The Reason Behind Upgraded Products

Doug Kauffman

“Mycotoxins are like little bullets in your body,” says Doug Kauffman, author of The Fungus Link, former US Navy Corpsman, and host of popular TV show “Know The Cause.”

Know the Cause is a premier source for mycotoxin knowledge. The show is a great Bulletproof source because if you follow the Bulletproof Diet you know minimizing toxins a main driver for the food you eat.

Minimizing mycotoxins in ALL food categories, especially in coffee.

With ochratoxin A lurking in 91.7% of coffee, mycotoxins are a global problem and one reason Doug did not drink coffee on a regular basis.1 For that reason, and the fact that he disliked the taste, he went through all his war days without a cup of Joe!

Well, that’s changed now, since the Bulletproof team recently sent him a bag of Bulletproof® Coffee. He liked it so much (and it’s science-backed process) that he invited me onto his show.

Doug and I discuss their personal experiences with mold, and how it affected every facet of their lives. When you watch the segment, you will hear the reasons why toxins are so important to be aware of, and why Bulletproof ® Coffee was created. And along with it Upgraded™ Vanilla and Upgraded™ Chocolate to make the most delicious, creamiest, fat-blasting latte we know of today!

Check out the show to gain insight on mycotoxins and Bulletproof Coffee.

Dave Asprey & Doug Kaufman enjoying Bulletproof Coffee

Doug Kauffman’s books on fungus and mycotoxins

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1. Martins, ML, Martins, HM, Gimeno, A. “Incidence of Microflora and of Ochratoxin A in Green Coffee Beans (Coffea Arabica).” U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d. Web. Apr. 2013.





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