Woman looking at her phone while sitting in bed
Articlebetter sleepcircadian cyclecircadian lightingcircadian rhythmdeep sleepmelatoninREM sleepsleepsleep cycle

The Sleep Thermometer: How Temperature Impacts Your Sleep Quality


Don’t Let Mold Go Undetected

Side profile of a naked woman's side.
Articlebovine colostrumcolostrumfemale healthgut bacteriagut healthGut Healthgut lininggut mycobiomegut-brain connection

More than Your Microbiome: The 4 Parts of the Gut Wall Barrier & Why You Should Know Them All?

Man and woman embracing
antidepressionArticlebondingcalmflight-or-fight responselower heart ratepeaceself-healingself-soothingsleep

The antidote to stress? Touch.

ArticlecalmCognitive Enhancementconscious minddaydreamingemotionemotional healthemotional statefocusmind

Let’s get your emotions under control

Paleo Valley Bone Broth Protein Powder dissolved in water
Articlebonebone healthBotoxcollagencollagen powderdetoxglowing skingrass-fed beefgrow long hair

Glycine Deficiency: It’s More Common Than You Think

People walking their dog on a trail
Articleblood to brainblood vessel liningblood vesselscardiac healthcardiovascular fitnesscardiovascular healthheartheart healthmood

Get Passionate About Your Vascular Health

Pendulum's featured image of a healthy grouping of nuts, seeds, and berries
Articleblood glucosediabetesglucoseglucose controlgutgut healthGut Healthgut lininggut microbiome

Akkermansia: Your Gut’s Unsung Hero

Woman looking at her complexion in mirror after a shower
acneArticlebacteriabad bacteriabest pillow caseblepharitisclean housecleaningcoppercopper fiber

How Dirty Is Your Pillowcase?

Artistic rendering of molecule structure in teal and gold coloring
anti-inflammatoryArticleathleteathletesathletic performancedetoxfree radicalsHealthy Aging/Anti-Agingimmunitynatural skin care

Biohacking Your Way to Higher Levels of This Natural Detoxifier

Graphic illustration of major points of health in human body
alcoholalcohol toxicityantibiotic resistanceantibioticsantimicrobialantioxidantsArticlecolloidal silverGut Healthimmune cell function

Does Colloidal Silver Work, And Is It Safe?

LMNT brand product shot of woman drinking electrolyte water from bottle on a beach
Articlebrain fogbrain functionchronic fatiguedehydrationdepressiondetoxdizzyelectrolytesfasting

Why You Should Never Fast Without Electrolytes 

Woman sitting on a couch with Qi Home near by for EMF protection
Articlebrain developmentchildrenCognitive Enhancementeffects on childrenelectromagnetic hypersensitivityEMFEMF exposureHouseholdnervous system

Reduce EMF Exposure With Depolarization

Woman meditating on a rock in front of a lake with N.O. Nitric Oxide Activating supplements graphic shown next to her
arteriesArticlebiohackingblood pressurecell healthHealthy Aging/Anti-Agingheartheart healthlongevitylongevity hacks

Do Nitric Oxide Products Actually Work?

Bioquantum Skin Care image of a person holding up a graphic of a brain
Articlebiohackingbrain functionbrain healthCognitive Enhancementconscious mindconsciousnessDMThuman consciousnessminerals

Pushing Past Your Limits of Potential With An Ancient Mineral

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