Photo of Scott Lyons
Addictionbehaviorboundariesdramadrama addictionhealinghuman upgrademeditationPodcastreactivity

Too Much Crisis, Chaos & Stress in Your Life? How to Overcome Drama Addiction – Dr. Scott Lyons – #1047

faithhealinghuman upgradeillnessmoldPodcastrelationshipsresiliencetoxicitytrauma

Unexpected Ways to Deal with Medical Gaslighting, Biotoxins & Trauma – Jill Carnahan, M.D. – #1035

Photo of Dr. Andrew Weil
foodhealinghealthhuman upgradeintegrative medicinematchamind-body connectionmindsetPodcastwellness

Sync Your Body & Mind for a More Vibrant Life – Legacy Upgrade ft. Dr. Andrew Weil – #1008

Articlebiohackbiohackingbrain healthEarthgroundinghealingPerformance + Motivation

A Closer Look at Earthing (and 5 Ways to Try It)


How Fitness Saved a Life and Became a Livelihood – Doug Bopst with Dave Asprey – #806

Tana Amen
anxietychildhood traumadepressionfearhealingmental healthPodcastPTSDspiritualitystress

Why You Have to Heal Your Trauma to Free Your Energy – Tana Amen with Dave Asprey – #800

anxietybrain injuryCOVID-19deathdepressionemotional healthgriefhealingisolationloneliness

Tame Your Dragons, Train Your Brain and Take Back Your Happiness – Dr. Daniel Amen with Dave Asprey – #798

Joe Dispenza
communityconnectionenergyhealingmeditationmystical practicesneurosciencePodcasttransformation

Neuroscience, Mystical Practices, and Transformation with Dr. Joe Dispenza – #703

Photo of Dr. Andrew Weil

Unite Mind & Body to Achieve Health & Healing – Dr. Andrew Weil – #656


The Ancient Energy Discipline That Stimulates Healing and Vitality – Dr. Barry Morguelan – #413

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