Stimulants, Sex, Thyroid, and More…

Smart Life Forum is an almost 20-year-old anti-aging nonprofit education group in Silicon Valley, and I’ve been on the Board of Directors for at least 5 years, and President for the last couple years. If you like The Bulletproof Executive and you live in the Bay Area, you should drop in to a meeting of SLF. This month’s meeting will be particularly awesome because my favorite biochemist/biohacker of all time, Steve Fowkes, author of the authoritative book on smart drugs, will be lecturing at the beginning, followed by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren.

I like a lot of Dr. Tel-Oren’s recommendations – his basic point is that your sex hormones will work better if you’re healthy – although he is more tolerant of fructose in the diet than I am, as long as it comes from raw foods. I stand by my assertion that the healthiest diet you can get is a raw paleo diet, but few people (besides me) would test that out. I ate a raw paleo diet for 6 months, including raw chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, and butter.

I won’t be at this meeting in person (I landed back in Canada last night, returning from Manila), but I attend many Smart Life Forum meetings. You’ll meet a rare caliber of experts there. If you’re out of town like me, you can catch the meeting through live online streaming at

Thursday, 7:30pm. Be there or be square! (Steve Fowkes will come on at about 8pm, Dr. T at about 8:30)

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