How Many Carbs Should You Eat on Keto? QUIZ RESULTS: Moderate Cyclical Keto

Eat pizza for breakfast: This keto-friendly breakfast pizza powers your morning with quality fat and fiber in under 30 minutes. Paleo and Whole30.

Your results indicate you would do best with a moderately low carb diet with one carb refeed day per week. Eat high fat with 60-80g of net carbs every day. Once a week, add a serving of pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, or white rice to bump it up a little more.

Dropping your carbs too low can mess with your thyroid, so a moderately low carb diet will give you the results you want without disrupting your system.

Optional: On your carb refeed day, you’ll also do a protein fast day. Dramatically lowering your protein intake once a week induces autophagy – the process where cells digest damaged parts and waste products. This is important not just for fat loss, but also for your cellular repair functions. It helps your whole body work better.


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