How Butyrate Supports Gut, Cell & Brain Function

Jessica Kane Berman / BodyBio

Get friendly with butyrate and phospholipids to boost your cellular health and performance from gut to brain.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn how butyrate and phospholipids keep your gut, cells and brain performing at their best. You’ll find out how your mucosal barrier defends against pathogens in your gut microbiome. You’ll also learn about discoveries in the field of cell membrane medicine. This focus determines how your body functions now and also how you age.

Jessica Kane Berman joins the show to share new information and interesting science about cellular health from the perspective of BodyBio, the company founded by her grandfather, Ed Kane, an inventor, health explorer and early biohacker. He went looking for answers to his own health issues in the 1980s and got deep into the science of fatty acid research and cell membrane medicine through blood testing.

“My grandfather focused on addressing the cell as the foundation and structure and function of a living human being,” Jess explains. “He used phospholipids, bioactive lipids, butyrate, and electrolytes to really address and optimize neurometabolic and cellular health.”

BodyBio sticks to a very specific group of products, most notably butyrate and a phospholipid complex of phosphatidylcholine. Jess explains how true liposomal phosphatidylcholine and phospholipids get through to the cells to help rebuild that membrane.

And when “good” bacteria in your gut help your body break down dietary fiber in your large intestine, that produces butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid.

“We’re losing sight of this important short-chain fatty acid production in our gut,” Jess says. “The No. 1 thing that butyrate does is it feeds the colonocytes. The colonocytes are the cells that line our gut wall.” BodyBio created a unique gut product that’s a prebiotic bacteriaphage plus butyrate in the form of tributyrin. 

“Butyrate is not just for your gut; it has systemic benefits.”

Jessica Kane Berman / BodyBio

Here’s a few good things butyrate does in your gut:

  • Helps maintain the thickness of the mucosal barrier—keeps the good in and the bad out
  • Helps the expression of tight junctions and strengthens the gut wall
  • Expresses MUC2: this produces mucus, which thickens your mucous lining
  • Regulates T-Cells and helps lower cytokine release
  • Increases microbiome diversity
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help improve intestinal barrier function and mucosal immunity

Butyrate goes way beyond the gut to influence bone mass and density, asthma and allergies, histamine intolerance, body detoxification, inflammatory brain pathways, and mitochondrial function. Butyrate also can alter gene expression, protect against cancer, and regulate the body’s immune system.

“It just has to start at cellular health,” Jess says. “That’s this foundation that’s so important to all these other issues that you’re looking at tackling. So, if you don’t take care of this part of your health, you’re not going to see gains in the long run, especially from the longevity standpoint.”


Enjoy the show!

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  • You were actually working in the arts and suddenly you said, “I’m going to run my grandfather’s company.”  – 2:33
  •  L-glutamine and aloe and marshmallow root. Practitioners are using all these different ways to work on leaky gut, but butyrate is one of the most important players in this entire equation. – 11:27
  • Can you talk more about what phospholipids do? Where would you get them nutritionally? What happens when you take them?  – 16:53
  • It’s the soy protein that is the problem. There is none of that. So you’re left with phospholipids, that’s it. That we then test for glyphosate.  – 28:25
  • So what else does butyrate do besides making BHB?  – 33:10
  • I think that’s all a really exciting area of research that’s happening. You take it for sleep, I take it for insulin resistance.  – 39:46

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