how they can be happy and successful while doing more than they think they can do, and even make it look easy.

I’ve spent more than 2 decades hacking my biology to get an advantage in business and enhance my family life. I will show you what works best – in the least amount of time – and what doesn’t work at all, even if it’s supposed to. I shouldn’t have had to waste so much time and energy learning this stuff. It’s our birthright.

Most people go on normal vacations to places like Hawaii, which is always relaxing in its own pre-packaged way. But as a Bulletproof Executive, I tend to go out of my way to have fun, to see what I am capable of, and to learn to do more. That’s why I tend to favor high mountains in Nepal and Tibet, shamans in Peru, mountains in Ecuador, brain hacking retreats in Canada or Arizona, Buddhist meditation, fasting in caves in the desert, and James Bond-style spy classes in LA.




Not Harder

Smarter Not Harder: The Biohacker’s Guide to Getting the Body and Mind You Want is about helping you to become the best version of yourself by embracing laziness while increasing your energy and optimizing your biology.

If you want to lose weight, increase your energy, or sharpen your mind, there are shelves of books offering myriad styles of advice. If you want to build up your strength and cardio fitness, there are plenty of gyms and trainers ready to offer you their guidance. What all of these resources have in common is they offer you a bad deal: a lot of effort for a little payoff. Dave Asprey has found a better way.

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