25 of the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom in Your Life

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Mom gave you the gift of life (and all your mitochondria). What’s the best way to say thanks? Celebrate her on Mother’s Day with gifts that help her kick back, stay fueled, and look fabulous.

These Mother’s Day gifts are handpicked to give the moms in your life an extra edge. From cool tech to budget-friendly finds, you’ll find the perfect way to thank the supermoms in your life.

Mother’s Day gifts: Personal care

Stitch Fix


  • What it is: A box of clothes curated to your personal style, sent as often as every 2 weeks.
  • Why get it: Eliminate the decision fatigue, shopping time, and mental real estate that Mom would rather spend elsewhere.

Buy now: Clothing items range from $25-100, plus a $20 styling fee. Learn more at stitchfix.com.

Biossance Rose Glow Set

  • What it is: Two beauty favorites: Vitamin C rose oil to firm your skin, plus a peptide eye gel to reduce dark circles and puffiness.
  • Why get it: Give Mom science-backed skincare without the junk. This set is nontoxic and free of parabens, plus uses eco-friendly ingredients.

Buy now: $88 at Biossance

Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil

  • What it is: A lightweight, moisturizing facial oil infused with full-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) and ashwagandha root.
  • Why get it: CBD won’t get you “high,” but science shows that it can improve your sleep and decrease anxiety. You don’t need edibles to get these benefits, either — topical CBD can also cross your skin barrier.

Buy now: $58 at Herbivore Botanicals

Float Tank Session

  • What it is: A 60- or 90-minute session in a sensory deprivation tank, usually filled with Epsom salt and warm water to help you float in it easily.
  • Why get it: Float tanks not only give you a feeling of weightlessness, they can also help you chill. Studies show that floating can lower stress, relieve pain, and even improve your athletic performance.

Buy now: Prices vary — check for float therapy centers near you.

Gabriel Non-Toxic Nail Polish

  • What it is: Nail polish free from 10 popular (yet toxic) ingredients, including formaldehyde and parabens.
  • Why get it: Toxins in your beauty products not only damage cells and disrupt hormones, they can also keep you from losing weight. For the mom who loves natural beauty, this nail polish makes a solid low-toxin swap.

Buy now: $8.50 at Gabriel Cosmetics

Orangetheory gym membership

  • What it is: High-intensity workout classes customized to help you burn more fat. Wearable fitness trackers allow you to measure performance in real time.
  • Why get it: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the perfect blend of cardio and strength training. This workout will keep her on her toes and take the guesswork out of building her own exercise routine.

Buy now: Prices vary. Check your local Orangetheory gym for details.

Mother’s Day gifts: Food and drink

Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel Bars, Original Dark flavor

  • What it is: Pleasantly sweet and smooth chocolate infused with ultra-filtered MCT oil.
  • Why get it: If you do chocolate this Mother’s Day, skip the sugary stuff. These bars satisfy Mom’s sweet tooth while delivering energizing fat in every bite. Moms on a keto diet can enjoy this one too, since an entire bar tallies up to just 7 net carbs.

Buy now: $18.95 for a pack of 3 bars at Bulletproof.com

Kin Euphorics High Rhode beverage

  • What it is: An elixir that blends adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals in a way that helps you relax — no booze needed.
  • Why get it: For the mom that doesn’t drink: Kin “stacks” key ingredients like GABA and tyrosine in a way that lifts your mood and keeps you calm, without the hangover symptoms that come with excess alcohol.

Buy now: $47 at Kin

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Butcher Box membership

  • What it is: High-quality monthly meat delivery — including grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork, and free-range chicken.
  • Why get it: Quality matters when it comes to meat — not only does it fuel you better, it’s better for the planet. Butcher Box offers a perfect option for moms who won’t compromise on protein.

Buy now: Boxes start at $129 per month. Find out more at butcherbox.com.

Dry Farm Wines Classic Collection

  • What it is: 6 bottles of lab-tested, sustainably grown wine.
  • Why get it: If mom must have wine, get it from Dry Farm Wines. These bottles are tested for inflammation-producing mold and formulated to contain less sugar and alcohol — so she can still enjoy a glass with fewer ill effects.

