How To Make Your Sushi Bulletproof

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The holidays are here, which means you’re probably busier than ever – and tempted with more seasonal kryptonite foods than ever. Most people travel during the holidays, which means that it does take more dedication to eat foods that make you feel really good while on the road.

Sushi is typically one of the easiest Bulletproof meals you can find while on the go whether it be running errands or traveling from airport to airport. This article is about eating commonly available “convenience” sushi, not high-end artisanal traditional sushi. (For the really good stuff like what I eat in Japan, always go with omakase, where you let the sushi chef decide and eat it the way it comes.)

Check out this short video on how you can upgrade your sushi to make it a tasty and easy on-the-go meal:



One of the goals of the Bulletproof diet is to keep you full and satisfied for hours, without cravings. But you might find if you eat sushi, you get hungry again an hour or so later (or it gets very expensive very quickly) – this is because it is a very low fat meal. The solution? Add healthy fats!

It’s easy and delicious to upgrade your sushi:

  • Upgrade your sushi by adding a dash of Brain Octane Oil;
  • Sprinkle a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt on top;
  • Take it one step further and put some Bulletproof Guac, or extra avocado, on top to make it a high healthy fat meal!

Why? Adding Brain Octane, pure C8 (Caprylic Acid) MCT, means you get energy from fat-burning ketones, keeping you in a fat-burning state even with the carbohydrates from the rice. Brain Octane oil, and its cousin XCT oil (ultra-purified medium chain triglyceride oils from coconut) are flavor carriers that amplify but do not change the flavor of raw fish and rice. If you combine it with sea salt, it will really bring out the flavors of the dish without requiring soy sauce.

Soy sauce and tamari are very high in histamines, soy sauce contains wheat, and both are made by aspergillus, a species of fungus with health concerns. If you get tired or hungry after sushi, soy sauce may be part of the problem.

I have respectfully added Brain Octane to my soy sauce dish at even high end sushi restaurants in Hawaii and Japan, and every time the chef came over, asked about it, sampled it, and was surprised and intrigued at the flavor enhancement. No one has ever been offended!

When eating prepared sushi (like from a grocery store), you can create a Japanese-Mexican fusion cuisine that is far more filling by using Brain Octane and fresh guacamole on top of your sushi. You’ll be full for hours, feel amazing, and it tastes great. When I do this on the road, every time someone will see what I’m eating and say, “Wow, that’s a great idea…why didn’t I think of that?”


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