How & Why You Age, And What It Takes To Be ‘Young Forever’

Mark Hyman, M.D.

Learn the Top 10 hallmarks of aging, the role of functional medicine in restoring and reversing aging, and the many practical ways you can promote your own longevity.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… Mark Hyman, M.D., joins Dave in Austin to talk all things longevity. Driven by his desire for a healthier, longer life for himself and others, Dr. Mark immersed himself in the latest scientific research on aging and longevity. Through his findings, he realized that the body has an incredible built-in healing system that can be activated through understanding the emerging science of longevity. He also managed to reduce his biological age by 20 years effectively.

“I want my physiology and my body’s capacity to be getting better as I get older, and matching the wisdom and increased understanding of the world that happens as you get older,” Dr. Mark says.

He consistently tackles the topic of inflammation and its impact on aging—or “Inflammaging” as he calls it. “The body only has so many ways to say ouch,” Dr. Mark says. “You have pain. You have inflammation. You have certain things that happen that create all these symptoms, but there’re these common roots. So, inflammation is this common root that seems to accelerate as we get older. So, we can measure biomarkers of inflammation that are highly predictive of mortality.”

This conversation covers many components of aging, like metabolic flexibility and resilience, mTor, meat- and plant-based protein, nutrition, environmental allergies and food sensitivities, histamine, autophagy, fasting, DEXA scans, and much more!

“Diet, exercise, certain lifestyle practices, and certain supplements—and even certain medication can be useful,” Dr. Mark says about changing your health. In “Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life,” he:

  • shares the knowledge of how to unlock the causes of accelerated aging and treat it as a reversible disease.
  • gives you practical tips for daily habits that will increase your energy and performance.
  • teaches you why you age and what it really takes to live a longer, more vibrant life.

“At 63, I’m riding my bike and being faster than most of my 30, 40-year-old friends, and who basically can’t keep up with me,” he says about his own aging evolution. “The body has that capacity if you understand how to work with it. It’s never too late to start.”

Dr. Mark’s a practicing family physician and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in the field of Functional Medicine. He’s also a 15-time New York Times best-selling author and repeat guest on the show to share his broad knowledge and wisdom. Check out his other podcast conversations with Dave in the “Links & Resources” below.

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“Health is about metabolic flexibility and resilience. Most of us are metabolically inflexible and metabolically not resilient.”

Mark Hyman, M.D.

Enjoy the show!

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  • The difference between biological age and chronological age and how applying principles of functional medicine can help optimize biological age and avoid rapid aging.
  • The idea of aging as a treatable disease and how Dr. Hyman’s functional medicine approach focuses on restoring function and health, leading to disease reversal.
  • The hallmarks of aging and how they are interconnected systems.
  • The role of functional medicine in restoring and optimizing the function of biological systems, including mitochondrial function, immune regulation, microbiome, and nutrient regulation.
  • How functional medicine allows for the treatment of the root causes of diseases rather than just treating the hallmarks with drugs.
  • How deregulated nutrient sensing is a meta hallmark, influencing all other hallmarks.
  • The importance of a low glycemic diet to combat high levels of sugar and starch that contribute to obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia.
  • The mTOR pathway and the importance of giving the pathway a rest to activate autophagy, the recycling and regeneration mode. 
  • The sirtuin pathway and its role in DNA repair and mitochondrial function. 
  • The potential drawbacks of weight loss medication, specifically the drug Ozempic.
  • How fasting and calorie restriction can activate the body’s repair systems and extend life by a third… but it can also be miserable. 
  • The benefits of the drug Rapamycin, which inhibits mTOR and activates processes such as autophagy and DNA repair. 
  • How to properly activate mTOR for protein synthesis, which is key for building muscle. 
  • Challenging the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for protein, which is a minimum amount to avoid protein malnutrition.
  • Dr. Hyman’s perspective on healthy aging and optimal aging.
  • What “inflammaging” is and why it is the primary driver of all the diseases of aging, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune disease. 
  • The discovery of four highly predictive inflammatory markers that are more effective than commonly measured markers. 
  • The role of mast cells in inflammation and the importance of reprogramming immune sensitivity. 
  • All about Dr. Hyman’s “Young Forever” book.

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