Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Biohacking Dad

fathers day gift guide

Step away from the ties (or socks, or “#1 Dad” mug). This Father’s Day, show the dad in your life that you really get him with gifts that’ll make him stronger, happier, and more productive (not to mention the coolest dad on the block). From high-tech to budget-friendly buys, these gifts are the perfect way to say thank you to your very own superhero.

Father’s Day Biohacking Gift Guide

Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer


Okay, okay, so including something grill-related for Dad may not be the most original idea, but the Thermapen is special. Bulletproof staffers swear by it for perfectly cooked meat (nobody wants a well-done steak when what you’re going for is medium rare). It displays temperatures in 2 to 3 seconds flat, and the rotating display makes it easy to read. He’ll be king of the grill all summer long.

TrueDark blue light-blocking glasses

$139 TrueDark 24 Hour Solutions

It’s not only millennials that are staring at their phone or laptop screens all day — dads do it, too. But all that blue light exposure is ruining his sleep. Protect his eyes from too much junk light with blue light blocking glasses. The TrueDark Classic Twilight and Daylights24 Hour Solutions Bundles gives you more ways to choose your 24-hour protection: One pair for the daytime, and another pair with a more powerful lens at night. He can be like Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey and wear them around town — they’re a great conversation starter and are way cooler than black-rimmed reading glasses, promise.


$199 and up

If your dad knows his HIIT from his CrossFit, help him recover faster from his workouts with the PowerDot muscle stimulator. Small pads send electrical impulses to your muscles during exercise and post-workout, causing them to contract. Stimulating muscles in this way hastens recovery, protects against injury, and soothes pain. PowerDot connects to an app on your phone, giving you access to various training programs.



Look, dad jokes can be endearing (they’re what make him so lovable!), but not when he recycles the same material over and over (and over) again. Give dad the mental edge with NeuroMaster. Whole coffee fruit extract increases levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a little protein that produces new brain cells and strengthens existing ones (aka makes you smarter). A sharper brain equals better dad jokes. You’re welcome.

Compression socks


I know we promised no socks, but these aren’t your typical dad socks. Compression socks improve circulation in your legs and help prevent blood clots. Dave wears these whenever he flies, and says they leave him less puffy and inflamed.

Try these well-reviewed (and affordable) Sockwell Men’s Elevation Graduated Compression Socks.

Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew with Collagen 12 ct. case


Make dad’s mornings infinitely easier with Bulletproof Coffee ready-to-drink Cold Brew with added collagen. One bottle contains coffee, Brain Octane Oil (a high-quality MCT oil), grass-fed butter, and collagen. The result? Sweet and creamy, minus the sugar. Cold Brew with collagen protein comes in original, vanilla latte, and dark chocolate. Pro tip: Pour over ice and enjoy. Get 15% off through July 4th.

Philips’ SmartSleep headband


Help dad get better quality sleep with the Philips’ SmartSleep headband, which has built-in sensors that track and react to your sleep patterns. When it detects your deepest stage of sleep, it plays soft sounds to increase the number of your slow brain waves. More slow waves lead to deeper sleep. 

Sonic Sleep Coach

$49.99 for a premium one-year subscription 

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly sleep aid, why not gift Dad a subscription to the Sonic Sleep Coach app? The app links to your smartphone microphone while you snooze. If it senses any sound, it plays soothing audio like pink noise or falling rain so your sleep isn’t disturbed. Other features include an alarm clock that wakes you up during your lightest sleep cycle, and meditations to help you drift off. 

Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative grass-fed meat box

Prices vary

Grass-fed meat is way better for your health, and for the planet. You want your dad to live a long and healthy life, so help him along with a box of pastured-raised meat, delivered right to his door. Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative sources meat from small-scale family farms that raise their animals outside with sunlight, fresh air, and clean grass. Build dad’s box from a selection of beef, pork, and poultry. Use code DAVE on grassrootscoop.com for $30 off + FREE SHIPPING on orders of $150 or more. Offer expires June 15.

Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Thinkers Do to Win at Life


Give dad the tools he needs to take his performance to the next level with Dave’s latest book, “Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Thinkers Do to Win at Life”. Based off his interviews with hundreds of cutting-edge innovators and thinkers, Game Changers offers proven ways to become smarter, faster, and happier.

Halo Sport


Dad will geek out over the Halo Sport, the first-ever brain stimulator that can help him learn skills faster. The headphones use neurostimulation technology to stimulate the area of the brain responsible for movement, increasing training gains in strength, skill, and endurance. Dad will join the ranks of thousands of athletes and musicians worldwide who use Halo Sport, including members of the NFL, NBA, PGA Tour, and US Olympic teams. Watch Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey give the Halo Sport a try in this video.

Go to gethalosport.com/bulletproof to unlock a special discount. Preorder the new Halo Sport 2, which ships later this month.

Bulletproof Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen Bundle


It seems every influencer and celebrity is scooping collagen into their coffee and smoothies. To prevent FOMO, give dad Bulletproof’s Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen Bundle. Collagen keeps skin young, accelerates weight loss, and heals your gut. Just two scoops a day can turn back the clock. Get 15% off through July 4.

Aku ball


If dad is already missing Game of Thrones, help him channel his inner Jon Snow with the Aku Ball. This black stress ball with spikes looks more like a medieval flail. By squeezing it or rolling it across your skin, you increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and ease anxiety.

Viome gut test


Is dad feeling down, stressed, or in pain? All of these issues — and more — can be traced back to the gut. Help him discover what’s going on in his stomach with the Viome gut test. He sends the company a stool sample and they give him a detailed report on all the types of bacteria in his gut, with food and supplement recommendations. He can take the test again to monitor his progress and to see if the changes he made are working.





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