James Nestor

“Within a few days of applying Asprey’s instructions I felt, and saw, results—and they weren’t subtle.”

JJ Virgin

“Looking and feeling older is now optional…I’m growing YOUNGER because of my Bulletproof choices!”

Peter H. Diamandis, MD

“Today we have the power to measure what works. Dave Asprey uses this new power in his quest to biohack the human body to improve how we think and how we feel. This capacity is groundbreaking and will lead to measurably improve human performance.”

Jim Kwik

“Your brain is the most valuable resource you have. Dave Asprey’s Head Strong program is full of simple tools to help you unlock the mental speed and energy of a modern day superhero. If you want to upgrade your performance, this book is a must read.”

Amanda Hamilton

Dave was an exceptional speaker – highly engaging, endlessly knowledgable and put the audience at ease with perfectly placed humour. I will definitely be recommending him to the other EO Chapters and the feedback from our own chapter has been very positive.

Daniel G. Amen

“Dave Asprey knows what it is like to suffer, but also how to take thoughtful action to heal and protect the most important part of humans: our brains.”

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