EP 1130

1130. Change Your Morning, Change Your Life

Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning, shares the foundational practices that will transform your morning and your life. We also talk about tips for hacking your sleep, productivity, and relationships. Plus, Hal tells us what he learned about life from his near-death experiences.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Meet a man who makes miracles happen. Today, I’m joined in the studio by Hal Elrod, author of the international bestseller The Miracle Morning and his newest book, The Miracle Equation. After overcoming multiple near-death experiences and financial hardships, Hal channeled his adversity into helping others overcome their own challenges. His Miracle Morning approach has impacted millions of lives.

On today’s episode, Hal tells us all about his updated version of The Miracle Morning. He explains SAVERS, the six foundational practices that will transform your morning and change your life. We also talk about tips for hacking your sleep, productivity, and relationships.

Hal shares the stories of his devastating car accident and rare cancer diagnosis—and the superpowers he gained from coming back to life. We explore how these near-death experiences changed his perspective on life and what he values most. He also tackles some tough questions… Should we try to help everyone? What does it mean to be a “man”? And what does it take to truly serve others? There’s so much to take away from Hal’s refreshing and optimistic perspective.


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“I feel the most lit up and fulfilled when I'm helping someone else.“



Creative Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable


Ditching Veganism

  • Why Hal moved away from a vegan diet
  • What Hal eats to feel his best
  • What Hal raises on his family farm


Hal’s Near-Death Experiences

  • How Hal was brought back to life after a car accident
  • Hal’s battle with a rare, aggressive cancer
  • Being told he had a 20/30% chance of living
  • Combining holistic practices with chemo treatment


Taking Your Health in Your Hands

  • The mindset of doctors that’s handing our power to Big Pharma
  • Why functional medical doctors think differently


Did Hal Come Back With Superpowers?


Are You Supposed To Help Everyone?

  • Experiencing caretaker fatigue
  • Valuing quality over quantity in how you serve others
  • How The Miracle Morning impacts people


How the Miracle Morning Changed Hal’s LIfe

  • Why Miracle Morning started as a selfish pursuit
  • Taking care of yourself first to take care of others


What Does It Mean To Be a “Man”?

  • Doing what’s right, not what’s easy
  • Gender roles in Hal’s family
  • Examining feminine and masculine energies
  • Robin Sharma


Customizing Your Morning To Meet Your Needs

  • How Dave’s sleep schedule has evolved
  • Sleepwithdave.com
  • The flexibility of The Miracle Morning


The Six SAVERS for Success

  • What does the acronym SAVERS stand for?
  • How can SAVERS save your life?


Tips To Save Your Sleep


The MVP of Personal Development Practices

  • Why Hal finds affirmations so valuable
  • Hal’s affirmations formula


Nourishing Our Connections

  • Why it’s essential to nourish our relationships
  • Biohacking Conference
  • Amplifying our energy through intimacy
  • Emotional optimization meditation


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Read: The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation

Website: halelrod.com

Facebook: Hal Elrod

X: @HalElrod

YouTube: @HalElrod

Enjoy the show!


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