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What Are Mitochondria And Why Should You Care_What are mitochondria

If you’re familiar with my work, you already know that your mitochondria determine how you feel now, how fat you are, and how long you’ll live. Mitochondria are structures in your cells that make energy for day-to-day activities.

Why does this matter? Mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the main characteristics of aging and disease. In fact, research in my most recent book links mitochondrial dysfunction with nearly every age-related disease, including Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease.

But, if you’re a reader of the blog, you already know mitochondria matter. So why keep reading? Because I could never tell you how to get your mitochondria tested – there simply wasn’t a good way. Except now there is! It is an at-home test that tells you exactly how your mitochondria are doing, along with your overall cell health and immunity, and what to eat to make it stronger.

If you’re new to the blog or interested in learning more about your mitochondria, check out the previous post.

So what is the test?

If you caught the recent episode of Bulletproof Radio where I interviewed Naveen Jain, you heard that Viome just launched the first-of-it’s-kind Health Intelligence™ service. For the first time ever you can get a comprehensive digital snapshot of how your cells, mitochondria, and microbiome are actually functioning, to better understand the effects of your diet and lifestyle on your immunity, mitochondrial and cellular health, internal biological age, and gut microbiome.

This one test would have saved me $50,000 in lab testing and several years of hard work figuring out how to lose the 100 pounds I’ve lost.

I’m literally dancing with excitement over how transformative this knowledge about your own body is. (If you’ve ever seen me dance, you know why not much makes me do it!)

Why Human Gene Expression?

Most tests examine DNA, which says what is possible. The Viome test measures RNA, which is what is actually happening.  The difference between healthy and unhealthy is a question of what possibilities (DNA) are happening right now (RNA). RNA measures gene expression.

Your genes get turned on or off by your gut bacteria, your nutrition, and your environment. Once you know how your cells or mitochondria are functioning you can make very specific nutrition interventions make your biology do what you want.

The human body has 3 basic types of cells in it – microbial cells (think of the gut microbiome), human cells (like blood cells or muscle), and mitochondrial (tiny cells that are embedded in human cells, but with their own genome). Previously, Viome focused solely on the gut microbiome as it accounts for 80% of microbes in the body.

But, your blood holds a part of the key to understanding your gene expression because your circulatory system connects with all parts of the body, including the gut. That means gene expression in your blood indicates inflammation from your gut and shows how healthy your cells are.

Bottom line, by assessing gene expression in a blood cell, you can get a better sense of what may be happening in the entire body. At least you can if you know what to do with all that data!

How It Works

You submit a tiny finger prick blood sample, and a stool swab for analysis (kept separate) and answer a health questionnaire. Viome’s advanced AI creates your Integrative Health Scores that provide an overview of your body’s health. what your blood, mitochondrial, and bacterial cells are doing so that you see a comprehensive picture of your cellular health.

Health Score Categories

With the new information Viome gathers from the Human Gene Expression Test (blood test) in combination with Gut Intelligence Test insights (microbiome test), Viome tiers your scores into levels. You’ll be able to see these 5 new top-level,  personalized score categories, delivered straight to your Viome app as soon as your Health Intelligence samples are finished analyzing:

Viome Gut Intelligence test

See the personalized health insights from these important score categories for yourself.

Once you have this information, Viome’s AI system provides a personalized, 90-day action plan of food and supplement recommendations to optimally feed your body to give your cells what they specifically need.

When you look at your food lists, you will see that each food has a serving size. These serving sizes are specific to Viome’s recommendations and may be different from the serving sizes you are used to. The number of servings that are recommended from each food groups are individualized for you and based on nutritional needs.

Between the ages 30-70 average mitochondrial efficiency decreases 50%. Half of people under age 40 are already mitochondria-deficient, and most don’t even know it.

I am living proof that you can hack your mitochondria, and it’s changed my life and my brain. This new test is the single most exciting test I have ever seen – it is a true game changer for the entire industry. I have worked with Viome as an advisor since near the inception of the company and invested too because I believe in it at a very deep level that comes from behind the scenes knowledge.

Listen to the podcasts, read my books, see the blog and you’ll get it – I’m all in on this new Viome test, and you should be too.

Find out more, or order your Health Intelligence Service today! It will save you years of searching to find what works best for your biology!




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