tudy Reveals How the Liver Responds to Food So Quickly_woman eating
ArticlefastingNewsWeight Loss + Nutrition

Study Shows Why Fasting Is Just as Important as What You Eat

Computerized Brain Training Is THIS Good for Your Dog_dog with owner on tablet
ArticleCognitive EnhancementNews

New Study Finds Novel Way to Mentally Stimulate Dogs in Old Age

Mice Have Anxiety Cells Too Study Finds_neurons
anxietyArticleCognitive EnhancementNews

Neuroscientists Discover “Anxiety Brain Cells” That Can Be Turned On and Off

Aim for Short Bursts of High Intensity Exercise Instead_woman power walking
ArticleexerciseNewsPerformance + Motivation

Walking 10,000 Steps a Day Is Bad Advice, Finds New Report

Mindfulness Reduces Food and Drug Cravings, Says London Review_meditating at beach
ArticlemeditationNewsWeight Loss + Nutrition

Can’t Resist Cravings? Meditation Can Help

A Positive Attitude Leads to Better Performance, Reveals Stanford Study_father daughter math
ArticleNewsPerformancePerformance + Motivation

How a Positive Attitude Leads to Better Performance

Why social activism is good for your brain_people marching
ArticledopamineNewsPerformance + Motivation

Social Activism Makes You Happier and More Resilient, Says Science

Articlegut microbiomeHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingNews

To Live Longer, Here’s Why You Need to Get Dirty

sunlight weight loss
ArticleNewssunlightweight lossWeight Loss + Nutrition

Expose Yourself to Sunlight to Burn Fat, Says Breakthrough Study

sauna bathing
Articledetoxheart diseaseNews

New Study Pinpoints Why Saunas Are So Good for You

digital detox

Gym Chain Bans Cable News for Members’ Health

male infertility
ArticleinflammationNewsSex Health

New Study Shows Ibuprofen Tanks Male Fertility

ArticleNewssugarWeight Loss + Nutrition

British Medical Journal Article Says Sugar Is the Root Cause of Obesity Crisis

ArticleDietgutgut microbiomeNewsWeight Loss + Nutrition

New Study Shows Fiber and Probiotic Can Fix Leaky Gut

sleep and memory
Articlebrainbrain healthHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingNewssleep

Researchers Now Know Why People Get Forgetful as They Age

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