Flow State & the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference


Imagine this…

You’re at the 2014 Bulletproof (second annual) Biohacking Conference and you’re asking yourself these questions:

Should I put myself in a flow state?

…or should I experience a pulsed electromagnetic frequency device and watch my muscles twitch from just a magnet?

Do I want to spend the next 15 minutes with light sound goggles on and a heart rate variability device clipped to my ears, on a pulsed electromagnetic frequency device letting my nervous system dictate what waves my body gets?

…or do I want to go hear the lecture on how to hack my breath using freediving techniques?

Maybe you can do them all. It’s going to be that kind of a conference.

Data + Action = High Performance

The first Bulletproof Biohacking Conference brought people together who wanted to gather data about their biology and take immediate short-term action on that data. There’s great knowledge to be gained from understanding the body, but when you can make very tight feedback loops and actually take control of the body, you achieve a much higher level of performance. For example, at last year’s conference you could use electrical stimulation to hack the blood flow in your muscles and rewire the way your brain and muscles communicate with one another.

This year’s conference is much bigger. Our exhibition hall will have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of biohacking technology for you to experience — something you just won’t find anywhere else. One of the highlights this year is a flow state activation system. We’re working with Steven Kotler and his Flow Genome Project to build a device that puts you in a flow state. It’s like a surfboard. You’re strapped into it so you don’t fall,  you’re hooked up to biosensors, and it’s a giant looping swing. If you read Kotler’s book “The Rise of Superman,” you’ll realize there’s a defined pathway for reaching a flow state, and part of it is we need to scare the crap out of you. You need to feel that bit of adrenalin. So that initiates the flow state, and then you get the data to see what your body did when you were put in that experience.


Gluten and Sugar and Mold…Oh My!

The conference features 37 fantastic speakers — doctors, authors, scientists, and all manner of other experts at the top of their game who are changing the world. Brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen’s work has changed my brain and my whole outlook on my ability to control my biology. Dr. Tom O’Bryan — who runs theDr.com and The Gluten Summit and has been a podcast guest — is like a walking encyclopedia on gluten. He’ll be giving a fantastic lecture about it. I’m also particularly stoked that Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker will be there. He’s doing research on mold toxins in food and the environment. What happens when we breathe mold toxins is shocking. He’s put together amazing amounts of info to explain complex pathways in the body and how to take control of them. His work years ago helped me tweak some of the inflammatory stuff I had going on, and he’s one of the guests on the toxic mold documentary that I’m filming now with a professional film crew.

What I’ve found in my own life is that if I didn’t address the things that sucked my energy, it was very hard to focus on the things that amplified my energy. To truly be Bulletproof, you have to focus on both. It’s as much about eliminating kryptonite as it is about adding octane to your body. These guys have found kryptonite, and that makes me really excited to hear them speak. Bestselling author and health expert J.J. Virgin will talk about food sensitivities and sugar addiction, issues that millions of people wrestle with. And Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Hormone Cure,” will present her in-depth, life-changing understanding of  hormones. Other speakers will talk about increasing memory and focus, how to biohack using cold thermogenics, how to use exogenous ketones to enhance physical and cognitive performance and resilience, and all kinds of other hacks you can use to make yourself stronger.

Last Year’s Highlights

Last year we had three Bulletproof® Vibes set up, and we’d spot people and help them tip up into handstands on them. If you’ve never done a handstand on a Bulletproof Vibe, it’s really intense. People were walking around feeling lighter and a little giddy from the experience. There was a long line of people waiting to use that one piece of equipment.

Bulletproof Vibe Whole Body Vibration Plate

We also had some very young start-ups who were just getting funded, guys like uBiome, who are doing genetic sequencing of the gut, who actually hit their fundraising goals just from the conference because people were buying test kits. So it’s a chance to let those early innovators interact with people who really care about biohacking.

What I’m Looking Forward to Most…

The technology we’re featuring at the conference is amazing. We’ll have an ARX Fit device that, in one repetition of exercise, can fully load your muscles to the point of exhaustion where you’re done for the week. Stuff like that always gets me excited. But what I’m most excited about is getting a chance to hang out with the people who are interested enough in biohacking and controlling their own biology that they make a decision to invest three days of their time attending this conference. These are all toys that I’ve wanted to play with anyway, and now I have an excuse to not just play with them, but to meet all the other people who want to play with them. So how could I not do a conference like that? Hope to see you in Pasadena!


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