3 Reasons to Drink Structured Water (and How to Make it at Home)


Your body is about 70% water. You have water in every single cell in your body, and according to a growing body of research, the water you drink has a surprising impact on your performance.

I’ve talked before about reasons to ditch tap water—you don’t want fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, and lead building up in your body every time you take a sip. That’s why I only drink filtered water or mineral water bottled in glass.

It’s not the quality of water that matters, though. It’s also the water’s structure. For decades, researchers have thought that water only existed in three phases: solid (ice), liquid, and vapor (steam).

That changed a few years ago, when researchers observed a fourth phase of water, called structured water or exclusion zone (EZ) water. Structured water is still H20—that’s two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom—but the atoms are arranged in a slightly different configuration that allows them to carry a charge. As a result, structured water is viscous like honey, somewhere between liquid and solid.

Because structured water carries a charge, it can deliver electromagnetic energy to your mitochondria. In fact, your cells already contain structured water; it’s one of the ways they maintain energy production and communicate with one another.

Drinking structured water brings that energy in from an external source and delivers it straight to your mitochondria. Structured water also decreases stress and slows down aging, especially in your brain.

Best of all, it’s easy to make structured water at home. Here are four reasons to drink structured water, and how you can make it in a few minutes a day.


3 Reasons to Drink Structured Water

A growing body of research shows that structured water has a measurable impact on your performance. Here are some of the benefits of structured water, according to recent studies.

1. Increase your Energy Production

Normal water is a neutral molecule—it doesn’t carry a positive or negative charge.

Structured water, however, carries a negative charge. Because of the way they’re organized in space, structured water molecules carry free electrons. They also donate these electrons to your mitochondria, helping them generate more energy[*].

Drinking structured water increases your mitochondrial energy output, which makes cells across your whole body more efficient. You’ll feel better and focus more, and you won’t get tired as quickly.

2. Slow Down Aging

Structured water also acts like an antioxidant, protecting you from cellular stress.

When your body is under stress, it releases free radicals—unstable molecules with unpaired electrons that bounce around your body, stealing electrons from other, stable molecules and damaging them in the process. This process, called oxidative stress, is one of the main drivers of aging[*].

Structured water molecules can donate an electron to free radicals, neutralizing them before they can damage your healthy cells[*]. The result is less oxidative stress on your system—which keeps you young at a biological level.

A 2021 study found that drinking structured water for three months decreased people’s biological age by up to 12 years—that is, their cells functioned as if they were 12 years younger[*].

3. Decrease Inflammation

Finally, structured water can decrease inflammation by improving protein folding.

Proteins are responsible for almost all the work your cells do. They provide structure, function, and regulation for most of the tissues in your body.

Proteins are large, origami-like molecules: long strings that fold on top of themselves. How a protein folds determines what it does—different configurations send different messages through your cells.

When cellular proteins are folding correctly, your body works well. But when they’re put under stress, proteins can misfold, becoming stuck in configurations that surrounding tissues don’t understand. Misfolded proteins cause a breakdown in cellular communication, which makes your body less efficient and, over time, can cause cell death and inflammation.

That’s where structured water comes in. Structured water binds to proteins and delivers energy in the form of electrons—snapping misfolded proteins back into place so they can do their job again[*][*][*].

With better protein folding, you aren’t weighed down by inflammation, and you become a stronger, more efficient version of yourself.

How to Make Structured Water at Home

Because structured water molecules carry a charge, they can deliver that structure to other water molecules upon exposure. In other words, if you put a small amount of structured water into a large jug of normal water, the structured molecules will spread and convert the entire jug into structured water within a couple minutes.

All you need is a small, renewable source of structured water. You can use it to make as much structured water as you want from the comfort of your home.

I make structured water every morning using Analemma. It’s a small vial of structured water encased in ultra-thin glass. When you stir normal water with an Analemma vial, the electromagnetic charge of the structured water makes it across the glass and converts the surrounding water, structuring it. You get as much as you want within a couple minutes.

One of the things I like about Analemma is that it lasts forever. The water inside remains structured, which means it will be effective indefinitely. There are no batteries or complicated parts to replace. As long as you’re willing to stir your water with the vial for a couple minutes, you’ll have unlimited access to structured water forever.

I’ve been using my Analemma for several months now and the difference in my performance is notable. I’m mentally sharper, I have more energy, my skin is more taut, and I feel more hydrated.

You’re going to drink water every day for the rest of your life. You might as well consume the best water possible. Try making structured water at home and see how you feel. It’s not the most glamorous biohack, but it’s a surprisingly powerful one.




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