Transcript of the Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan’s show is called The Joe Rogan Experience for good reason. Joe’s fans called this one of his most awesome two hour interviews on twitter, and even the most hardcore Bulletproof fans found new information. Joe actually tried out my CES (cerebral electric stimulation) brain hacking machine, we talked coffee, brains, nutrition, neurofeedback, float tanks, smart drugs, radiation, and a lot more.

People talked about listening to the show 2-3 times just to take notes, so we asked for a volunteer to make a transcript.  We had an amazing volunteer, Zack “Deep Theory” Sadeq, transcribe the show in exchange for a bag of  Upgraded Whey and a whole lot of good will.

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JR: So for folks who don’t have the patience to go and listen to this podcast again there’s a [*!@&]load of information on this site. As well as, not just the Upgraded MCT oil, you’ve got Upgrade Coffee, everything’s Upgraded. Upgraded Chef.

DA: Yep. And here’s what it means when it’s upgraded; I’m looking at the whole process of making something and how you make that process as good as it can be. My background, I really am a computer hacker. I’ve studied computer science, I work in computer security. I’m not an actively a hacker, I’m an executive but I understand the mindset of changing a system to get the outcome that you want. It turns out to make the coffee, the problem is actually how the beans get turn into green coffee. That’s where most of the problems happen. So I went through and I learned all about this stuff through multiple disciplines, pulled it all together and said, “What if I created this new process for making the coffee that didn’t have the toxins in it? And you look at that. We’re about done with the study where we’re getting advice from Stanford University on the cognitive function of this coffee. So we’re comparing normal coffee versus this upgraded coffee to show what it does to your response time and your attention. We don’t have enough results to be statistically significant yet we’re still recruiting people. The results I have say ,” Yeah, it works.” So this is real stuff and every step of the way when you create a food, it tells you how that food is going to make you perform. And what I’m trying to do is help people understand if for one day they could have the best day ever, where there energy and there focus and everything is super clear and they feel like a great golden god… if you do that one time you know you’re capable of it and you can start working towards that. Most people I know have felt like crap without knowing it most of their life. They’ve never had a wonderful day. Once you have that day, you can learn how to kick more ass repeatedly. So its like, get all the crap out of your diet, just do it right for a week. Then just see what can happen. Look at the comments on my blog. People, they do this and it takes like six weeks. It’s not that hard to do. All of the sudden, you have twice the energy you have before. That’s what I’m looking to do for people.

JR: Jiu-Jitsu guys are always [taking fish oil]. A lot of guys who are doing cross fit as well need heavy doses of fish oil.

DA: Yeah it’s an anti-inflammatory. It’s good stuff. But I tell you if you use krill it’s going to work a lot better.

JR: Krill?

DA: Krill has the same EP and DHA but it’s phosphorylated. It’s bound to phospholipids which means your brain can use it directly. Fish oil has to be phosphorylated, meaning you need to get extra phosphoserine or choline to do that.

JR: So you have to take choline supplements if you take fish oil to get the optimum effect?

DA: Or maybe just eat eggs.

JR: Eggs have choline?

DA: Yeah, here’s the thing. Some of the super strong choline supplements, there’s no question they have a really beneficial effect in most people. In some people, too much choline has a reverse effect. It’s probably maybe a third of people. So this is one of those things where if you get it in your food you’re good, and if the choline supplements make you feel really good, which they do for a vast majority of the people. I’m a fan of choline supplements in general, I recommend them on the blog. You’ve got that ingredient in Alpha Brain. By the way, that’s just a killer list of nootropic ingredients. I fully approve that. That’s a Bulletproof level supplement for sure.

JR: Awesome. Thank you.

DA: The thing is though if you’re one of those choline sensitive people you might not want a ton of choline. You want to limit yourself to a certain amount.

JR: Yeah we’ve had issues with that. With people getting really sensitive. Some people get headaches.

DA: Some people get jaw tension, some people get headaches. Yeah and those are the people who are choline dominant. But here’s the kicker; you get those people to take aniracetam like I have on my site. Aniracetam uses up extra choline. So that’s an interesting way of using a smart drug. This is actually a drug, not a natural substance. But it’s one that will bring your choline levels down, which means you can benefit from the other stuff that’s in AlphaBrain. But you also get this boost from the other type of nootropic.

JR: How many different things do you take a day?

DA: I take probably on an average day about 40 pills.


JR: See, I told you I’m not crazy.

DA: No, here’s the crazy number. When I was really getting my health all the way where I wanted it, before I was where I am, I did one-hundred and eighty-seven pills a day for several months.

JR: Now what about the actual capsule itself, what are those made out of? Gelatin? Is that no big deal for your body to process?

DA: You actually need gelatin. Our diets are gelatin deficient right now.

What have you applied from the show that you’ve seen results from?  What was your favorite part of the show?




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