Margaret Christensen
amygdalaBiotoxin illnesschronic illnesshormoneshypothalamusimmunityinflammationlimbic systemmoldmold toxicity

Mold’s Toxic Effects on Hormones, Brains and Kids – Dr. Margaret Christensen with Dave Asprey – #732

Cate Shanahan
fatsfatty acidsinflammationlecithinnutritionPodcastpolyunsaturated fatsseed oil

Think You Know Good Fats from Bad? 8 Oils to Avoid – Dr. Cate Shanahan with Dave Asprey – #713

Dr William Li 2020
blood vesselscardiovascular systemCOVID-19endotheliumhearthypoxiaimmune systeminflammationPodcast

Covid-19 is Changing the Virus Game & Blood Vessels are Losing – Dr. William Li with Dave Asprey – #712

hydrogen peroxideimmune systeminflammationintravenous Vitamin Coxidative medicineozoneozone therapyPodcastultraviolet blood irradiationvirus

Your Ultimate Guide to Ozone Therapy – Dr. Robert Rowen with Dave Asprey – #697

anti-inflammatorycoronavirusCOVID-19exosomesimmune systemimmunityinflammationPodcastStem Cells

Coronavirus Bonus: The Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Stem Cells – Dr. Harry Adelson with Dave Asprey

Dr. David Liepert
ACE-2 receptorsCOVID-19cytokinesinflammationinflammatory responsepainPodcastsubstance P

Covid-19 Turns Inflammation from Protective to Predatory – Dave Asprey with Dr. David Liepert – #690

Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D.
coronavirusCOVID-19inflammationmethylationPodcastsupplementsvitamin cvitamins

Part 2–Ripple Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic That We’re Ignoring: DNA Impacts with Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D. – #688

coronaviruscytokinesinflammationInterleukin 6Podcast

Coronavirus Bonus: How to Hack Your Inflammation Storm

Just Thrive
bacteriagut microbiomeIgGimmune systeminflammationPodcastprobioticvirus

Support Immune Health in Two Steps: Modulate Gut Bacteria & Neutralize Inflammation – Just Thrive Health – #677

Articlecoronavirusimmune supportinflammation

What I Do to Protect Myself from Coronavirus, and How I Plan to Kick It If I Get It

Photo of Andrew Miller
braindepressionimmune systemimmunologyInflammaginginflammationPodcast

Inflammation is Aging Your Brain – Dr. Andrew Miller – #643

Intuitive Eating_header
ArticleDietgutinflammationnutritionWeight Loss + Nutrition

What to Eat When You Have Autoimmune Disease

gout diet
ArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-Aginginflammationpain management

Why Gout Is On The Rise and How Your Diet Plays a Part in Symptoms

Photo of Peter Sullivan
allostatic loadCalcium channelselectromagnetic fieldselectrosensitivityEMFsenvironmental illnessFaraday cageinflammationmicrowattmicrowave sickness

The Dark Side of EMFs – Peter Sullivan #605

Photo of Dr. Gundry
Aginganti-agingbacteriaBlue ZonesC.elegansgut healthholobiomehydrogen sulfideinflammationlipopolysaccharides

Healthy Aging Begins and Ends in the Gut – Dr. Steven Gundry #604

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