10 Bulletproof Sugar-Free Snacks for Kids

Maybe you’re new to Bulletproof, or maybe you’re a veteran at buttering up your coffeeEither way, it’s likely you kept your butter, beef, and veggies to yourself for a while before introducing your small children to the Bulletproof Diet

When you’re ready to transition your whole family to the Bulletproof lifestyle, you’ll want to prepare with some delicious options, especially if the kids are switching from orange fish-shaped crackers and sugary, low-fat yogurt tubes.

Is snacking good for your performance?

For adults, cravings in between meals are a signal that you’re doing something wrong. Maybe your body is craving more nutrient-dense protein and vegetables or your meal didn’t have enough high-quality fat. Perhaps you’re addicted to sugar highs or just not eating enough. Cut the sugar and give your body the nutrition it needs and cravings and constant hunger will disappear. Period.

Kids are a different story. Smaller stomach capacity and insane activity levels mean they burn through energy a lot faster than adults do. They tend to eat smaller amounts more often. Bulletproof-approved meals will keep them happy longer than boxed noodles will, but you still want to be ready with snacks to avoid settling for low-quality food out of convenience.  

Here are some foods you can plan to have ready for snack attacks:

10 Bulletproof snacks your kids will love

  1. Avocado. Slice them plain or wrap them in nori with some crispy uncured bacon. Or, blend some up with a little Brain Octane Oil, lemon juice, cumin, and salt for a quick guacamole. Kids dig dips.
  2. Grass-fed, pastured meat sticks. Meat sticks are smaller versions of the ethically-raised meat protein bars that are perfect to pack away for long days out, no refrigeration required. Choose a brand with little to no additives. Some salt and other flavorings are usually ok.
  3. Bulletproof Collagen Bites. Collagen Bars are an amazing pack away snack for lunchboxes or day trips. As a bonus, the smaller size is perfect fuel for active kids.
  4. Baked sweet potato. Pack it whole to eat like an apple, or cut into chunks and toss with a little Brain Octane Oil, cinnamon, stevia and a squeeze of lemon to prevent browning.
  5. Phat Fudge. A whole-foods-based performance fudge that tastes like dessert and you can pack easily.
  6. Cucumbers. Kids love to dip cukes in ranch-style dip – plain coconut yogurt mixed with garlic, salt, and dill or fresh guacamole (see #1).
  7. Carrot sticks. Pack some guacamole or the ranch-style coconut yogurt mixture above for dipping.
  8. Frozen almonds. If your child is old enough to properly chew nuts, freeze almonds for a grab-and-go snack. They taste much better cold.
  9. Toasted coconut chips or fresh coconut chunks. Kids especially love the crunch factor of the chips.
  10. Fat bombs. Mix 1/2 cup coconut oil with chocolate powder, stevia + almond butter or a couple drops of peppermint essential oil. Melt it all, pour into a pan, refrigerate, and cut them into squares. Keep them cold if you want to take them on the go, or else they’ll melt and you’ll get disaster pockets.

Grown-ups need quality snacks, too

You’ll find that the longer you keep with the Bulletproof Diet, the less you’ll depend on eating at regular times. Your body will start to trust that it will be fed high-quality foods and it will be used to dipping into fat stores for energy. Until then, it’s best to be ready for anything. Instead of being caught empty handed, have a few snacks ready for those times when you’re out and about.


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