A New Way To Protect Yourself From EMFs and Boost Your Energy Levels

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Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are an inevitable part of modern life. Just about every electronic device releases electromagnetic radiation—your laptop, WiFi router, cell phone, TV. If you live in or near a city, everyone else’s electronics are also releasing EMFs, filling the air with radiation that saps your performance and makes you weak. 

Modern technology comes at a cost. It sabotages your biology by emitting low-level radiation, and that radiation is here to stay. Technology use isn’t going to decline any time soon. If anything, it’s going to increase. Unfortunately, that means EMFs are part of your daily reality.

The good news is that you can minimize the number of EMFs that you absorb. Here’s why EMFs are damaging—and what you can do to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation. 

Reasons Why You Should Avoid EMFs

EMFs are a type of radiation that comes from electronic devices. For a long time, researchers thought EMFs were safe—and at low levels, they seem to be. 

The problem is that EMF exposure has risen exponentially in the last few years. Everyone around you has a smartphone. Every home and business has a WiFi router. Laptops, TVs, cell towers, and power lines all release EMFs. Unless you live way out in the country and you barely use technology, your body is constantly bathing in electromagnetic radiation. 

That hurts your performance in a few different ways. EMF exposure can:

  • Wreck your sleep. A 2019 study found that daily EMF exposure reduces sleep quality and makes people more likely to be depressed[*]. Another study found that EMF exposure decreases your melatonin—the hormone that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep[*].
  • Make you infertile. In a 2014 study, men who carried cell phones with an active signal (i.e. not in airplane mode) saw a significant drop in sperm quality[*]. It’s not just men, either. EMF exposure causes women to experience more miscarriages[*] and lose more viable eggs with each menstrual cycle[*].
  • Cause brain fog. EMFs increase inflammation and oxidative stress in your brain. Multiple studies have found that continuous oxidative stress from EMF exposure could cause memory issues and unclear thinking over time, and may even contribute to dementia[*][*].

EMFs are a hidden toxin, and they’re getting worse. If you want to optimize your body and brain, guarding against EMF exposure is one of the most important biohacks you can do.

There’s a New Way To Protect Yourself From EMFs

The most direct way to lower your EMF exposure is by reducing your time with wireless devices. 

Of course, that may not be possible, especially if you work at a computer all day or live in a city, where everyone around you has EMF-emitting tech. 

So if you can’t reduce exposure directly, what can you do to protect yourself from EMFs?

One of my favorite EMF shielding companies is Quantum Upgrade—the only quantum energy charging service that has randomized, double-blind studies backing its effectiveness.

Quantum Upgrade offers unique technology that repels electromagnetic radiation. It works by harnessing the power of quantum entanglement—the phenomenon where two particles become connected across space and change each other in real-time as they move around. When you turn on a Quantum Upgrade device, it will change the molecular structure of your surroundings, neutralizing any harmful effects of EMFs.

Why Quantum Upgrade Works for EMF Exposure

The payoff with Quantum Upgrade’s EMF protection is immediate. You’ll feel the results within minutes. 

Double-blind research has found that Quantum Upgrade can improve blood markers of EMF exposure within minutes. It neutralizes all measurable harmful effects of EMFs on the blood[*]. 

Quantum Upgrade also improves cellular voltage, allowing your cells to communicate more efficiently with one another. The result is increased energy production, mental clarity, and overall vitality[*].

When I find a biohack that really works, I always negotiate to get a good deal for my readers. In this case, I’ve worked out a free trial for you. You can sign up for two free weeks of Quantum Upgrade with the code “DAVE”. Give it a try; you’ll notice a difference immediately.




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