EP 1125

1125. From Tech to Table: Inside Kimbal Musk’s Culinary Revolution

Kimbal Musk invites me into his kitchen to talk about the importance of where we source our food, cooking for your community, regenerative farming, and pro tips for preparing, serving, and enjoying the perfect grass-fed steak.

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Today’s very special episode comes from inside Kimbal Musk’s kitchen, where I get a hands-on look at his passion for cooking, community, and regenerative farming. Kimbal Musk is a South African restaurateur, chef, entrepreneur and a board member at Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, companies led by his brother, Elon Musk.

Outside of the tech space, Kimbal is the force behind The Kitchen Restaurant Group and co-founder and chairman of Big Green, where he’s pioneering outdoor classroom Learning Gardens in schools nationwide. Additionally, Kimbal co-founded Square Roots, an innovative urban farming venture utilizing hydroponic, climate-controlled shipping containers.

In our last interview at his newly opened restaurant, The Kitchen, we explored the intersection of technology, regenerative agriculture, and grass-fed cuisine. Today, we unpack Kimbal’s passion for food and community. Seriously, we’re not just chatting about technology and longevity here—Kimbal teaches me how best to prepare, serve, and enjoy grass fed steak to perfection.

During this live tutorial, we talk about how the energy you put into preparing your food really does impact how it tastes, and his unique perspective on innovation and leadership, gained from working closely with his brother Elon and the teams at Tesla and SpaceX.

Then, we explore the highlights of his new cookbook, The Kitchen Cookbook: Cooking for Your Community, a treasure trove of real-food recipes accompanied by easy to follow video tutorials. It’s an incredibly valuable resource for anyone that’s interested in bringing more realness to their food prep and diet.


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Embracing Community Through Food

  • Organic Revolution: Kimbal Musk’s Mission to Take Down Big Food # 504
  • How cooking for firefighters during the 9/11 aftermath inspired him to open a restaurant 
  • Animals’ role in regenerative agriculture 
  • Why the energy you put into your food matters & consciously consuming animal products
  • The near death experience that brought spirituality into Kimbal’s life


Teaching Kids About Regenerative Farming with Big Green

  • The challenge of restoring our soil & regenerative farming at scale 
  • Big Green: biggreen.org 
  • Teaching kids how to do regenerative farming in schools


Try The Kitchen Cookbook for Better Family Meals

  • How what we eat affects how we feel and act
  • The importance of having family meals 
  • What’s unique about Kimbal’s cookbook
  • The right way to season steak
  • Technique for charring fish
  • Read: The Kitchen Cookbook by Kimbal Musk
  • The Kitchen: thekitchen.com


Kimbal Musk on Psychedelics: In or Out?

  • Our Burning Man connection
  • The time and place for psychedelics 
  • What’s being done to get people off of Fentanyl


Cooking for Elon Musk


Learn How to Prep & Cook A Beautiful Grass-Fed Steak Live 

  • Choosing and preparing the meat
  • What seasonings to use
  • Kitchen and cooking tips: tools, equipment and best practices


Kitchen Thoughts on Longevity & Death

  • How the food we eat can contribute to longevity
  • What our elders can teach us about what leads to happiness


Exploring the Link Between Quality Fats & Testosterone 

  • How eating high quality fat can influence testosterone
  • Zero Acre Farms: zeroacre.com


Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: https://daveasprey.com/books 

Organic Revolution: Kimbal Musk’s Mission to Take Down Big Food # 504

Big Green: biggreen.org 

Read: The Kitchen Cookbook by Kimbal Musk

The Kitchen: thekitchen.com

Read: Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson

Enjoy the show!


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