Hacking Eyesight – Interventions With Dave

Mark Bell

Learn to think about health problems differently, ask questions that lead to answers, and upgrade your biology.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… Dave talks with Mark Bell about eyesight and ways to approach vision problems.

Mark is a world record-breaking powerlifter, the owner of Super Training Gym, The Strongest Gym in the West, and the inventor of the Sling Shot, a bench press accessory tool to help lifters add pounds to their bench press, help lift through injuries, and reinforce proper technique.

He’s built a life and business based on high performance. So when he began experiencing worsening vision over the past several years, he wanted to know how he could improve it.

“There’s strength and there’s flexibility,” Dave says. “And as you age, your eyes, the muscles lose strength. The tissues lose flexibility and this has to do with collagen types and cross linking of collagen. You’re actually seeing yellowing of parts of the lens in your eye. And then, there’s also a neurological thing where the brain may not actually be connecting.”

Mark Bell

“I think a lot of people have experienced this, especially in their 40s, when all of a sudden shit doesn't work the same way as it used to.”

Mark Bell

In this “Interventions with Dave” episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Effective supplements for eye health 
  • How mitochondrial health affects vision
  • The importance of morning sunlight
  • Eye exercises to restore ability to focus based on the Bates Method and Meier Schneider’s “Yoga For Your Eyes.”
  • Gabor patches to stress your brain’s visual perception area
  • Eye training using an app, like GlassesOff.
  • Palming
  • IV stem cells

Note: The “Interventions With Dave” recommendations are designed to help you upgrade yourself and your biology so you can perform better at everything you do. They are not, however, a substitute for advice or treatment by a trained medical professional that may be needed for specific health conditions, illness or injury.

Enjoy the show!

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