Interview: London Real TV

What is London Real? London Real is about the journey to expand consciousness and experience a new mindframe, to confront your fears and to celebrate the triumph. It’s a weekly discussion about all aspects of the human experience, including but not limited to science, theosophy, martial arts, relationships and philosophy. They’ve hosted some incredible guests, check out their latest episode!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Adherence = better performance. Building resilience and removing the things that cause you to be weak makes adherence much easier
  • Bulletproof Coffee
    • Precise recipe
    • Benefits
  • Is Tim Ferriss’ 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up applicable to you? (insulin sensitivity, cortisol, etc)
    • What is the BEST type of protein?
    • When is the best time to eat protein?
  • The environmental argument (grass-fed meat vs vegetarianism)
  • Why aren’t the proteins and fats in chickens not ideal for performance?
  • My experience with Sockeye Salmon
  • The principles behind the Bulletproof Diet
  • Provigil
  • Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer, what it does, how to use it
  • Nicotine helps with creativity and energy
  • Kids and Bulletproof
    • The benefits of feeding your kids well
  • Carbohydrate intake for someone who fights MMA (or as an Athlete)?
  • How long does it take for someone to adapt to Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting?
    • Why Women and Intermittent Fasting do not mix
  • Better Baby Book
    • Before and after pregnancy for healthier, stronger kids
    • Food and avoiding stress & toxins
  • Upgraded Chef
    • Cook to Taste Good and Avoid Toxins
  • The Upcoming Book! “The Bulletproof Diet”
  • Is Technology Going to Take Over Health Sector?
    • The DATA is what matters
    • The Future of Health Tracking
  • Inspiration (Heroes & More)
  • What the Future Looks Like
    • Future Endeavors and Hopes
    • Optimize EVERYTHING for Human Performance

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