Buy now: $159 for 6 bottles at Dry Farm Wines

Tech & biohacking gifts for Mother’s Day

Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband

  • What it is: A wearable headband and app to help you improve sleep quality and feel less drowsy during the day.
  • Why get it: Some studies suggest that sleep headbands can help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper without changing your bedtime routine — perfect for the tired mom that needs to rest easier.

Buy now: $399 at Philips

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service

  • What it is: A DNA test kit you can do at home.
  • Why get it: 23andMe offers some of the most popular at-home genetic testing kits. This one delivers over 100 DNA-based reports, including your ancestry composition and your predisposition for hereditary conditions like celiac disease.

Buy now: $199 at 23andMe

Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat

  • What it is: A mat with plastic points that relieves tension.
  • Why get it: Looks painful, feels amazing — this spiky mat stimulates pressure points and activates your nervous system to help you sleep better, release endorphins, and feel more energized.

Buy now: $49 at Bulletproof.com

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

  • What it is: “Smart listening” headphones that adapt to the noise around you.
  • Why get it: Mom can get all the quiet she craves with these premium headphones. In addition to total noise cancellation that improves focus, they can also adjust to environments when you need to hear your surroundings.

Buy now: $349 at Sony

Joovv Go Portable Red Light Therapy device

  • What it is: A portable light therapy device for improving skin and joint health.
  • Why get it: Red light therapy helps with skin inflammation, uneven skin tone, sun damage, scars and stretch marks — and while you could get a professional treatment, Joov Go allows Mom to get her red light benefits wherever, and whenever she pleases.

Buy now: $295 at Joovv

Mother’s Day gifts: Accessories and home decor

Aromatherapy diffuser

  • What it is: A device that releases essential oils into the air.
  • Why get it: Use custom essential oil blends for everything from better sleep, less stress, and a happier mood.

Buy now: For a budget buy, go for this well-reviewed $19.99 Urpower diffuser. For a pricier yet prettier option, you can’t lose with this doTerra Petal Diffuser, for $61.

Non-toxic home cleaning kit

  • What it is: A cleaning kit to scrub away grime in the kitchen, minus the toxic chemicals.
  • Why get it: Breathing in toxic chemicals from traditional cleaning products damages your cells, and regular exposure wears them down over time. Give mom the gift of clean products, for clean lungs.

Buy now: $52 (on sale) at Laundress.com

Instant Pot

  • What it is: The cult electric pressure cooker that makes it easy to cook recipes in a matter of minutes.
  • Why get it: Ask any mom and she’ll tell you there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. The Instant Pot allows her to make Ina Garten-worthy meals in record time. For inspiration, check out  these easy keto Instant Pot recipes for meals in minutes.

Buy now: $69.99 at Amazon

Free & budget-friendly

A micro-needle roller (aka dermaroller)

  • What it is: If professional micro-needling sessions are out of your budget, an at-home micro-needle roller with .5mm needles will do.
  • Why get it: Micro-needling stimulates collagen production, revealing smoother, plumper skin.

Buy now: $28 at Skinmedix

Dry brush

Buy now: $15 at The Organic Pharmacy

Do the dishes

Kitchen clean-up is seldom fun, whether you’re a mom or not. Even if doing the dishes is a chore regularly shared by all family members, give mom the day off from cleaning. Try out these dishwashing hacks to make it a quick and speedy process.

Himalayan salt lamp

  • What it is: A lamp carved out from pink Himalayan salt that provides heat and light.
  • Why get it: Himalayan salt lamps can purify air, improve sleep, and boost mood. A bonus? Their soothing rosy glow adds a nice touch to any room.

Buy now: $21.99 at Amazon

Make her brunch

Who doesn’t love eating brunch? Treat the mom in your life to one of these scrumptious keto brunch recipes, like keto eggs benedict or lemon blueberry keto muffins for something sweet. For more inspiration, check out these Whole30 breakfast recipes.





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