Covid-19 is Changing the Virus Game & Blood Vessels are Losing – Dr. William Li with Dave Asprey – #712

Find out the unusual ways Covid-19 is affecting the human body and what you can eat to keep your immune system strong for the long haul.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest, Dr. William Li, is sharing brand new research that shows COVID-19 causes severe damage to blood vessels. This leads to widespread blood clotting in the lungs.

He explains what all this means in real terms you can understand. He’s been deep into new research and is one of the authors of a study that was just published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr Li is an experienced internal medicine physician and author of the book, “Eat to Beat Disease.” He’s also a research scientist—specifically a vascular biologist. He’s been actively involved in angiogenesis research and clinical analysis for more than two decades. Angiogenesis is the development of new blood vessels and Dr. Li is one of the world’s leading experts in this field.

“Endothelium is just a fancy word to describe the cells that line the lining of our blood vessels,” Dr. Li says. “Endothelium is the connector that brings blood, oxygen, nutrients, everything to every single cell in our body, and if we block those channels, we wind up actually having big problems that happen in the heart, happen in the brain, and then diabetes.”

“It’s actually very rare that you actually find a virus or bacteria invading an endothelial cell,” explains Dr. Li. But Covid-19 changed that game.

“We actually saw for the first time viruses invading endothelial cells and filling them up like a gumball machine. They were literally like zombies getting in infecting and then basically pulverizing the membranes from the inside out. There’s something very unusual about this.”

Dr. Li and I talk about how Covid-19 acts more like a cold than the flu and other weird things. “The other thing we saw is massive inflammation–your immune system trying to clear out the virus in the infected endothelium,” he says.

Listen on as Dr. Li and I go way into the newest research about what else Covid-19 is doing in the human body and what you can eat to strengthen your own immunity.

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Covid-19 is Changing the Virus Game & Blood Vessels are Losing – Dr. William Li with Dave Asprey – #712

Book “Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How the Body Can Heal Itself”

Key Notes

  • Endothelium is just a fancy word to describe the cells that line the lining of our blood vessels. – 1:10
  • The only difference between medievalism and modern-day 21st century is the fact we’ve got some pretty good science. – 5:25
  • We went down and did transmission electron microscopy. – 8:48
  • We saw the virus invading the endothelial cells, the vascular cells, the lining of blood vessels and shredding them from the inside out. – 12:31
  • The more blood clot you have, the more shredding you have of the red blood cells, the more iron you start releasing. – 13:22
  • Think about pulling a fire alarm in a building when you start seeing smoke coming down a hallway. – 14:26
  • Vegf sounds like a vegan thing. Tell you what it is. It stands for vascular endothelial growth factor. – 18:16
  • Wound healing and tissue repair, which is the next-door neighbor to regeneration. – 23:06
  • The big four killers, if you guys are not superhuman, it’s cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. – 25:20
  • The real question there is, “Okay, which is worse? Oxidative fried stuff or sugar during COVID? – 27:38
  • What a doctor knows his own biology would do for himself. – 30:00
  • Cranberries will actually up your defenses not only with the IGA but also the special cells called delta gamma T cells that are also the first responders in infections. – 32:22
  • Broccoli sprouts, in general, are going to be good for you. Will a sprout extract work or do you have to actually take the sprout? – 34:10
  • Quercetin is much more complicated than just doing one molecule doing one thing. – 37;18
  • Oysters actually contain a polypeptide polysaccharide protein and polysaccharide. – 39:31
  • You get a longer tail on the immunity from your exercise and your blueberries. – 42:44
  • Added sugar has got no added value. – 43:13
  • Cherry tomatoes are another way of actually getting a lot of punch like bang for the buck, because they tend to have lycopene for the small mass that they’re in. – 45:28
  • Dietary fiber for your microbiome is also really important because pretty much there’s an air traffic control system, your gut bacteria in our intestines that really helps to air traffic control your immune system. – 47:13
  • This virus actually turns up certain cytokines and turns down certain cytokines. – 48:49
  • One of the receptors, the cellular receptors on endothelial cells is called the nicotinic acid receptor. Endothelial cells love nicotine.- 52:40
  • Most people don’t understand U-shaped curve, and yet so fundamental, it’s basic biology. – 56:33

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