EP 1128

1128. The Superfoods That Are Killing You

Integrative practitioner Teri Cochrane is here to change how you think about eating. She explains what amyloids are and how they turn on viruses, cause cancer, and shorten our lives. We also explore the dangers of oxalates and histamines, plus hacks to reduce and release them.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today, we’re digging into specifics about food that you haven’t heard on the show before. This one may very well influence you to rethink your “healthy” diet and change how you feel about food completely. To get there, I’m excited to welcome back Teri Cochrane, an integrative practitioner and pioneer in personalized healthcare.
Teri is the founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute® and developer of The Cochrane Method®, a future-facing algorithm for decoding the human body. Teri is also one of the world’s leading experts on dietary amyloids, which is a topic I love talking about.

In today’s episode, we get into what amyloids are and how they turn on viruses, cause cancer, and shorten our lives. We also explore the dangers of oxalates and histamines, plus hacks to reduce and release them. Teri and I both have our own recipes for releasing oxalates that you can try at home (they’re surprisingly simple).
We talk about how dirty poultry is killing us—and how superfoods like kale and almonds aren’t any better. We break down the benefits of regenerative farming, and share ways to make your dollar stretch if you can’t afford grass-fed meat. Plus, Teri tells us what she personally eats.


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“The massive downstream impact of autoimmunity and acute illness that these amyloids are creating—it's the anti-longevity play. If you eat the dirty bird, you're just shortening your life.”



The Big 4 Metabolic Impairments


The Dangers of Oxalates

  • What breaks down oxalates?
  • Rethinking what we think of as healthy foods


The Fifth Disruptor: Histamine

  • Understanding the negative effects of histamine
  • The layering of hell: histamine, oxalate, and sulfur


Becoming Your Own Body Interpreter

  • Clearing the static in your system so you can tune into your body
  • Why we should eat counter seasonally
  • What does Teri eat?
  • Choosing your diet based on your hierarchy of needs
  • The crossover between oxalates and molds


How Do We Get Off Oxalates?

  • Why you should be careful with vitamin C IVs
  • How iron makes amyloid
  • Is salt the answer to living longer?
  • When lime and lemon help vs. when they hurt


Dave’s Recipe for Releasing Oxalates 


Hacks for Histamines

  • The benefits of quercetin with bromelain
  • When should you use charcoal?
  • The simplest short-term histamine hacks


Amyloid 101: What You Should Know

  • Why eating dirty birds shortens your life
  • How amyloids turn on viruses and make cancer
  • How amyloids form dangerous biofilm


Should You Beware of B6? 


What’s The Best Kind of Protein?


Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: https://daveasprey.com/books 

Website: tericochrane.com

Instagram: @tericochranebeyondnutrition

YouTube: @TeriCochrane

The Global Sustainable Health Institute: globalsustainablehealthinstitute.com

Read: The Wildatarian Diet by Teri Cochrane 

What You Eat is Turning Your Genes On and Off – Teri Cochrane – #646

Enjoy the show!


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