Video: Heart Rate Variability to Hack Your Nervous System

Dave Asprey’s QS 2011 Conference Presentation on Hacking Your Nervous System Using Heart Rate Variability from Dave Asprey on Vimeo.

Recently, I gave a talk on the main stage at the first annual Quantified Self conference in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum. I put it on Vimeo but neglected to publish it here on my blog so people will find it!  In this talk, I explain the brain’s fast path processing vs. slow path processing. It turns out that your amygdala makes a decision about fight or flight before your relatively slow prefrontal cortex can even form a thought! That’s why you will stress yourself out if you believe that your rational brain controls your feelings – it simply doesn’t. Feelings happen faster than thought, and they influence thoughts too.

In this talk, I explain how I hacked my nervous system using Heart Rate Variability and the emWave2 in order to be aware of – and control – the signal my amygdala receives from my heart.

It’s  a short video, about 15 minutes, but I think you’ll find this information useful whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to make good decisions, or whether you’re interested in performing better in general. I actually show pictures of my heart rate over time, both when I’m controlling it, and when I’m not. The effects on my health and brain function have been profound!

I’m a certified Heart Math executive coach; I help select entrepreneurs improve their performance in life through coaching and mentoring. If you’re interested, please use the contact form to reach me. I have a busy day job that is my top priority, so there are very limited spots. However, coaching and mentoring makes me a better executive, so these calls happen in the evenings or early mornings or on weekends away from work hours. If you’re awesome already and want to be more awesome, let’s chat.




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