How to Block EMFs with Quantum Technology

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In today’s world, EMF exposure is more or less inevitable. 

Unless you live way out in the woods, your neighbourhood is a matrix of wireless routers and cellphones. You probably have to use a laptop to do your job, at least part of the time. Odds are you watch TV now and then—and that your TV connects to WiFi. 

EMFs are the cost of living in the digital age. They’re here to stay, even though more and more research shows that they screw with your biology and aren’t safe for humans. 

That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to constantly absorb electronic pollution, even if you live in a city. There are several simple things you can do to block EMFs and keep your body performing at a high level. 

One option is to harness quantum energy—a phrase that sounds like it comes from Star Trek, but actually has good science behind it. 

Why EMFs Suck for Your Biology

For the majority of human history, EMFs haven’t been a problem. The earth produces them in small amounts, and your cells actually need them to function properly. 

However, most electronics release far more EMFs than your body is used to, and as we get deeper into the digital age, EMF pollution is getting worse. WiFi signals, cell phone radiation, computers, smart watches, most lightbulbs—virtually everything around you in the modern world releases EMFs. 

That amount of electromagnetic radiation screws with your biology in a few different ways, including:

  • Infertility in men. A 2014 study found that cell phone exposure reduces sperm quality. People who carried mobile phones that were actively receiving cell signals (that is, their phones were not in airplane mode) saw a significant decrease in sperm motility and viability[*]. 
  • Infertility in women. A study of 462 pregnant women in Tehran found that the women experienced a significant increase in miscarriages after exposure to EMFs[*]. On top of that, a 2015 study found that EMF exposure increased the number of viable eggs you lose with each menstrual cycle[*].
  • Decreased sleep quality. A 2019 study found that daily exposure to EMFs can screw with your sleep and contribute to both depression and anxiety[*]. Another study found that EMF exposure caused people to release less melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy and helps you access the deepest, most restorative stages of sleep[*].
  • Mental stress. Recent research has found that EMFs cause concentrated oxidative stress in your brain[*][*]. A series of recent studies suggest that EMF exposure could even be a cause of neurodegeneration as you age, contributing to diseases like dementia[*][*].

It’s worth your time to block EMFs, especially as they continue to become more widespread. If you don’t do something to mitigate them, the problems they cause are only going to get worse as technology advances. 

You Can Block EMFs with Quantum Technology

EMFs are non-quantum energy fields, and one way to cancel their effect on the body is to block them by surrounding yourself with something that produces quantum energy fields[*]. 

One of my favorite quantum energy devices that blocks EMFs is Leela Quantum Tech. Their devices release specific quantum frequencies that cancel out more than 99% of EMFs, keeping you insulated from electronic pollution. 

The reason I like Leela is that they have research and certifications backing up their specific products. 

Research from the International Association for Electrosmog Research has found that Leela’s products block more than 99% of cell phone radiation, 4G, 5G, and WiFi-generated EMFs[*]. 

Their EMF blockers also significantly improve heart rate variability (HRV), a reliable measure of cellular stress, and enhance autonomic nervous system function in people exposed to high levels of EMFs[*]. 

Another study from the Institute for Bioenergetic Systems Analysis found the same—Leela’s products significantly decrease cellular stress levels in response to EMF exposure[*]. 

How to Protect Your Body from EMFs

There are a few different ways to keep EMFs at bay throughout your day. 

One option is to carry something with you that repels EMFs. I wear Leela’s Quantum H.E.A.L. Capsule around my neck so I’m always blocking incoming electromagnetic radiation. 

Another option is to place a few stationary EMF blockers around your home, to cancel out things like your WiFi router (and the WiFi routers of all your neighbors). 

Whatever you choose, it’s worth your time to block EMFs throughout your day. Give Leela’s products a try (and use code DAVE10 to get a discount); you’ll feel the difference in your performance. 




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