EP 1131

1131. Insidious Inflammation & How To Fight It

Author and functional medicine nurse practitioner Maggie Berghoff joins us to talk all about inflammation—what causes it, how it hurts us, and how to combat it. We get into how inflammation intersects with hormone health, thyroid function, and metabolic syndrome.

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Inflammation is at the root of everything. More inflammation means less energy and a higher risk of every disease. Today, we’re digging into exactly why inflammation is so insidious with functional medicine nurse practitioner Maggie Berghoff.

Maggie is a USA Today National Best-Selling author of the book Eat to Treat: Your Three-Step Plan To Reduce Inflammation, Detoxify Your Life, And Heal Your Body. She is also the founder of wellness supplement and non-toxic home line DETOXDaily.

In this episode, we talk all about inflammation—what causes it, how it hurts us, and how to combat it. We explore all the different types of inflammation, including physiological vs. psychological inflammation– and dig into how inflammation intersects with hormone health, thyroid function, and metabolic syndrome.

Maggie also shares her perspective about shedding shame around eating, and why perfectionism can be even more toxic than actually toxic foods. Plus, I share a lot of horrifying (but medically useful) information about urine. You’ll be equally intrigued and grossed out.


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“When your body is healthy, balanced, and de-flamed, then your body has more ability to heal itself.”



The Ills of Inflammation

  • Read: Eat To Treat
  • How inflammation leads to disease
  • Long term vs. short-term inflammation
  • How decision fatigue can lead to inflammation


Physiological vs. Psychological Inflammation


3 Things That Cause Inflammation

  • The dangers of overexercising
  • Maggie’s experience being dismissed by doctors
  • Treating both the physiological and the psychological


Are We More Inflamed Now Than Ever?

  • How recent events have exacerbated chronic inflammation


Where Do You Start Combating Inflammation?

  • Easy wins to detoxify your environment
  • Hormonal imbalances as we age


What Is Your Inflammation Type?

  • Inflammation quiz: eattotreat.com/resources
  • How to assess your inflammation type and toxic burden level
  • What’s at the root of muscle and joint inflammation?


When Your Hormones Are In Havoc

  • Maggie’s take on hormone and thyroid inflammation
  • The 3 most important hormones to pay attention to
  • Why your nutrient levels are important for hormone health
  • What’s urine injection therapy?


Metabolic Syndrome’s Role In Inflammation

  • Why metabolic syndrome causes inflammation
  • Why Maggie is a biohacker at heart


The Nightmare Of Poor Sleep

  • Getting sleep as a parent
  • How to maintain energy if you’re not getting enough sleep
  • Why nutrition is the #1 priority


Shedding Shame Around Food

  • Why there’s no “good” or “bad” foods
  • Why perfectionism about food is toxic
  • How Maggie shifted her perspective around food


Why Not Just Take Aspirin?


Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: https://daveasprey.com/books

Website: maggieberghoff.com

Eat To Treat: eattotreat.com

DETOX Daily: yourdetoxdaily.com

Instagram: @maggie_berghoff

Facebook: Maggie Berghoff

TikTok: @maggie_berghoff

Linkedin: Maggie Berghoff

Enjoy the show!


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