Analyze Your Gut to Fix Your Health: Here’s How

Naveen Jain

Human biome testing looks within your gut and cellular system and gives you personalized resources to get your body back in balance.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Dave’s good friend, entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain, joins the show to talk about the future of human biology and wellness. What’s new right now, what’s emerging, and what’s on the horizon. He’s been a guest several times before (see the Links & Resources section below!) and there’s always something new to learn when he and Dave get together. This time, they explore testing the human biome.

Naveen’s a guy with enormous vision who builds companies and partners with others to tackle and solve the gnarliest problems affecting the health of our people and planet.

He always encourages curiosity and big thinking: “Childlike curiosity is what allows you to constantly challenge the foundation of what every expert has taken for granted,” he says. “When experts tell you, “this is how it is,” there is someone out there to say, why does it have to be this way? Why can’t we change it? Why can’t we do it differently? And those are the people who end up disrupting the industry from outside in. The industry never gets changed from inside out, it’s always gets changed from outside in.”

In this discussion, you’re going to learn ways innovation can change human biology from a micro and macro level—from your cellular health to broader planetary issues. You’ll also learn how you can test to find out what’s happening within your gut, cells and immune system. With that knowledge and personalized recommendations, you’ll have the power to change your health for the better.

“Curiosity is what drives humanity forward. The day you stop being curious is the day you die.”

Naveen Jain

Naveen founded, Viome, the worlds’ largest database of microbial gene expression. Its AI-driven personalized therapeutics platform and applications identifies predictive markers of chronic diseases. Viome does this by using a functional analysis of microbial, mitochondrial and human gene expression. “We actually see everything,” Naveen explains. “As long as an organism is alive, we see it. So whether it is a bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, it doesn’t matter. We see everything.”

In particular, Viome’s Health Intelligence™ Test looks at:

  • gut microbiome
  • mitochondrial function
  • immune cell function
  • cellular health
  • stress response
  • biological age

The more data can inform what’s happening inside of you, the more resources you’ll have to improve your health.

Naveen says: “It’s a matter of bad choices, not bad luck that causes us to have these diseases. I really believe that not only we’ll be able to prevent, but to be able to, in fact, first of all, stop the progression and then also to be able to reverse it. But we should be able to prevent it and stop the progression of it for sure.

And then we want to be able to say, okay, now that we seal the blood brain barrier, we got rid of all that, now let’s get the infarction where it is there so we can actually get rid of the cause and reverse the disease. And that’s the reason I believe many of these diseases are fundamentally running out to be inflammatory diseases, including aging by the way.

The No. 1 thing that we see in the people who are aging in every decade is the higher and higher cytokines in their body. That constant inflammation is what’s causing people to age because when you have a constant inflammation, it is constantly destroying your organs, is destroying every part of your body, that infection and inflammation.”

More about Naveen Jain: He wrote the award-winning book, Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance and created Mindvalley, Masterclass programs. He’s behind XPrize, a global future positive movement and is on the board of Singularity University

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Curiosity is what keeps you alive. I mean, curiosity, what not only drives the humanity forward, it drives the individual forward.  – 3:28
  • It is our conscious decision that we take of what foods we eat, what are the things we are doing to our body, what kind of environment we live in and all those external things obviously impact us.  – 6:44
  • Naveen, what’s going on in the very cutting edge of microbial gene expression and things like that, keep us all up to date.  – 10:47
  • Not in the local gut lining because see, the testosterones are really good, but when they happen to be locally around the gut lining, they actually are extremely inflammatory.  – 15:42
  • Microbes that are coming from saliva are no longer getting killed. That means they now are transitioning right to the gut where they don’t belong.  – 19:20
  • Just because a certain food is good for you doesn’t mean it’s going to be good for you six months from now and the food that are bad for you today doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad for life.  – 21:57
  • Once we analyze your body, we can tell you what nutrients your body needs.  – 29:13
  •  A couple of drops of blood on the blood card and now we are running a complete proteomics and it’s going to be a complete game changer, measuring TNF alpha, CRP. We are going to be measuring things like LBP by the way. – 31:19
  • We are going to be able to looking to detect colon polyps before they cancerous, so you can remove them and never have a cancer.  – 35:03
  • All these drugs they’re simply trying to suppress the symptom, not the root cause and that is a fundamental problem.  – 39:12
  • The only time you get to see them is when you doing the metatranscriptomics. And we are the only company in the world, that’s been doing it at scale. – 42:33
  • Every time you do a retest, we can tell you, are you moving towards a decision? Are you moving away? It’s not a static. It’s not you ] have six times high likelihood of getting Alzheimer, enjoy your life. We can tell you, here are the things, what you can do.  – 49:42
  • We are going to be able to prevent and stop cancer from happening in the human body period in the next decade. And same thing for autoimmune diseases, same thing for many of these metabolic diseases.  – 55:45

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