How Your Biomes Drive Custom Food & Supplement Solutions

Naveen Jain / Viome

Detect early signs of microbial imbalance, inflammation and even cancer by testing your own physiology.

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entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain joins the show in person at the Beverly Hilton to talk about new developments in the human biome—particularly the oral microbiome. Turns out, there may be more density in your gut microbiome, but there’s more diversity in your oral microbiome.

Naveen’s company, Viome, built an AI-driven platform that analyzes the interaction between food, your body’s biomes, and your cells from at-home tests. Your results are used to develop precise ways of eating and taking supplements that prevent and can even help reverse chronic disease. They’ve so far collected 425,000 samples showing 600 trillion data points.

The newest Viome test kit takes a look at your oral health.

Viome prepares custom supplements, probiotics and prebiotics with the exact ingredients in the exact dosages you need based on your personal test results. This customization is important because supplements are not universally healthy, more isn’t better, and consuming nutrients and biotics you don’t need can actually do more harm than good. Custom formulations work with and for your own physiology.

“No one should be putting anything in their body without analyzing ‘is it doing good or is it doing harm,’” Naveen says.

Viome testing also helps you see your personal health trends over time. Your tests could show different results at six months or a year. Then, your supplements would be adjusted to your changing physiology.

Check out Viome’s at-home test kits:

  • Oral Health Intelligence: coming soon!
  • Full Body Intelligence (gut, cellular, oral health)
  • Health Intelligence (gut, cellular health)
  • Gut Intelligence (gut health)
  • Cancer Detect (oral & throat)

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“You have all this data, but what questions are you asking that determines the solutions you are going to get?”

Naveen Jain / Viome

More about Naveen Jain: He wrote the award-winning book, Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance and created Mindvalley, Masterclass programs. He’s behind XPrize, a global future positive movement and is on the board of Singularity University.  

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