EP 1126

1126. Biohack Like a Woman

Discover the top biohacking tips for women with Aggie Lal (Biohacking Bestie), a renowned public figure, bestselling author, and health coach.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Aggie is not your average biohacker; she’s a public figure, bestselling author, health coach and a TEDx Speaker. She’s been featured on TV and started the renowned Travel her Shoes blog over a decade ago, eventually leading her down the path of biohacking after realizing the toll constant travel can take on your health.

Aggie’s journey has led her to establish the Higher Self Academy, where she offers courses to help individuals, especially women, personalize their biohacking journeys. She’s also the host of the Biohacking Bestie podcast—make sure to check out our recent conversation on her show. 

I love the work Aggie’s doing so much, that I even wrote the foreword for her groundbreaking new book, Biohack Like a Woman, which is all about revolutionizing weight loss and biohacking specifically tailored for women.

In today’s episode, we delve into topics like fertility, understanding perimenopause, and exploring distinct biohacking recommendations for men and women. Aggie and I discuss why women must honor their cycle when trying new practices and the common challenges women face when under-eating calories and exercising. Plus, Aggie shares her valuable nutritional advice for women, including protein intake per meal.


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“When people have power they can become dangerous. And once that veil of brain fog lifts, people do incredible, beautiful things.”



Aggie’s Mission to Empower Women Through Biohacking


Addressing Stress Response Capacity & The Importance of Rest & Recovery

  • Advice for women on embracing rest and recovery
  • Cold exposure for women vs. men 
  • The importance of leaning into recovery near your cycle 
  • Results of gender bias in medical studies 
  • The different capacity for stress that men and women have


Biohacking Your Cycle, Fertility & Birth Control


Nourishing Women: Understanding the Impact of Caloric Deficiency & Exercise


Embracing New Relationship Dynamics & Women’s Innate Power

  • Cultivating a non codependent relationship
  • The shift in new relationship dynamics between men and women 
  • The key to women embracing their power is feeling better in their bodies 


How Biohacking Is Disrupting Mainstream Medicine

  • Why we can’t go to traditional doctors for nutrition advice
  • Why traditional doctors are keeping people sick
  • When hospitals and doctors are needed and when they’re not


Nutritional Recommendations for Women 


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Read: Biohack Like a Woman 

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Enjoy the show!


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