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What if you could make money coaching clients toward increased energy, resilience, performance, happiness and creative problem-solving?

Something happens when you adopt a more Bulletproof lifestyle. Your energy increases. Your emotional intelligence skyrockets. You lose weight and gain muscle. Your relationships improve. You think more clearly and productivity is suddenly through the roof.

But something else happens, too. You begin to think about ways you can spread the word about all of it – the coffee, the mindfulness, the diet, and the details you’ve learned about how your body works and responds to food. You want to share how your mind is sharper, how your life is filled with meaning, and how your relationships have gone to the next level.

You’re inspired to start changing lives in the same way your life has been changed.

Many people in the Bulletproof community feel this way: Passionate about kicking fatigue, leading lives filled with purpose, and doing their part to fight the rising tides of chronic disease and negativity.

So, what if you could actually make money coaching clients toward increased energy, performance, productivity and happiness? Or, if you’re already a health coach, nutritionist, or trainer, what if you could augment your education with targeted training that will teach you how to guide your clients toward higher performance, life satisfaction and longevity?

Enter: The Bulletproof Human Potential Coach Training Certification.

Become a Coach. Earn Money. Make a Difference.

If you are passionate about health and personal development, and considering training as a coach – then take a look at our training. Our science-based program teaches you how to develop a thriving life coaching practice focused on helping clients achieve their goals, realize their potential and upgrade their body, mind and life. The 35-week curriculum combines everything you would expect from a premium life coach training program, plus, cutting edge insights from positive psychology, nutrition, neuroscience and human potential development.

And now – you can become a Certified Human Potential Coach from the comfort of your own home. Our innovative online training program gives you the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world at any time. Plus if you are motivated to be the best coach you can be, want to charge a premium rate and/or work with executives and companies – our gold standard, ICF Track is for you. ICF – the International Coach Federation is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession and the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches. The ICF also offers the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners.


What Bulletproof Coach Training is NOT:

The Coach Training is not about selling Bulletproof products and NOT about learning how to biohack. It’s about you achieving your goals, realizing your potential and upgrading your body, mind and life, and as a Certified Human Potential Coach – helping others do the same. It’s about making the world a better place by igniting the spark of conscious living in one person at a time.

img_8072The opportunity

In a 2012 report, an estimated 47,500 coaches worldwide generated close to $2 billion (USD) in annual revenues. Globally, the average fee for a 1-hour coaching session is $229 USD. The average number of clients at any time is 10, with the average number of hours spent coaching clients every week: 13. The Bulletproof Human Potential Coach Certification is an investment in your career that will give you the knowledge and confidence to run a coaching business you love, all while helping your clients to achieve their wildest dreams.

Get all of the details here, including pricing, a breakdown of the curriculum, time commitment, and how to apply.

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Not Harder

Smarter Not Harder: The Biohacker’s Guide to Getting the Body and Mind You Want is about helping you to become the best version of yourself by embracing laziness while increasing your energy and optimizing your biology.

If you want to lose weight, increase your energy, or sharpen your mind, there are shelves of books offering myriad styles of advice. If you want to build up your strength and cardio fitness, there are plenty of gyms and trainers ready to offer you their guidance. What all of these resources have in common is they offer you a bad deal: a lot of effort for a little payoff. Dave Asprey has found a better way.

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