EP 1121

1121. How to Relentlessly Prioritize Your Life

To start off 2024 with a bang, we take a look into the endlessly motivated mindset and habits of successful entrepreneurs and mastering the art of organization for success with Jesse Itzler, accomplished entrepreneur, author and triathlete.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today, we take a look into the mindset and habits of successful entrepreneurs and mastering the art of organization for success, topics that today’s guest has totally mastered.

Jesse Itzler has an impressive background with a bachelor’s degree from American University and a further degree in justice, law, and society. His resume as an entrepreneur is also quite impressive, co-founding Marquis Jet, the world’s largest private jet card company, which was later sold to Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets. Beyond this, he’s partnered with Zico coconut water, selling it to The Coca-Cola Company, and has ventured into the music industry, co-writing Billboard Top 100 hits and co-founding Alphabet City Sports Records.

Jesse is also an acclaimed triathlete and author, with his book, Living with a Seal, becoming a New York Times bestseller.

As we step into the early days of 2024, this episode is all about providing you with clear, direct methods to upgrade your life across various facets—work, fitness, and personal development. Tune in as I compare and contrast my organizational methods with Jesse’s, the goal being to introduce you to strategies that resonate with you and align with your personality.

You’ll gain insights into how Jesse efficiently prioritizes his calendar and the skills needed to outperform competition when you’re starting out in business. We also explore habits and tools for staying physically and mentally young, our favorite biohacks, my personal excitement in the field of longevity, and ways to structure your life for maximum return on investment, both in terms of monetary success and happiness.

While our methods differ in some areas, our objective is the same: to live a life with minimal regrets, whether you reach 80 or 180 years old. Join us as we discuss the habits of successful entrepreneurs—both from our experience and learning from others at the top of their game—and discover practical ways to implement these lessons into your life.

“I realized that these long races, hundred mile races, ultra marathons, etc., come down to one thing—will, and I'm really good at will.”



The Secret to Jesse’s Success in Business & Triathlons


How Jesse Organizes His Life & Implements New Habits

  • Jesse’s map/visual calendar for 2024
  • Scheduling in newness and being on the offense of your life
  • 3 things that help Jesse plan out a really good year
  • Layering in annual habits to cultivate a better life
  • Stew Friedman: Be Real, Be Whole, Be Innovative #83
  • The importance of prioritizing mini adventures & things you love to do


Structuring Support Systems & Early Hires

  • Why Jesse zeros out his inbox at the end of the year
  • How we structure our assistants to maximize our time
  • Orienting around efficiency in your life and business
  • That one time Dave wore Spanx and a dress to a party


Lessons from Living with a Seal & Monks


What Biohacks Dave Is Most Excited About


 How to Organize Your Time Efficiently

  • Get your Big A Calendar: jesseitzler.com
  • How Jesse organizes his day based on his goals and priorities
  • Why Jesse doesn’t go to meetings


The Mindset & Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • What all successful people do
  • The correlation between hard work and results that might surprise you
  • The ingredient that takes people to the next level of success


The Recipe for a Fulfilling Life


Dave’s Top Tools for Longevity

Enjoy the show!


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