EP 1115

1115. Reversing Age: The Quest for Immortality

In this wide-ranging conversation with entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and biohacker Bryan Johnson, we delve into optimizing our brains with AI, the connection between loneliness and longevity, getting his enlightening perspectives on testosterone, psychedelics, olive oil, and more.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today is a long-awaited show with none other than Bryan Johnson, an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author, and professional rejuvenation athlete on a mission to discover the next evolution of humankind. While Bryan is well known in the longevity space, I’ve been a fan of his work for years because of his neuroscience background.

Bryan started a company called Kernel, which makes devices that monitor and record brain activity. Kernel uses what I would call the most comprehensive way of looking at the human brain ever. He is the founder of OS Fund and Braintree, and he spearheads Project Blueprint, an anti-aging experiment where he’s spent multiple years and millions of dollars developing an algorithm to live longer.

In today’s wide-ranging talk, we discuss the future of optimizing our brains with AI—delving into all things biohacking and longevity while exploring complicated questions like… Can you die of loneliness? And… Are your critics making you old?

Plus, we talk testosterone—an often triggering topic, but an essential conversation. Bryan shares his perspective on why he would rather be respected by people in the 25th century than understood now. Stick around for his surprising takes on olive oil, body hair, and saunas.

“Health and wellness are simply a stepping stone into the next step of dreaming of what it means to be human.”

Bryan Johnson


Biohacking The Brain


Are Your Critics Making You Old?

  • Why Bryan calls himself a rejuvenation athlete instead of a biohacker
  • How negativity and criticism impact longevity
  • How Bryan responds to negative feedback
  • Why the majority of people are living in the past


What Makes Bryan Tick

  • Read: Determined by Robert Sapolsky 
  • Millions of forces influence what we do and who we are
  • Bryan’s experience of media training
  • What makes someone a nerd?


The Longevity-Loneliness Connection

  • Why Bryan has never felt loneliness
  • Harvard Study of Adult Development
  • The importance of investing in friendships
  • How psychological pain impacts cell immunity and aging


Accounting For Bio Individuality in Health Protocols

  • Blueprint Protocol: protocol.bryanjohnson.com
  • Why health and wellness protocols are a means to an end
  • Why Bryan is his best self when he’s exercising


Does Having a Partner Help You Live Longer?

  • Current cultural norms and expectations in dating
  • Claude Shannon’s Information Theory (Wiki)
  • Generating surprise in the brain
  • P300D and the lag time on reality


Olive Oil vs. Saturated Fats

  • Why Bryan is all in on olive oil
  • Measuring NR vs. NMN
  • How linoleic acid metabolizes in the body


Talking Testosterone


Expanding Consciousness with Psychedelics

  • Rallying ambition and excitement for unknowns
  • How psychedelics can change your understanding of reality


Questions from the Live Audience

  • Why doesn’t Bryan do saunas?
  • Has Bryan experienced hair loss with testosterone?
  • Is Bryan going to work on his psychic powers?
  • What are Bryan’s three most important, inexpensive hacks?

Enjoy the show!


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