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We recommend a lot of different supplements here because finding ways to activate, hack, and accelerate your goals can often be found in the nutrients we eat. But in today’s age, our food has never been so depleted of precious minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients. Our food is dirt poor, as the soil used to grow it is stripped in comparison to fifty, forty, and even thirty years ago.

It’s for a ton of different reasons, whether that’s new manufacturing practices, pollution, commercial farming, not to mention the use of pest-resistant genetically modified produce that already contain less nutrition.

This is why in today’s world, supplementing with the right ingredients is a reality if you’re looking for optimal health and performance. 

But the supplement industry has largely been controversial, and trending supplements come and go. So how do you know what you should be taking?

Well, for most people it’s been trial and error. Try this, see if it works, and hope for the best. But let’s face it; many of us aren’t tuned into our body’s needs. This is why taking precision supplements gives you the results you’ve been waiting for.

What are Precision Supplements?

You might call them personalized, but precision supplements are more than just taking a quick quiz. Precision supplementation finds its roots in precision nutrition, where your biological data is used to create a true profile of the current health of your body and where there are significant gaps. 

Using a sample from your body, you can get fine-tuned recommendations of real ingredients you need to focus on for optimal health. Maybe that’s finding ways to jumpstart your mitochondrial health so you can boost the performance you need to power through your workouts. Or maybe it’s alleviating sources of cellular or immune stress on your body. Whatever your needs may be, getting a precision supplement formula specific to you is your answer for truly personalized results.

Precision Supplements: Using Real Science

The best option on the market for real precision supplements is Viome with their Full Body Intelligence™ Test. This test uses small samples of your gut microbiome (stool), human cells (blood), and now the oral microbiome (saliva) to get an accurate snapshot of your whole body health. No test on the market is as comprehensive.

From your samples, they analyze this data with metatranscriptomics, the most accurate way of examining your true gene expression (your mRNA vs your DNA) and the influence of these systems on your biochemistry. Then they feed these results through their AI to deliver state of the art recommendations. If you’re looking for real scientific results for your health, look no further.

The scores you receive from this test help develop Viome’s core nutrition recommendations to give you detailed examples of the exact foods you should be eating and the ones you should be avoiding. Better yet, they can then recommend the exact supplemental ingredients you need to get better results, faster. 

You can buy these ingredients on your own, or you can save some money and time and get them straight from Viome. They’ll package up all the ingredients in just the right doses and have them delivered to your door every month. You can also get a personalized pre- and probiotic formula with the right strains of bacteria you need, and none that you don’t.

3 Ways Precision Supplements Can Help

Precision supplements is the science of taking the right ingredients for your unique needs. How else will you know the following:

  • Do I actually need this?
  • How much do I need of this? 
  • Are there interactions with a supplement that may be harmful to me?
  • Are there different nutrients that might work better for me?
  • What foods should I be avoiding that also contain nutrients I need? 
  • Can these nutrients interact with my medication?
  • Will my needs change over time?

Using quality ingredients, Viome’s Precision Supplements (which include the Full Body Intelligence test with your subscription)  address a variety of gaps in your body. 

Energy and Mental Clarity

Maybe you feel tired all the time, and Danger Coffee isn’t hitting the way it used to. It may not be caffeine you’re lacking, but various biological systems struggling to keep up with your needs. 

This could be from a disconnect between your central nervous system and your digestive system, or a leaky gut leaking toxins into your bloodstream. Whatever the reason, it’s likely unique to your specific body. This requires a targeted approach using specific ingredients that help overcome your current, unique conditions.

But just to be sure, go ahead and combine it with another cup of  Danger Coffee.

Digestive Health

We all know how important the gut microbiome is to our health and the functioning of pretty much every system in our body. If your gut microbiome is out of whack, so is your digestion. But what is causing interruptions to your digestive health might be surprising.

That’s because many foods considered ‘healthy’ might actually be harmful to you. Viome’s Full Body Intelligence Test can help you identify what foods to drop, but healing from any damage may require an extra boost from precision supplements that help the body heal, revitalize intestinal cells, and support balance in the gut microbiome. 

Plus, issues in the gut could also be rooted in the mouth. Most of the bacteria that colonize your digestive tract must first be taken in by your oral microbiome. Some precision ingredients might help stabilize the bacteria in your mouth to prevent issues from traveling downstream.

Immune Health

Could be overactive – as in too much of an immune response – or could be underactive. Finding the balance in our immune system is the difference between properly fighting off illness and dealing with chronic conditions for years. The trick is to help fill the gaps your specific body needs. In some cases, certain ingredients can help boost your immune system and hack your natural biological defenses. But for some, that may be far from what they need. Instead – they need a targeted anti-inflammatory regimen to help halt an overactive immune system.

Only your body truly knows what you need.

The real answers lie inside you. To get exactly what you need in just the right ways, Viome’s Precision Supplements™ are a biohacker’s dream. No more guessing, just real science-backed ingredients to get you to your goals faster than ever. 

If I had access to Precision Supplements back when I was tired and struggling with my health – before I created Bulletproof Coffee – I probably would have been able to get the answers I needed faster. Fortunately, you can get those answers for yourself now. Cut out the trial and error and get the precision supplements your body needs – and get ready for the best you yet.

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