Video: Oxygen & Airplanes at Quantified Self

Recently I gave two talks at the Silicon Valley Quantified Self Meet-Up (QS) at the Stanford School of Medicine.  The first talk, about Quantifying & Biohacking went online earlier, and I’m posting the 2nd one now.

In this 16 minute talk you’ll hear:

  • How to think about biohacking yourself
  • Why passing out on airplanes is a bad idea
  • How I went about troubleshooting my own blood oxygen levels during frequent flights
  • The basics of pulse oximeters
  • Blood oxygen saturation: importance, impact & hacking it
  • Confounding variables that impact blood oxygen saturation
  • Q & A

Quantified Self, June 2012 – Oxygen & Airplanes- Bulletproof Exec on Vimeo.

At the beginning of this video I’m referencing a talk from Lisa F. about her experiences on the Bulletproof Diet.

As a way of  giving back to the community, The Bulletproof Executive became the first annual sponsor of the Silicon Valley Quantified Self meetings for the entire year. The QS organizers Lisa Betts-LaCroix & Karen Herzog are doing an excellent job with the regular Quantified Self meet-ups. If you are in the area, check it out!

Do you have a pulse oximeter?  What are the correlations you’ve noticed between what you’re doing, where you are and your blood saturation levels?  What correlations have you noticed between your blood oxygen saturation levels and your performance?





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