Video: Hacking Your Hormones with John Gray

Last month I was in the Bay Area for a number of events, including the Silicon Valley Health Institute‘s monthly seminar. The speaker, John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” spoke about hacking your hormones, especially when in relationships. He covers how you can hack your relationships to keep them going strong by incorporating an understanding of hormones and behavior, touching on nutrition and supplements.

In a humorous and informative way, Gray answers the following questions:

  • How do hormones have an impact on my relationship?
  • What is oxytocin and how can it help reduce stress for women?
  • How does testosterone help men reduce their stress levels?
  • What is man-o-pause?
  • Why do women score lower than men on tests that measure happiness?
  • What is cortisol and how can it be a benefit/detriment to my relationship?
  • Helping men and women hack stress . . . the tools are not the same.
  • What are super foods and how can they help in replenishing hormones
  • How is balancing blood sugar connected to balancing hormones?

Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice – John Gray (June 22, 2012) from Bulletproof Executive on Vimeo.

If you liked this talk, you can find more about John Gray at his website.

The Silicon Valley Health Institute (formerly Smart Life Forum) is an almost 20-year-old anti-aging nonprofit education group in Silicon Valley, and I’ve been on the Board of Directors for at least 6 years, and President for the last couple years. If you like The Bulletproof Executive and you live in the Bay Area, consider dropping in to a meeting.

What do you do to hack your hormones? What about your relationships?

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