How Brain Training Changes Your Frequency

Patrick Porter, Ph.D.

BrainTap® evolves meditation from ancient tradition to modern technology with light, sound and vibration.

BrainTap® sponsored this episode.

Dr. Patrick Porter at left wtih Dave Asprey at the Eighth Annual Biohacking Conference

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… brain expert Patrick Porter, Ph.D., joins Dave at the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference in Beverly Hills to talk about training your brain. Dr. Porter pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment with a technology-enhanced meditation device called BrainTap.

Whether you’re a newbie, a hard-core devotee or somewhere in the middle of your biohacking journey, you already focus on body exercise and nutrition. You probably manage your stress and mental health, too. It’s all training of some sort, which is where BrainTap comes in. It’s a specific kind of training for your brain.

New discoveries in science reveal that you can form new neurons in your brain, called neurogenesis. Your brain state isn’t fixed! And then there’s neuroplasticity, a process of adaptive structural and functional changes to the brain that involves connections to your nervous system.

BrainTap’s unique technology uses light, sound and vibration to train and regulate your brain for relaxation, sleep, performance, weight loss, aging and more. To get to a higher personal frequency on the regular, you want to achieve coherence.

“A lot of people know about heart coherence between our heart and our brain,” explains Dr. Porter. “That’s what HRV is. But every cell is doing that. If we’re in a harmonic environment, [without] negative stuff, then our body will function at its highest potential. But if we’re thinking poor thoughts, if we’re in a negative environment, then the body resonates at a lower frequency.”

“When cells do that, when they’re all in harmony, we’re making beautiful music with our nervous system, we’re making beautiful music with our brain and that becomes—that harmonics—means health. Then our epigenetics are showing up as their best self.”

“Your brain will create neurogenesis. It does it with exercise, it does it with proper nutrition. You can amplify that by doing brain fitness.”

Patrick Porter, Ph.D.

Since Dr. Porter specializes in the science of calming the brain, you’ll find out how you can manage your physiological and mental health in today’s super stressed-out world. You’ll also learn how impact remote work, remote learning and pandemic isolation impacted brain health and memory.

This conversation gets into some of BrainTap’s exciting research with aging populations and elite athletes, too.

Remarkably, in one study with people 55 and older diagnosed with dementia, “Within six weeks their neuroplasticity changed 49%. All of them 100% were taken off the dementia scale,” Dr. Porter explains.

BrainTap’s current studies with professional athletes in football, basketball and hockey show tremendous results with focus, cognitive function, and overall performance. Olympic athletes are posting personal records.

“What meditation does, or BrainTapping does, or brain fitness will accomplish, is helping to realize that you have an intrinsic value that is beyond what somebody’s paying you for exchange for your time, that you have a necessary need in the universe,” Dr. Porter says. “You’re here for a purpose.”  


Enjoy the show!

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