Video: Anthony Dream Johnson Endorses Bulletproof Coffee

If you don’t know him, Anthony Dream Johnson is the CEO, founder, and chief architect of The 21 Convention.  It’s an annual conference about all kinds of personal improvements from fitness to dating.

We got to meet Anthony at PaleoFX in Austin, and he was kind enough to try Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans.  Like everyone else who’s tried Bulletproof Coffee – he loved it.

He loved it enough to make a great video of how he makes Bulletproof Coffee – with a few modifications that make it sweeter, but less healthy than the original Bulletproof Coffee.  In the video, he shares his method for making coffee: “The Dream Way.”

Anthony adds cinnamon, organic chocolate syrup, and raw whole milk and cream.  He also replaces MCT oil with coconut oil.

That makes for a nice sweet taste, but it does add sugar, so this recipe won’t result in all the fat burning you’ll get with a sugarless recipe. Substituting coconut oil for MCT means only 1/6 as much of the vital MCTs. And adding raw cream and milk means added casein (protein) and lactose (sugar), both of which will change the metabolic effects of the recipe. But it sure will taste good!

Here is “The Dream Way” version:

1-2 tsp organic Saigon cinnamon.

1-2 tbs organic virgin coconut oil.

1 tbs grass-fed raw whole milk.

1 tbs grass-fed raw cream.

1 tbs organic raw butter (you can also use Kerrygold, which is easier to find).

500-600 ml of brewed Upgraded coffee beans.

Proctor Silex coffee grinder (or any other kind).

Organic chocolate syrup.

MCT oil.

GE Rocket Blender.

As Anthony mentions in the video, the normal recipe for Bulletproof Coffee is to use MCT oil and grass-fed butter with nothing else, but as we’ve covered on the site, it’s great with high quality cinnamon or cocoa powder too.  You just have to be sure to use non-moldy, uncontaminated brands.

If you’re using raw milk, cream, and/or butter, you have to let the coffee cool before adding it.  Otherwise, it’s not raw anymore.

Let us know in the comments or on the Forum if you try Bulletproof Coffee “The Dream Way.”


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