Why EMFs Wreck Your Sleep (and How to Block Them)

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According to recent research, EMFs may be silently wrecking your sleep—especially if you live in a city or use a computer all day. 

That sucks if you’re a biohacker, because when you aren’t getting high-quality sleep, everything else you do is going to suffer. Sleep affects your focus, longevity, hormone balance, physical performance, and just about everything else. 

Poor sleep is especially hard on your brain. A single night without sleep impairs your cognitive performance as if you were drunk—research shows that, in terms of brain function, moderate sleep deprivation is equivalent to walking around with a blood alcohol content of 0.10 (that’s well over the legal limit for driving, by the way)[*]. 

Sleep matters—and a series of recent studies have found that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) may be quietly destroying your sleep quality. 

The good news is that you can hack your EMF exposure without too much trouble. Here’s a look at how EMFs affect your sleep (and what you can do about it). 

Blocking Melatonin: How EMFs Wreck Your Sleep

Melatonin is your body’s master sleep hormone. It’s the main compound your body produces to make you feel sleepy. Melatonin also controls all other sleep-related hormones, and as a result, your sleep quality depends on your melatonin secretion[*]. 

Ideally, you release a large amount of melatonin around bedtime (perhaps between 9-11 PM) every night. If something disrupts your melatonin secretion, your sleep begins to suffer. 

Disrupted melatonin can cause insomnia, trouble falling asleep, waking up repeatedly during the night, waking up early, and poor sleep quality, which can leave you exhausted and unfocused during the day[*]. 

That’s why EMF exposure is such a problem. According to a large body of recent research, EMFs—especially the low-frequency EMFs that come from your phone, laptop, TV, and other electronics—disrupt melatonin production, which is a disaster for your sleep quality. 

  • A 2019 study found that EMF exposure within normal daily exposure limits disrupts melatonin release in healthy people[*]. 
  • A study of 132 people found that daily low-frequency EMF exposure decreased sleep quality and increased depression and anxiety symptoms, compared to a second group of people who had no EMF exposure[*]. 
  • Women who lived near highway power lines excreted significantly more melatonin in their urine compared to women who lived farther away from the power lines[*]. 
  • Exposure to low-frequency EMFs decreased nighttime melatonin secretion in healthy women, and melatonin secretion returned to normal once the EMF exposure stopped[*].
  • Another study found that EMFs disrupted sleep quality in healthy people, and that the disruption was worse in overweight people, who seemed to be more sensitive to EMF burden[*].
  • Electric utility workers show an especially pronounced drop in nighttime melatonin levels, likely because they’re exposed to more intense radiation than the general public[*][*]. 

EMF exposure quietly disrupts your melatonin, degrading your sleep quality and sapping your energy, mental focus, recovery, and overall performance. 

I talk about EMF exposure a lot, and this is why—it’s a hidden environmental toxin that almost everyone absorbs on a daily basis. 

How to Protect Against EMFs and Upgrade Your Sleep Quality

The good news is that it’s fairly easy to protect against EMFs. The simplest way is to decrease your exposure to wireless electronics—using your phone and laptop less, turning off your WiFi router, and so on. 

If that isn’t an option for you because you work on your computer or live in a city, where you’ll be surrounded by other people’s electronics, your best bet is to get an EMF blocker. 

There are several EMF blockers on the market that either repel EMFs in a given area or convert them to a harmless form of radiation that won’t impact your biology. 

One of my favorite EMF blockers is from Comosystems. Their products are easy to use—you just place them in your home or on EMF-emitting devices—and their patented technology has excellent research supporting it. 

I use the Comosystems PCZONE, which sticks to your laptop and blocks EMF radiation, as well as their TRAVELER, which you can wear on your neck wherever you go to continuously repel EMFs. 

EMFs are one of the biggest sources of kryptonite in the modern world. They quietly sap your energy, focus, and overall wellbeing. Whether you cut back on electronics at home or use an EMF blocker, it’s worth your time to reduce your EMF exposure. The difference is instant—you’ll feel the difference in your sleep, focus, energy, and more within 24 hours.




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