Hacking Weight Loss Resistance – Interventions With Dave

Diane Closser

Learn to think about health problems differently, ask questions that lead to answers, and upgrade your biology.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… Dave talks with Diane Closser about weight loss resistance. You’ll find out how unexpected and insidious factors–both internal and external–may be affecting your body systems. This dysregulation can cause your body to hold onto excess weight.

Diane Closser knows a lot about chemicals. She’s a chemist by profession and works as a Certified Lubrication Specialist and Certified Reliability Leader at a Division of General Motors.

She also has a personal history of mold and heavy metal exposure, e.g., bought fixer-upper 1972 house, played with Mercury as a kid, worked as a wet bench chemist analyzing heavy metal production products, and worked in tire industry.

She’s been on a journey to wellness for several years that’s included a search for real health solutions.

There have been some wins: In 2020, she became particularly sensitive to chemicals, perfume, and laundry detergent. She says that ozone therapy cured her of her sensitivity and reversed her autoimmunity. And some setbacks: Her health deteriorated when husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011.

She also had her house treated with Chlorine dioxide; did low-dose allergen therapy and low-dose immunotherapy; and completed chelation therapy.

Through it all, she’s experienced a frustrating weight loss resistance. She says she’s “been on every diet and med known to man” since her teenage years.

"We're going to turn down your inflammatory response to the mold. We're going to kill and/or remove the toxins from the mold. And we're going to get rid of the metal that's in your body."

Dave Asprey

Now in her mid-50s, she’s looking forward to a retirement that includes sailing and bringing tap, jazz, and ballet classes to senior citizens around the country. She wants to improve her health and have the energy to make her plans a reality.

In this “Interventions With Dave” episode, Dave and Diane look at her health concerns through a new lens. They examine possible causes of her inability to shed excess weight and discuss actionable next steps.

  • Calorie counting
  • Eating too little
  • Environmental toxins
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Mold
  • Ozone
  • Histamine
  • Mast cells
  • Metal toxicity and chelation therapy
  • Brain fog
  • Thyroid
  • Testosterone in females
  • Mycotoxins
  • Detox pathways
  • Collagen

Note: The “Interventions With Dave” recommendations are designed to help you upgrade yourself and your biology so you can perform better at everything you do. They are not, however, a substitute for advice or treatment by a trained medical professional that may be needed for specific health conditions, illness or injury.

Listen to the Interventions With Dave series and don’t miss the “Links & Resources” section below for specific information. 

Enjoy the show!

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  • You think in an engineering process based way, which is really cool, and what you do. And what’s going on that needs an intervention here. – 2:17
  • So you tried pretty much every diet you say in my notes for you. What diet worked best for you?  – 4:46
  • I found some ozone therapy and I believe that’s what got rid of my chemical sensitivities, but I’m also doing LDA and LDI so maybe that helped a little bit. – 4:46
  • We’re zooming in on what’s going on with you, because you know you have had mold exposure. – 11:09
  • Try it for a week or two and if you suddenly find that you just lost 20 pounds in two weeks, that was inflammation, and you just calmed down in your mast cells. – 13:15
  • Your thallium is relatively high too, but not quite over the line. So the gadolinium, you did labs some kind of a contrast dye. So this is worth noting for everyone listening.  – 17:48
  • I think you should work with a doctor. I think you should get your labs done so you know what you’re dealing with.  – 21:55
  • When did you start taking Adderall?  – 23:09
  • I was having serious brain fog problems from the mold and the histamine and modafinil was much, much better. I think for mold people in general, there’s no comparison, modafinil works better.  – 25:23
  • Your TSH was 1.8. Now as people who hear my intervention calls already know, TSH is the body yelling, hey, give me some thyroid. I don’t have enough. And if you don’t have enough thyroid, you’ll gain weight even if you eat less food than someone else. – 29:42
  • They have no right to tell you what is normal. You get to say how you want to feel. And I would tell them, I’d like to have the testosterone levels of a 36 year old. Thank you very much.  – 32:37
  • This is something that everyone listening, you could write this down, this is like a masterclass in a minute or two about detoxing for almost everything. First thing is you want to be binding toxins.  – 36:26
  • The secondary detox pathway is Glucuronidation. Calcium D-Glucarate, G L U C A R A T E, is what you take increase the secondary detox pathway. The third one is glycine. – 38:07
  • I’m just thankful for your time. And I hope this helps other people because there’s a lot more people like me out there.  – 41:19

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